The Bolivian Association of Insurers has published the programme of activities of the FIDES event to be held on 8-10 September 2019

FIDES 2019

The event programme has been published for this year’s Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies (FIDES) conference.

The regional event for the Latin American re/insurance industry takes place on 8-10 September 2019.

GR will report FIDES live with daily publications – in the style of its successful coverage of the Singapore International Reinsurance Conference (SIRC), the Baden-Baden Reinsurance Meeting, and Monte Carlo’s Rendez-Vous de Septembre (RVS).

Hosted by the Bolivian Association of Insurers (ABA), this year’s conference takes place at the Los Tajibos hotel in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

The  organising committee for FIDES 2019 is chaired by José Luis Camacho Miserendino, a former president of the ABA.

The programme starts on Sunday 8 September with a golf tournament at the Urubó Golf Country Club.

The event organisers issued a press release, saying:

”The following day: Monday 9, the programme foresees a ceremony of inauguration of quality and luxury with the participation of national authorities and senior executives of the insurance sector; among others, Luis Enrique Bandera, president of FIDES; the president of ABA, Rodrigo Bedoya; José Luis Camacho, president of the FIDES Bolivia 2019 Organising Committee. On that day, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Santa Cruz will give the musical framework to the day.

“After the main event, attendees will participate in main conference presented by Enrique García Rodríguez, former CEO of CAF (Development Bank of Latin America), former minister in Bolivia, former governor in Bolivia of the World Bank Group, IDB and the Financial Fund of the Plata Basin (Fonplata), member of the Development Committee of the IBRD and the IMF, among other activities.

“That same date will be the start of ExpoFIDES, in which several national and international institutions linked to insurance, will be able to publicise their offers and innovations in products and services and specify important business opportunities.

“For the following days (September 9 and 10), international specialists will share their knowledge and proposals in different areas as: technology, innovation and disruption in the insurance sector, technological innovation, regulations in the sector, disruptive trends, state and perspectives of the insurance market, among other topics of interest.

“The list of exhibitors includes representatives of the insurance sector of the countries of the hemisphere and who possess extensive knowledge in this area. Among them: Juan Mazzini, Claude Chevre, Iván Ballón, Horst Agata, José Carlos Cardoso.”

The full event programme for the conference, in its 37th year, is available online (in Spanish) here.

GR looks forward to reporting on FIDES, live from Bolivia.