Home working sounds great, but it has risks 

It sounds like liberation. No more grinding on the tube or packed trains as you kick off the day from the luxury of your own home.

In reality, the home working revolution comes with rewards, but also great risks.

The major concern at first was around businesses struggling to monitor staff working from home. 

Home working (3)

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Were they at their desk or on the golf course? 

Increasingly though, we are seeing the opposite. 

One of the major concerns is staff feeling burned out as home and work life blur into one.

Then, there is the increasing feeling of isolation. Not only social, but on advice.

There was always one experienced person in the office that you could quickly turn to and get that bit of advice. Not so easy when you have to Zoom them or ring up. 

On the flip side, of course, firms are mitigating these risks with plenty of guidance.

Furthermore, many firms have found that the overwhelming desire from staff is to have a shared work agenda between the office and home. 

And let’s not forget, this is a great way for hard-pressed firms to consolidate and save property costs. 

Ultimately, this is the time for good management to shine. 

The best leaders can find a happy workplace medium for all. 

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It’s a new future and the most well-managed companies will thrive.