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    Israel: Eye of the storm


    Israel is a relative oasis of calm in a region being torn apart by civil war and natural disaster. GR reports on the state of the nation for the reinsurance sector

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    Germany: Q&A with Eva-Maria Barbosa


    Norton Rose’s of counsel gives the lowdown on what German reinsurers can expect from Solvency

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    Japan: Waiting for dawn


    Insurers in the land of the rising sun are taking a while to recover from the financial crisis, but Japan remains the fourth largest non-life insurance market in the world, with opportunities for those who dare

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    Australia: Dipping down under


    With one or two notable exceptions, rates continue to fall in the Australian insurance and reinsurance market as competitive market forces and savvy buyers dictate renewal trends

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    Panama: The sky’s the limit


    Panama may be small, but this plucky country has big plans. And being sandwiched between Central and South America, politically stable and with similar rules to Lloyd’s, there are plenty of reasons to believe it can go all the way

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    Q&A with Gerardo Garcia


    The general director and chief underwriting officer of Panama’s largest reinsurer Barents Re gives the lowdown on his strategies and goals

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    New heights


    The tax breaks, the talent and the regulatory advantages are attractive, but access to European business is the main appeal of Switzerland as a domicile. As a glut of reinsurers form operations in Zurich, we look at what its growing influence as a hub could mean for other jurisdictions

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    Game on


    The global financial crisis barely registered on Brazil’s radar and now, as the country invests in a sporting future, opportunities abound for reinsurers

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    Parlous state


    The Florida insurance market continues to attract controversy as ongoing attempts to suppress rates are met with economic realities – and fears of an overly active hurricane season

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    A unique proposition


    The gold rush is over and foreign insurers have more than a toehold in Turkey. However, the market is highly competitive and penetration extremely low. It will require careful handling for business to reach its full potential