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    Cedant Q&A: Sarah Yearwood


    The director of ceded reinsurance at Argo’s Lloyd’s operation explains how her company has used alternative structures to do something different

  • Tor Mellbye

    Cedant Q&A: Tor Mellbye, Länsförsäkringar


    Swedish mutual insurer Länsförsäkringar’s reinsurance general manager explains why ‘slow and steady’ will win the race in the current market

  • Julie Batch, IAG

    Cedant Q&A: Julie Batch, IAG


    IAG’s Julie Batch talks about the challenges of working in a forward-thinking Australian market and the search for confidentiality and innovation, all while studying for a Masters

  • Rob Andrews, XL

    Cedant Q&A: Rob Andrews, XL


    With some reinsurers playing it ‘fast and loose’, XL’s global head of ceded reinsurance explains why he prefers a more traditional approach

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    Cedant Q&A: Reinhard Seitz, Brit


    The head of outwards reinsurance at Brit Insurance enjoys diversity in his work, but also admires those who maintain stability and old-fashioned values amid a rapidly changing industry

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    Q&A: Jeremy Brazil, Markel


    The chief executive of Markel finds that thinking in terms of set risk appetites has sustained the firm’s buying strategy post-financial crisis

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    Cedant Q&A: Michael Barber


    Twenty-five years with Aviva have taken Michael Barber from underwriting novice to reinsurance guru. A dedicated Manchester City follower, he tells us what lies behind his own game plan

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    Cedant Q&A: Mike Watson


    Recently installed as the first reinsurance manager for Mitsui Sumitomo Underwriting at Lloyd’s, Mike Watson holds an unusual position in the market. Here he shares his thoughts on the year ahead

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    Cedants Q&A: Rory Barker


    As head of reinsurance buying at Hiscox, Rory Barker is a long-haul player with an unswerving commitment to group security

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    Cedant Q&A: Christian Tolle of Beazley


    Having jumped over the fence from broker to reinsurance buyer, Beazley’s Christian Tolle knows the industry from every angle. Insurance is in his blood, after all

  • Jan Störmann, Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

    Cedant Q&A: Jan Störmann of Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty


    Understanding risks in depth and breadth, protecting capital and avoiding surprises are key to Jan Störmann’s success in buying reinsurance on a global scale. A background in underwriting helps too

  • Conor FInn of Barbican

    Cedant Q&A: Conor Finn of Barbican


    As one of the first to join plucky start-up Barbican, Conor Finn played a key role in shaping the insurer’s strategy and culture. He and his colleagues like to go the extra mile – and expect the same from their reinsurers

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    Cedant Q&A: Diane Foxall of Atradius


    As a sector that feels business risk most acutely, trade credit insurers need security from their reinsurers, as well as specialist know-how, capacity – the list goes on. We talk to the Atradius buyer who knows what she wants

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    Cedant Q&A: Adam Clarke of Fortis


    If a good working relationship with your reinsurance buyer is key, it pays to get to know them a little better. GR talks to the man behind Fortis’s ceding arrangements

  • Alan Fowler, RSA

    Cedant Q&A: Alan Fowler of RSA


    Reinsurance buyers are often shy of the limelight, but their views should command serious attention. RSA’s group reinsurance director offers some insights into his buying strategy