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GDPR bill

GDPR – Data mishandling could be the new PPI

The regulator’s penalties for data breaches are stiff, but a bigger problem could be an avalanche of claims from clients for data mis-handling

Insurance Act

Q&A: Scor's Régis Delayat on implementing change

One of the industry’s biggest advocates for digital changes talks about preparing for the tech revolution

Pathogen i stock 485544190

Under the microscope: pathogen risk

A closer look at a growing opportunity for the industry by Aon Benfield Analytics managing director Craig Kiebler and global chief operating officer Tracy Hatlestad

Data breach i stock 000068635595 large

Case study: What can reinsurers learn from the Equifax Breach?

GDPR expert Darren Wray puts the incident under the microscope and outlines lessons learned from the fallout

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