Broker plans to build on modernisation efforts in accounting and claims

Aon UK has appointed Ian Summers as managing director of eBusiness and Market Reform.

Ian will take responsibility for thought leadership and strategic development of eBusiness initiatives throughout the business. He will also maintain his role as Director of Change Strategy for Aon Re Global, providing support for eBusiness strategy and initiatives.

Aon has been one of the driving forces behind the modernisation of claims and accounting processes and has received numerous accolades for its drive for reform in the London market, following its announcement earlier this year that it had completed more than 80% of its 1/1 treaty reinsurance renewal placements electronically. In May this year, Aon won a record seven ACORD awards, recognising its industry leadership in adopting new electronic standards.

Peter Harmer, CEO of Aon UK, said: “In recent years Aon has played a leading role in market reform and adoption of eBusiness and Ian has been at the forefront of these efforts to transform the market.

“Over the next few years the future direction of market reform and eBusiness will be a key determinant of the successful implementation of our growth strategy and will lead to a more flexible infrastructure, a key competitive advantage in a cyclical market.”

Ian Summers said: “The industry is moving in a very positive direction. Aon will continue to lead the charge towards electronic trading throughout the insurance cycle, working closely with our markets as we roll out electronic trading further across our direct specialty businesses.”