supreme court

After Stonegate: Unpicking Covid-19 BI aggregation potential

Why reinsurers should look to recent Covid-related judgments on the direct side in an effort to resolve uncertainty

legal (3)

Briefing: Reinsurers still facing ‘big issue’ over BI (despite clarity for direct market)

A lack of visibility around aggregation arbitration is preventing reinsurers from dealing with COVID-related BI claims


Cyber: Hitting pause

At below $10 billion, why has the cyber re/insurance market failed to live up to its potential?

Joe Noss

Ukraine: A ‘Matrix moment’ for climate change

The choices governments make in response to the Ukraine conflict might either accelerate or delay the global transition to net-zero emissions

I stock 181091570 houses

Briefing: Cracking the difficult US market for insurance

HomeServe is showing the difficult US market can be cracked. Other large UK insurance firms have struggled to make an impact though. Why is this?

rocket, innovation

Pace of technology innovation must be maintained

Insurance Times’ Tech and Innovation Awards showcased the great variety of digital solutions supporting the insurance sector

innovation (3)

Briefing: Why can’t insurers innovate like MGAs?

Conversations at BrokerFest 2021 indicated that MGAs have the edge on insurers when it comes to innovation

lightbulb, new thinking

Briefing: ‘Radical fresh thinking’ is required to tackle ‘connected’ risks and protection gaps

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a - sometimes uncomfortable – spotlight on the insurance industry.

capacity, pound coins

Briefing: MGAs shine in broker survey…but a big concern remains

MGAs shine in survey, but brokers do have concerns

automated driving

Briefing: Will ADS safety rating put brakes on government’s automated driving push?

Industry commentators still have questions around the safety of technology such as ALKS, however the UK government is eager to have automated driving on Britain’s roads this year

geopolitical risk, chess, world, map, data

Briefing: Addressing emerging geopolitical risks is ‘major growth opportunity for insurers’

New Lloyd’s report calls for innovation around insurance for geopolitical risks as it identifies 10 ‘paradigm shift’ factors that could affect whether current cover is still fit for purpose

Pot of money

Briefing: Pandemic predators - private equity dominance sparks concerns

Private equity is seen by some as predators of the pandemic, buying UK firms cheaply. Is it time for reform?

lloyd's, london market

Briefing: London market is still wrestling with its future as Freedom Day arrives

London market brokers query hybrid working models, while syndicates ponder whether Lloyd’s blueprint investment will pay off

covid, piggy bank

Briefing: Covid costs now hitting reinsurance bottom line

Covid-19, Solvency II and ESG factors will all be influencing global multiline insurers’ balance sheets, says S&P Global Ratings


Briefing: What five SME products could come under the FCA’s fair value microscope?

The first deadline surrounding the FCA’s general insurance pricing reform is approaching fast - insurers and brokers must consider the implications on SME products if they haven’t done so already

consolidation (3)

Briefing: Aon-WTW merger still hitting snags amid broader consolidation landscape

Aon still has its work cut out for it if it wants to complete its purchase of Willis Towers Watson and mitigate market competition worries – however, will competition concerns increase across the piece as a result of the recent consolidation uptick?

brexit, red tape

Briefing: Solvency II and GDPR face big shake up amid Tory post-Brexit war cry

MP Iain Duncan Smith leads the charge on radical post-Brexit insurance plans

fault line

Briefing: Fair value ‘fault line’ underpins FCA’s GI pricing proposals

The FCA may have ‘unleashed the concept’ around fair value, but now firms have to interpret this and embed it within their business practices, which isn’t an overnight job

music festival (2)

Briefing: Time is running out for summer festivals seeking Covid inclusive event cancellation cover

A new report by the Public Accounts Committee recognises that festivals are facing a ‘survival threat’ without adequate insurance for Covid-linked event cancellation

question mark, magnifying glass

Briefing: What exactly is Aviva’s activist investor Cevian up to?

An activist investor is stepping up pressure. But does it have anything new to offer?


Briefing: Gefion bankrupt - why do brokers lose their senses with unrated insurers?

Gefion’s bankruptcy repeats the familiar tale of unrated insurers

Saxon East

Briefing: Amid senior exits at Aviva UKGI, what’s really going on?

Aviva has had a hat-trick of senior exits. What is going on?

Saxon East

Briefing: Faltering RSA can take inspiration from Zurich on broker service

RSA came bottom across all of Insurance Times’s broker service surveys. Where does it go from here?

Saxon East

Briefing: Henderson-Aon deal shows consequences of consolidation

Joe Henderson’s new broker is a direct rival to Aon - and there are consequences

Saxon East

Briefing: The complexity of the home working revolution

It sounds like liberation. No more grinding on the tube or packed trains, as you kick off the day from the luxury of your own home.

SR_web_Adam Schrader

A smarter approach to business travel

How can businesses balance the bottom line with environmental responsibility when planning their post pandemic business travel?

Saxon East

Briefing: The complexity of the home working revolution

It sounds like liberation. No more grinding on the tube or packed trains, as you kick off the day from the luxury of your own home.

Saxon East

Briefing: We are all now worried about the FCA

Brokers are losing faith in the FCA amid rising fees and levies against a backdrop of carrier failures

Katie 2

Briefing: Pandemic impact on financial results is not over yet

Insurers’ 2020 full-year financial results show an economic landscape strewn with losses and colossal Covid claims costs. This will undoubtedly carry over into 2021 in some capacity, wrecking further trouble on balance sheets


Briefing: Intact is excellent, but faces big challenge with RSA buy

RSA’s new owner Intact will need to woo brokers

poor service (2)

Briefing: Insurers facing broker backlash for Covid service

Insurance Times Five Star Rating Report: Commercial Lines is about to be released. This broker survey of insurer service will show some players are performing poorly

makeover, revamp 2

Briefing: Risk registers need a revamp to be ready for a working world post-Covid-19

Insurance needs to play a bigger role in responding to risk flexibly moving forward

Saxon East

Briefing: What do Aon, Gallagher and Marsh really pay for acquisitions?

Marsh, Aon, Willis appear to pay high multiples for their acquistions targets in the UK. But what is really going on?

office building

Insurance systems are like a costly pre-Covid lease you can’t get out of - Stubben Edge

Chris Kenning, chief executive of Stubben Edge, on how to avoid getting locked into legacy systems that prevent an insurance business from meeting the demands of the modern market

repair, plaster

Briefing: Has the drive for transparency come too late to repair reputational damage?

Discussions around greater transparency in policy wordings and clarifying coverage have become a top priority following the FCA’s business interruption test case – is this a ‘better late than never’ scenario or has the hit to the sector’s reputation crippled any chance of forging customer trust?


Briefing: Bitcoin … rat poison squared or exciting for insurance?

Bitcoin has enjoyed huge returns, making many rich. But can insurance help in this daring new world of cyrptocurrencies

future proof

Too many brokers looking for ‘easy short-term answers’ to solve profitability

An Insurance Times expert webinar panel discussed how brokers can future proof their businesses post-pandemic


Briefing: ComparetheMarket shows how weak insurers are versus intermediaries

ComparetheMarket’s abuse of power is remarkable. Distribution’s grip on insurers continues to grow. Can it be stopped?

Saxon East

Briefing: ComparetheMarket’s shameful abuse of power

Competition watchdog’s report into ComparetheMarket offers a damning verdict on a company abusing its power

Amanda Blanc

‘The biggest risk for insurers is reputation’ says Aviva’s Blanc

The insurer boss adds that the industry’s reputational damage arising from the business interruption test case has left her feeling ‘very sad’ and that the industry needs to ‘not shoot ourselves in the foot as much as we do’

Saxon east

Briefing: RSA takeover was inevitable - it had nowhere to go

RSA’s historic brand name is likely to disappear, but takeover deal makes sense


Insurer, MGA, broker or insurtech - how could Amazon enter insurance?

Amazon’s investment in Indian insurtech Acko has raised questions on how deep the tech giant plans to get into insurance

Broker service survey rankings revealed

Briefing: Claims service could come under the microscope after FCA’s pricing report

Commercial brokers told Insurance Times that a quality claims service is more important than competitive pricing, aligning with the FCA’s refreshed stance around fair value


Nearly 70% of UAE drivers clueless about even basic motor insurance terms, says AXA survey

UAE drivers may know everything about their cars and car brands, but when it comes to motor insurance, the ride turns a lot less smooth.


Briefing: A bright future, or momentary relief for the motor market?

The impact of the nationwide lockdown earlier in the year is expected to help the UK motor market return to profit once again in 2021, but with underlying problems still dogging the market, this is only anticipated to offer temporary respite for motor insurers  By insight editor Matt Scott


Briefing: Five important ways revenue-hit aggregators could react to FCA price crackdown

Aggregators are likely to take a revenue hit from FCA reforms. Here are five ways they could react and its impact on insurers and brokers.

Coronavirus Recession

Briefing: How insurers can beat the recession

Covid-19 has hit the insurance industry just as hard as the 2008 global financial crisis. But with the global economy hit even harder this time around, insurers are setting themselves up for a quicker return to growth than many may anticipate By insight editor Matt Scott

Saxon east

Briefing: Why FCA-hit aggregators will likely squeeze insurers harder

Tensions between insurers and aggregators will likely increase amid the FCA pricing crackdown

SME (3)

Opportunity for specific Covid-19 cover as SMEs fear business losses says data analytics firm

Commercial insurers may be affected as business owners could have a reduced budget for insurance if they are struggling for custom amid coronavirus recession


Briefing: Covid-19 is making things complicated for personal lines insurers

Consumers are craving simple products in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, but at the same time they want products that are adjustable and tailored to their needs. This means insurers need to find the right balance when designing their products, but that is easier said than done By insight ...

SR_web_Nir Kossovsky

Reputational crises put directors at risk

ESG pledges, unmet, will leave stakeholders disappointed and pose the greatest enterprise risks of all, warn Nir Kossovsky and Denise Williamee

coronavirus man, mask

Firms must build more resilient workforces

COVID-19 has created a new urgency to protect working people, with compulsory unemployment insurance a much-needed safety net - research

Saxon east

Briefing: Why aggressive FCA will next turn to commercial insurance

The FCA is intently focused on value. It’s agenda will lead to a fresh look at commercial insurance

world coronavirus protection

Zurich-Oxford report: New social contract needed to make workforce more resilient as COVID-19 accelerates change

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a new urgency to address issues affecting working people worldwide, including the digitalisation of the economy, the need for continuous education, and the fragility of many national social protection systems.

Saxon east

Briefing: Broker profits are seriously threatened by FCA premium finance crackdown

The FCA’s plans to crackdown on premium finance are causing serious concens for brokers

judge rules

FCA test case is a ‘complex judgment’ that will take time to understand

Insurers have supported the High Court process over the past few months, which saw the claimant – the FCA - seek clarity for customers who have made  business interruption claims related to Covid-19. The verdict was published yesterday.


Allianz: Five Liability Loss Trends for Businesses in the Face of the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Pricing in the liability insurance market may have turned in recent months, however social inflation trends and large court verdicts continue in the United States. This combined with expanded exposures for non-US companies doing business in the US and an increase in automotive part recalls are putting pressure on liability ...


2020 insolvencies jump amid COVID-led recession

Global corporate insolvencies are forecast to increase by 26% in 2020, led by Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and UK in Europe.

Future Paths

Brightside’s Derek Henry on the future of personal lines

The Covid-19 pandemic has created some big challenges for the insurance market, not least for those involved in the business interruption and event cancellation markets.

Fitch Ratings4

Fitch Special Report: APAC Insurance Regulators’ Response During Coronavirus Crisis

Fitch Ratings believes the prompt response by most insurance regulators across the APAC region will help insurers weather some of their key business risks during the coronavirus crisis. Some insurers’ capitalisation, earnings and liquidity positions could come under pressure from the financial-market disruption and economic strain caused by the pandemic.


Briefing: Why insurance is key to economic recovery post-Covid-19

Insurance cover is a great enabler of economic activity, allowing businesses to carry out their trade, innovate and drive growth. Without that protection provided by policies, the risks for many would simply be too great.


Insurance resilience tested by Covid-19 as global protection gap climbs to $1.24trn

Covid-19 is expected to hit global financial resilience hard, with research from Swiss Re forecasting a 20% drop in global resilience as a result of the pandemic as stimulus packages deplete economies’ fiscal and monetary headroom.

riot civil unrest violence political risk 2

COVID-19: Political and economic outlook deteriorates

The COVID-19 pandemic’s economic and social impacts are driving significant shifts in global political risk - Marsh JLT Specialty

financial decline, covid

This year’s half-year financial results littered with Covid-19 complications

As the Covid-19 pandemic incessantly continues to rumble on, insurers and brokers have been forced to acknowledge the financial fallout caused by the virus as half year results published last month paint a vivid picture of how Covid-19 has affected profits, losses and reserving measures.

fraud (3)

FCA investigates 165 Covid-19 scams

The data collection exercise further revealed that the types of scams that have been popular during the Covid-19 pandemic are typically communicated using emails, phone calls, text messages, letters and social media.

Max Richter Pic

Ambiguity in BI policy wordings is ‘natural’ following ‘black swan’ Covid outbreak

The ambiguity in business interruption (BI) policy wordings related to Covid-19-based claims is “natural”, however this debate should be used as a catalyst for the insurance sector to proactively review contract small print in order to eliminate unclear phrasings that may prove problematic for insurers if applied to future “black ...

working from home (3)

Policies will need to adapt to changing risks brought about by Covid says analytics firm

Insurance policies will need to change in order to reflect the fluctuating risk environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic, while new products centred around remote working, for example, will become more common, according to data and analytics firm GlobalData.

Adam Rimmer_FloodFlash

Insurers unable to hide behind parametric insurance small print, says FloodFlash’s Adam Rimmer

Although many organisations had a form of business interruption insurance within their commercial cover prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, FloodFlash co-founder Adam Rimmer tells Insurance Times how a parametric insurance model would have been the better option for this type of insurance, as ’there’s no small print for the insurer ...


REPORT: Global guidance on the integration of environmental, social and governance risks into insurance underwriting

After a multi-year global consultation process, leading insurers from around the world and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched last the first global insurance industry guide to tackle a wide range of sustainability risks—from climate change, ecosystem degradation, pollution and animal welfare and testing; to child labour, controversial weapons, and ...

coronavirus, covid-19

Brokers need to beware ‘breach of duty’ risks arising from Covid-19 impacts

Law firm Plexus Law advises brokers to ‘pay attention in this changing market’

press conference_Getty

Insuring reputational risk opens opportunities for new business

Protecting brand reputation has become a top priority for insurance businesses

acquisition, global, puzzle pieces

What does Aon’s purchase of Willis Towers Watson mean for brokers?

Industry voices fear that consolidation between two of the UK’s largest brokers will lead to a ‘stagnating’ market and ‘significant change’ of the sector as we know it


Aon cyber risk analysis compares California’s CCPA with GDPR, plus New York’s SHIELD

Data protection legislation in California and New York adds to existing cyber risk rules

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-31 at 04.47.56 (1)

Resilience focus amid worsening global macro conditions – Swiss Re

Chief economist briefing emphased the ‘R’ word(s): trade war is risk number one; recession in the US 35% likely; and resilience in the global economy is worse than before the financial crisis

FCA aviation conduct probe

Aviation risks, claims on the rise - AGCS study warns

Safer skies have not reduced the overall risks being taken by aviation insurers

HK protests

The Hong Kong protests: What if the government labels them terrorism?

Defining the pro-democracy protests as terrorism could impact insurance policies, as the cost of the demonstrations continues to rise

Pierre Vende

Aon: Matchmaking for life

Asia’s life and health (L&H) reinsurance market is changing, with fresh entrants and a change of products being sold on the primary side, according to Pierre Vende, Head of Accident, Health and Life, Aon Reinsurance Solutions.

baden baden baden germany rendezvous

Baden-Baden: Hannover Re expects German rates rise in 2020

German reinsurer E+S Rück said its home market should see improved rates and conditions next year


How a no-deal Brexit could affect reinsurers

UK-domiciled reinsurers have responded to Brexit by establishing alternative platforms on the continent that will retain passporting rights irrespective of the eventual Brexit outcome. Clare Ruel reports

RMS Loma quake

What if 1989’s Loma Prieta Earthquake happened today?

Same earthquake hitting the Northeast Bay today could create a $27bn insured loss and a $184bn economic loss in the heart of Silicon Valley, according to an RMS catastrophe modelling study

Climate change iStock-926155608

Climate risk: new PRA requirements come into force

New requirements to enhance insurers’ approaches to managing the financial risks from climate change came into effect on 15 October from the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority

John Neal Future at Lloyds

Future at Lloyd’s ‘Blueprint One’ launched in London

Lloyd’s has released the 150-page “Blueprint One” for the London re/insurance market’s future transformation

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-24 at 18.15.37

Microinsurance panel: small premium x large distribution = feasible

Swiss Re’s Beat Strebel was among panellists discussing microinsurance at FAIR 2019 in Marrakech


FAIR: Rates firming as regional reinsurers provide less capacity - AM Best

Regional reinsurers in trouble means less local capacity available, helping to firm up reinsurance pricing in African and Middle Eastern markets

YA-Photo-2018-High-Resolution  1

Yassir Albaharna: Q&A with FAIR’s president

FAIR president Yassir Albaharna talks to GR ahead of this year’s conference in Marrakesh

lloyds building

Pivotal moment in Lloyd’s evolution – Aon report

Aon offers its broker’s-eye-view on CEO John Neal’s bold new plans for the future at Lloyd’s, ahead of 30 September’s blueprint publication

Fitch guide cover 2019

Fitch Ratings Global Reinsurance Guide 2020

Fitch Ratings has released its Global Reinsurance Guide 2020.

Dorian arrival times

Dorian provides the pre-Monte suspense for 2019

Hurricane Dorian provides this year’s pre-Monte Carlo jitters as re/insurance execs pack their bags for 2019’s Rendez-Vous de Septembre

Hope Murera, CEO of Zep Re in Kenya

China fears amid Africa’s protection gap optimism - Afro-Asian event at Lloyd’s

Africa’s re/insurance market is fearful at lost business going straight to China, amid the optimism about infrastructure projects, technology and economic growth closing the continent’s protection gap. David Benyon reports

Cyber War

Cyber war – Capsicum paper urges reinsurance to lead the debate

A paper from re/insurance broker Capsicum Re explores attribution in cyber warfare

Bahrain Grand Prix to take place despite protests

How Bahrain got overtaken in the Middle East reinsurance market

Increasingly antiquated rules and a lack of innovation have lost Bahrain its early mover advantage in Middle East re/insurance, according to a report published this week by ratings firm AM Best

wedding cake

Insurtech MGAs: a marriage made in heaven?

Startup insurtechs are favouring the MGA model for a gateway into the industry to avoid becoming just another service provider to traditional insurance companies. David Benyon reports

finance accounts investment numbers results

Opinion: TMR result puts new shine on RenRe deal

When RenaissanceRe paid 1.02x tangible book value for Tokio Millennium, it seemed it might be due to poor performance at TMR, but the reinsurer’s final set of results might change that perception


Crisis in the Hormuz Strait prompts Joint War Committee action

Attacks blamed on Iran off the coast of the UAE earlier this month left holes in the hulls of four oil tankers

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-22 at 12.21.34

Marine cyber risk secondary to environmental focus - event analysis

Maritime sector and insurance technology experts converged on Windward’s inaugural Sea: The Future 2019 conference


Bounceback expected for reinsurers’ Q1 capital levels – Aon’s Van Slooten

Reinsurers’ capital was at a low point at the end of 2018, largely due to returns to shareholders and unrealised losses held on the investment side. Expect those numbers to bounce back for Q1

Bank of england

PRA adds climate risk to UK insurers’ stress tests

The City’s supervisor will include physical and transition risk scenarios for climate change in its market-wide insurance stress tests this year, a Bank of England speech has revealed

India event City

India’s market should favour insurtech

Low penetration but high potential in India’s re/insurance market should favour insurance technology, speakers said at an India-UK event in London

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-27 at 05.28.12

Takaful faces market awareness challenge: Even some people who work in it don’t know what it does

The Takaful and Re/Takaful sector has an image problem and general lack of awareness about what it can do, according to speakers at DWIC 2019

James vickers

Demand hugely untapped – Willis Re’s Vickers

The insurance sector has a lot to do if it wants to close the protection gap in Middle East markets, according to James Vickers, chairman of Willis Re International

gavel judge

Mondelez vs Zurich lawsuit shows cyber market uncertainties

Mondelez vs Zurich comes as the nascent cyber insurance market continues to develop with increased demand for cyber policies.

gr bermuda 600px header

GR Innovation & Insurtech Bermuda: Talk about a revolution

Fresh thinking and converging insurance technologies are adding up to a revolution in the re/insurance sector, exemplified by GR’s Innovation & Insurtech 2018 event in Bermuda

bermuda flag

Big ideas from a small island

John Racher reports back from the GR Innovation & Insurtech event in Bermuda where attendees explored the challenges and opportunities of new technology and discussed their vision of the future and its changing lexicon.


Editor's letter: Insurtech takes centre stage

Insurtech has moved from a peripheral re/insurance topic to the centre stage, GR consulting editor David Benyon writes


GR Winter Edition 2018

Read the Q4 edition of GR, including features on wildfire, pandemic risk to mark the 100 year anniversary of Spanish influenza, and a roundup of coverage from Monte, Baden and SIRC.


Pandemic risk: 100 years since Spanish flu

The potential for devastating pandemics is still there, with major accumulation risks for insurers and reinsurers increasingly relevant for non-life lines of business. By David Benyon

merger artwork

Reinsurance market M&A continued in 2018

When RenaissanceRe announced it was acquiring Tokio Millennium Re for $1.5bn it was just the latest in a series of deals that have been reshaping the reinsurance sector over the past couple of years


ILS investors count losses from Camp Fire

Wildfires will cost excess and surplus lines insurers, reinsurers and ILS investors, after the Camp Fire goes down as the worst wildfire in Californian history

singapore bank financial centre asia china

Regional hubs Dubai and Singapore have much in common

Roger Bickmore hosted a GR roundtable discussion at SIRC 2018 on the links between Asian reinsurance and MENA business


Reducing Indonesia’s protection gap

Protectionism versus the protection gap. By David Benyon

steve hearn ceo ed

How long until a Chinese broker is in the global top ten?

Steve Hearn, CEO of Ed, spoke to GR about Chinese investment, broker consolidation, and growth prospects in Asia

Alkis Willis Re

Reinsurers flexible on European cat pricing – Willis Re’s Tsimaratos

Following discussions in Monte Carlo, Willis Re expects rate flexibility from European reinsurers for the Continent’s catastrophe risks, while demand for earnings covers at lower attachment points provides reinsurers with some pricing opportunities


Stable pricing expected, outlook positive – Swiss Re’s Higginbotham

Margins remain low, but Swiss Re’s Russell Higginbotham thinks the mood is positive and expects a stable renewal at 1/1


TigerRisk: Insurers of the Future - What They Have in Common

TigerRisk’s head of EMEA lists attributes of outperforming companies. By Marc Beckers, in association with TigerRisk

Moody's chart for Baden day 1 story

Rising interest rates to boost insurers’ profitability – Moody’s

Confidence in a gradual, if uneven, rise in global interest rates may be starting to take hold, according to a report from Moody’s Investors Service

monte 2016

We’re in a new market cycle - Flandro

While alternative capital continues to grow, JLT Re’s global analytics head thinks that some previous predictions of it taking 40% or more the catastrophe risk market by now were overblown

Four Seasons Dubai DIFC view

Resilient in the face of change: Reinsurance centres in 2018

London and Lloyd’s, followed by Dubai, Zurich and Bermuda have shown the greatest innovation over the past 12 months, according to 50 senior reinsurance leaders surveyed by GR, in association with Dubai International Financial Centre

Twin Towers on September 11

A tale of two systems: terrorism reinsurance backstops in the US & UK

Terrorism reinsurance backstops Pool Re and TRIA were set up within different contexts and the two structures have evolved differently. David Benyon reports

I stock hurricane

ILS Analysis: Closing in

As ILS funds continue to demonstrate an interest to get closer to the risk, questions around whether this capital is here to stay cease to be relevant

GDPR bill

GDPR – Data mishandling could be the new PPI

The regulator’s penalties for data breaches are stiff, but a bigger problem could be an avalanche of claims from clients for data mis-handling

Insurance Act

Q&A: Scor's Régis Delayat on implementing change

One of the industry’s biggest advocates for digital changes talks about preparing for the tech revolution

Insurtech stories

FinTech Hive – the story so far

With the first panel of DWIC18 day two focussing on the DIFC’s Fintech Hive, we take a look at what has been achieved

Matt cannock landscape

Dog Days: a biting year for reinsurance

Markel International Singapore principal officer and managing director Matt Cannock takes a look back at a tumultuous year

Acquisition i stock 473511946

AIG-Validus deal: the start of a 2018 Bermuda M&A story?

With losses and market pressures, 2018 could be a year of bumper-ticket Bermuda M&A

I stock 694658222

MENA Region: Unlocking potential

The region offers plenty of opportunities, but (re)insurers need to do their research to ensure they acquire the keys to success

Rexfeatures 9179861g

The Modi Effect

India’s premier has revolutionised the countries financial sector and welcomed internationals - here’s how

I stock 493171547

1/1 Renewals: Leveraged Discussions

What was a buyers’ market is changing, with renewal rates set to move upwards. Global Reinsurance editor Samera Owusu Tutu looks at how the industry is preparing

Pathogen i stock 485544190

Under the microscope: pathogen risk

A closer look at a growing opportunity for the industry by Aon Benfield Analytics managing director Craig Kiebler and global chief operating officer Tracy Hatlestad

Data breach i stock 000068635595 large

Case study: What can reinsurers learn from the Equifax Breach?

GDPR expert Darren Wray puts the incident under the microscope and outlines lessons learned from the fallout


AI - an intelligent choice for marine

How artificial intelligence can help commercial and marine insurers make more intelligent decisions around risk by Andrew Yeoman, chief execuitve of Concirrus


Days of under-pricing are numbered after HIM - PwC leaders' panel

Years of under-pricing could be over after the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, says McGavick

Final panel

To build, buy or partner, that is the question

The final panel for the Global Reinsurance Innovation & InsurTech Bermuda event was in the hands of the delegates

Panel 1 - Bii

Use InsurTech to reconnect with end user, says panel

Delegates at the inaugural Global Reinsurance Innovation & InsurTech Bermuda were told lack relationship with end user was industry’s achilles heel

Gibraltar regulator

Gibraltar regulator aims to shed ‘light touch’ image with new regime

Gibraltar regulator chief executive says she is tough but fair

Guy Carp Symposium 2017 - James Nash, Guy Carpenter

Guy Carp Symposium 2017: Incumbent operations hold key to successful innovation

Heavyweight panel says knowledge of incumbent operations a necessity for modern practices


Will UK Budget cash-cow insurance sector to offset Brexit uncertainty?

Mazar financial services tax partner Stephen Brown outlines how current political pressures may lead to heavier taxation for the industry

Inga Beale

Pace of change accelerating – Lloyd’s CEO

No silver bullet for adapting to technology trends, Beale warned, but denial is not the answer

Political risk

Geopolitical risks causing financial loss to business

Many companies have developed new risk mitigation strategies in response, study finds

London Market tackles diversity

Dive In Festival 2017: London Market aims to dismantle 'white male dominance'

London Market described as ‘last bastion of white male dominance’

Farid and mike

Roundtable debate: has London lost its grip?

Regional hubs are challenging London’s traditional place at the centre of the reinsurance universe

Reinsurance will stand up to Irma – JLT Re

Reinsurance will stand up to Irma – JLT Re

While comparisons to Hurricane Andrew were made, JLT Re executives believe the industry will react better this time

india 450

India on the horizon

With its growing economy, huge agricultural sector and welcoming government, the worlds second-most populous country offers tremendous opportunities to reinsurers

Negative Storm

Ogden Rate - a negative outcome

Stung by a change to the personal injury discount rate, UK insurers warn consumers will soon have to shoulder the costs

Water scarcity

A closer look at water scarcity

Why water scarcity is the most ominous weather risk today

Trump budget

Trump budget could prove detrimental to crop insurance, AM Best says

Trump budget would cut crop insurance subsidies and could cap participation, according to Best’s News Service

Insurers must digitalise

Insurers must digitalise to meet buyers’ needs, says Greenberg

Speaking at the Marsh & McLennan Companies Young Professionals’ Global Forum 2017, Chubb chairman and chief executive Evan Greenberg explains why the need to digitise is paramount

US flood insurance

US flood insurance: Changing Tides

A review of the US flood insurance programme will create opportunities for reinsurers

eu data protection regulation

Complying with the EU data protection regulation

New EU data protection regulation will apply in less than a year, but many companies are not yet ready

Rise of ransomware – what is it and how do we tackle it

Rise of ransomware – what is it and how do we tackle it

A closer look at the rise of ransomware, we ask what is it, how do we tackle it and what does this global attack mean for our industry


Pool Re and NTI put spotlight on radiological ‘dirty bomb’ threat to property

Radiological ‘dirty bomb’ by terrorist groups could cause extensive property claims

Justin Davies

Opinion: Insurance during an industrial revolution

How his grandfather felt as the world changed around him draws parallels to the dissonance felt in the industry today due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, says Xceedance region head - EMEA Justin Davies

Scales: A Fine Balance

Reinsurer investment strategies and Solvency II

How is Solvency II impacting the choices of the reinsurance company asset managers?

EU US handshake

EU-US Insurance Agreement: what it means to reinsurance

The affects of removing transatlantic collateral requirements

S&P event - Ravi Bhatia

GCC pushing for privatisation – talent may be an issue

(Re)insurers need to upskill to earn potential premiums

Giles Ward

DWIC: Plenty to be optimistic about in MENA region - Giles Ward

Chubb’s regional president shares report card on industry in DWIC regional keynote

Inga Beale at DWIC

DWIC: Insurance sector is “sleepwalking” into new world – Lloyd’s Inga Beale​, DBE

Rise of new economies and technology are key factors shaping the insurance industry

Approaching storm

Opinion: How Bermuda turns uncertainty into opportunity

Bermuda can weather the tide of political uncertainty that the last six months has thrown up, says Chris Garrod, partner in the Bermuda office of law firm Conyers Dill and Pearman

Innovation 450

Opinion: what does Blockchain really mean to reinsurance?

eReinsure chief executive Igor Best-Devereux talks about turning a buzzword into a reality

Board engagement

Rebooting Customer Relationships Through Anaytics

In this blog, former Standard Life managing director for marketing & customers Stephen Ingledew speaks about need for better client engagement in (re)insurance


Stress testing solar storm

What impact would an event like this have on our world today? Tim Evershed investigates

building with blocks

PPP and mature markets

We take a close look at the gaps in coverage in mature markets and explore how public private partnership can fill them

Question mark road distance

The road ahead

With 2017 renewals looming, we take stock and assess the year behind us, and in this review we present the predictions for the year ahead

Peter hacker 450

Peter Hacker: Beginning of a new age

Ed’s group chief innovation officer tells how he’ll turn the technology buzz into productive reality

Sponsored Statement: 2015 a record-breaking year for the DIFC

An expert view from Salmaan Jaffery, Chief Business Development Officer, DIFC Authority

Sponsored Statement: Integrating Fintech is no longer desirable – it is a necessity

An expert view from Salmaan Jaffery, Chief Business Development Officer, DIFC Authority

Sponsored Statement: An optimistic future full of innovative growth

An expert view from Salmaan Jaffery, Chief Business Development Officer, DIFC Authority

Sponsored Statement: Developing Risk Maturity & Culture within an ERM Programme

An expert view from Eddie McLaughlin, chief commercial officer, Aon Global Risk Consulting

Sponsored Statement: A positive future

An expert view from Africa Re

Sponsored Statement: What next for the Gulf insurance market?

An expert view from Wayne Jones, partner Clyde & Co

Round table

An innovative view

This year’s Global Reinsurance Monte Carlo roundtable took a deep dive into some of the key innovations disrupting the (re)insurance industry

Justin Davies

Softening the blow

Xceedance EMEA head Justin Davies talks about the realities of a perpetually tough market

Chris O'Kane

Chris O'Kane, Aspen: Blue Marble launches in white space

Chris O’Kane, group chief executive of Aspen and board director of Blue Marble Microsinsurance (Blue Marble), highlights the importance of innovation and customer satisfaction - attributes that have sometimes proved elusive to the insurance industry.


Could ILS help to narrow the exposure gap in the developing world?

Bermuda Stock Exchange Chief Executive Greg wojciechowski believes that as ILS becomes more broadly accepted as an investable asset class, this will help to drive more capital to areas in the world where insurance is most needed

Volvo autonomous

Driverless cars, here to stay

For the (re)insurance industry, autonomous vehicles present interesting challenges and opportunities both in the short and medium term

emerging markets 1

Solutions to catastrophe risk management in ‘Emerging Markets’

JBA writes about modelling flood risk in emerging markets

Innovation light bulbs 450

Defining innovation and leading change

The London Market is looking to nurture innovation to sustain its position as a global leader. NIIT Insurance Technologies asks what is innovation, and what innovation approaches might help?

Colin scagell 450

Unpicking EU laws in the face of Brexit

Mayer Brown partner Colin Scagell likens the task to unscrambling an egg – here’s why

meeting dialog ballons 450

Is the London Market innovating?

Cultural change and young talent, some of the topics that arose when Global Reinsurance spoke to the market

india 450

Country profile: India

A fast-growing economy, a young population and the governments ambitious expansion plans, some of the ingredients for success

Uncertainty 450

(Re)insurance in continental Europe can weather Brexit storm – Dagong Europe

Global Reinsurance speaks with the credit rating agency’s lead insurance analyst Linas Grigaliunas

London in fog 450

Brexit and (re)insurance: uncertain times

Whether a paradise lost or a land of opportunity, it’s a new world, a new day, and a road to the unknown, writes Global Reinsurance Editor


Hedging for renewables

An overview of how the insurance industry is tackling the modern energy market


Diversification for the sake of diversification

The evolution of the Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) sector, combined with excess liquidity globally, has led the asset class to an interesting crossroads, Elementum Advisors LLC founding principal John DeCaro explains.

brexit 450

SWOT Analysis: Weighing up a Brexit vote

Experts comment on Brexit’s pros and cons

Data Breach 450

Panama Papers, a wake up call

The biggest data leak to date should be seen as a warning sign for the industry of the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity

Steve Street, Stripe Global Services

The pace of change in the London Market

Is Change in the London Market Radical Enough? Stripe Global Services director Steve Street gives his views

Tony ellwood 450

Cyber Hack vs Cyber Leak - does it matter?

The answer may very well depend upon whom you ask. If you are a cyber policyholder or their insurer, then the answer may well be yes, it does matter. If you are an individual whose personal data has been lost, stolen or even just revealed then you may not care ...

Atlas - Iran

Iran and Saudi Arabian Rivalry Spans Insurance as well as Politics

Axco head of global risk intelligence and data Alexander Frost compares the Middle East heavyweights and casts a light on how their political tension may impact their insurance markets

Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico and Solvencia II

Mexico takes a similar path to Europe with regarding solvency, and ultimately faces similar challenges

Multaqa 450

Multaqa 2016 essay competition winner revealed

Winning entry rose to the occasion to take that title this landmark Multaqa


Cat regimes in France: dealing with changing threats

After the terror attacks in Paris, and with a increase in weather-related events, does the way risk is tackled need to evolve in line with today’s threats?

Ashley smith 450

Solvency II: they think it’s all over…it’s hardly started

Silverfinch senior vice president of business development Ashley Smith believes there’s more to come with S2

Risk cropped

The non-physical risks you need to know about

Xuber Xposure director Justin Davies outlines the top five types of insurable non-physical damage

Storm desmond

Could the naming of UK storms impact on reinsurance claims?

While common practice in other parts of the world, this is a new trend for the UK Alex Denslow and Neil Beighton, both of CMS, discuss the arising challenges

Zurich claims from Tianjin explosions

Tianjin: navigating through complex claims

Global incidents like the Tianjin explosion in China can leave loss adjusters in a cultural and political bind. Cunningham Lindsey director of major and complex loss Ben Price unpicks the challenges behind managing major losses

Nervous man pulling collar

New UK rules prevent senior execs from evading poor past

Proposed regulatory referencing rules would take a bite out of the ‘rolling bad apple’, Brahams Dutt Badrick French senior employment lawyer Nick Wilcox explains

Alan calder 450

Emerging market CAT risk - looking through multiple lenses

Aspen head of group catastrophe risk managment Alan Calder talks about the uncertainties caused when data is limited and warns against the simplicity of merely viewing the world as emerging and developed markets

Anthony skinner 450

Geopolitical risk to define MENA in 2016

Verisk Maplecroft’s Anthony Skinner explores how both Saudi-Iranian relations and Daesh are adding to the volatility of the region

Gc panel renewals 2016 450

Renewals: tight margins help widen the tier-gap

With low rates and an abundance of capacity, reinsurers knew they would inevitably feel the squeeze - but how did the industry respond?

Andrew young 450

The Ghanaian Insurance Industry: Learning from the region’s big brother

Crasner Capital vice president Andrew Young outlines the importance of the insurance industry in Ghana and the lessons Nigeria has to offer

Peter hancock 450

AIG break-up: the saga so far

Financial results, senior redundancies and a militant billionaire investor

Richard clark 450

The year ahead: a look at the trends that will shape 2016

Predictions for the insurance industry from Xuber’s head of business development

Kurt karl 450

Q&A: Swiss Re chief economist's 2016 predictions

Kurt Karl on disruption, growth and market cycles

Cognitive, computer, brain, cyber

Cognitive computing and (re)insurance - the future?

Swiss Re, Geico and USAA investigate new technology

Atlas - Iran

​ What does 2016 hold for US and EU (re)insurers writing business in Iran?

A closer look at the differing approaches to the lifting of Iran’s sanctions by the EU and US


BSX chief Wojciechowski on the future of ILS

Global Reinsurance interviews stock exchange chief

Ash Bathia

The next steps for Probitas

Chief executive Ash Bathia on emerging markets and relationships

Acquisition 450

The top ten insurance M&A deals of 2015

Global Reinsurance runs the numbers in the year of the megamerger

46409 chile earthquake450

What has the industry learnt from Chilean earthquakes?

Insurers adapt to fourteen quakes in five years

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

Willis and Towers Watson rebuff calls to vote down merger

Two proxy firms say proposed terms not enough

David Matcham

London Islamic finance market maturing: IUA chief executive

London market broadens expertise in global relevance battle

Lloyd's building

LMG launches TOM consultation

Call for responses follows 13,000-hour fact-finding mission

Carl icahn

AIG job cuts fail to quell growing calls to split firm

Loss-making insurer faces battle to convince Wall Street as billionaire investor plots AIG slice up


How regulation is opening up Brazil's reinsurance market

Government and regulatory changes transforming the country

London skyline

Big claims nearly halve Zurich UK nine-month profit

Insurer to look at cost base, says chief executive

Peter Hancock carousel

AIG chief: Icahn's breakup plan makes no sense

Hancock hits back at billionaire investor’s original attack

Lloyd's building

New Zealand PM thanks Lloyd’s for Christchurch support

Premier addresses market on the role of (re)insurance

Makkasan interchange

Insuring emerging megacities - the risks and rewards

As urbanisation increases in emerging markets, how will this affect (re)jnsurers?


SIRC 2015: Emerging Asia reinsurance growth is world's fastest, says Arnoldussen

The Munich Re board member says emerging Asia is fastest growing market

Grahame chilton

Arthur J. Gallagher rebrands delegated authority arm

Capsicum Delegated Authority is born

Gr SIRC 2015 special

Singapore International Reinsurance Conference 2015

Read features on infrastructure in Asia, Japanese M&A, the rise of captives, and consolidation in the region in our SIRC special

London skyline

London market writes £48.2bn in 2014: IUA and Lloyd's

But overseas territories threaten London’s position


The veil of silence in the London aviation market

Why the market needs a frank debate about broking practices

Carl icahn

Billionaire investor slams AIG chief executive

Carl Icahn calls for insurer to be broken up

John Tan

Asia Capital Re head John Tan steps down

Hans-Peter Gerhardt to take over


Survey: How do you feel about insurance Emiratisation rules?

Take part in our anonymous sentiment survey

Japan Flag

Ace expands political risk & credit arm to Japan

Insurer hires Hiroya Takagi to head unit

I stock broken heart

What next for RSA after being jilted by Zurich?

RSA faces uncertainty after being left high and dry when Zurich dropped its takeover bid. But questions have also been raised over Zurich’s internal issues cited as behind the change of heart

Gr fides special

GR FIDES Special 2015

The GR FIDES Special includes analysis on D&O in Brazil; industry insight into recruitment and retention in Latin America; and a focus on Venezuela

Suki Basi

New risks on Asia’s road to development

Russell Group managing director Suki Basi gives take on the impact of the Asia infrastructure boom

Page 3

Do new regulations spell trouble for UK D&O insurers?

Class actions and whistleblowing demand attention

Cyber risk

The impact of EU rulings on the cyber landscape

European judges handed down two landmark rulings last week, changing not only where and how EU citizens’ personal information is handled but also perhaps the internet forever.

tax calculator

Can the UK really become an ILS hub?

UK government must impress with tax changes, says lawyer

Vincent Prabis

ILS: Batten down the hatches

As an asset class that depends on the weather rather than the financial markets, ILS could provide an effective shelter from today’s market uncertainties


Swiss Re: Nations must tackle $1.3tn disaster protection gap

Insurance and related solutions can help, says reinsurer

Big data image

Capita and Apollo in bidding war for Xchanging

Rival bids drive up Xchanging share price


The challenges of sourcing cyber cover

JLT and Marsh on handling emerging technology risk

mea awards

WINNERS: MEA Risk & Insurance Excellence Awards 2015

Companies and individuals rewarded at inaugural ceremony

down arrow

MEA pricing pressure unsustainable: PartnerRe's Orlando

Orlando airs views at MEA Risk & Insurance Forum

Middle East

The future of regulatory change in the MEA region

MEA Risk and Insurance Forum in Dubai discusses hot topics


MEA reinsurance must evolve: PartnerRe president

Clarke speaks at MEA Risk and Insurance Forum in Dubai

n africa 2015

Special Report: North Africa Risk & Insurance Guide 2015

GR & StrategicRISK, in association with ACE, review the latest developments in (re)insurance and risk management across North Africa

Volkwagen badge

How the Volkswagen emissions scandal will affect insurers

D&O and product recall in the spotlight

Rachel Carter

Terrorism today and the need for a modern global response

Pool Re’s head of research and external affairs explores international collaboration as a solution to the increasingly global threat of terrorism

Julian James

'Insurance is too insular': Allied World president Julian James

Should the industry do more to solve clients’ needs?

Ben mc kenna2

Dissecting the main changes of the UK Insurance Act

FM Global operations claims manager sifts through incoming law

sian fisher

Monte Carlo 2015: Asta Underwriting appoints Sian Fisher

Asta executives on big changes at the firm

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

Regulations alone won’t ignite insurance CoCo market

The volume of contingent capital securities (also known as CoCos) issued by insurers globally is set to increase


Monte Carlo 2015: Sompo Canopius Re chairman unveils plans

Mike Duffy on consolidation, scale and the future


Special report: Solvency 2 - The last leg

As January 1 2016 creeps closer, now is the time to ensure you are prepared

Data, software

Monte Carlo 2015: Pro Global relaunches MGA platform

Chief executive likens overcapacity to meteor that killed the dinosaurs

Alex moczarski

Monte Carlo 2015: Guy Carpenter chief Alex Moczarski

Moczarski says firms need new approaches to tackle the new risk landscape

John Nelson carousel

Monte Carlo 2015: M&A megadeals ‘good for Lloyd’s’ says chairman

John Nelson on mergers and global insurance hubs


Monte Carlo 2015: AIR answers industry calls with cyber model

Cyber risk model to fill gap in the market

Multaqa Qatar map

Monte Carlo 2015: Reinsurance capacity to grow in MENA, says QFC

But rate pressure and personal lines concerns act as anchors

internet of things

How financial technology will disrupt the insurance market

Start-ups moving away from traditional business models


How regulation and Brexit threaten UK insurer competitiveness

Increased regulation rarely goes down well with the business community, but a chorus of voices from the London market recently has demonstrated just how strongly insurers are opposed to the rising cost of regulation, writes Mayer Brown partner Colin Scagell.


Insuring drones: the obstacles to wider uptake

Hogan Lovells lawyer on challenges of the new technology


Ashley Madison hack sparks rise in cyber insurance interest

Brokers note more cyber interest after high-profile data breach

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Preview: M&A mania to continue

Latest article on Monte hot topics covers the future of the M&A trend

USA flag

The US cities most at risk from storm surges

Karen Clark report shows huge underinsurance issue

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

Five things we learned from UK insurers’ H1 results

Motor claims, fewer weather losses and commercial competition all played a role in shaping the latest reporting period


The legal risks for drone insurance

Tighter policy wordings will be needed amid new regulations and increasing drone use

John Butler

Monte Preview: Perspectives on insurance investment

While a solution to Greece’s sovereign debt travails has dominated financial media, specialist insurance investment manager Twelve Capital believes this is largely a non-relevant solvency issue for European insurers and their investors. Twelve Capital managing partner and head of sourcing John Butler explains

Big data image

Monte Preview: Time to stop talking about big data and start harnessing it

Read the first in our series of preview articles on Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous hot topics

COK, Aspen

Interview: Aspen chief executive Chris O'Kane

Aspen boss on the future and Tolstoy’s relevance to (re)insurance M&A

Insurer Solvency II Europe

How product innovation helps insurers win Solvency II battle

Debt restructuring and reporting software making inroads

Martin mankabady, Clyde & Co

London – a global takaful centre?

Takaful is a market that for some time has been recognised as a sleeping giant. In London it is in the process of waking up, writes Martin Mankabady, corporate insurance partner at Clyde & Co

Money, bank, calculator

(Re)insurance broker H1 results round-up

GR digests the key points of brokers’ financials

Sherif Samy

Interview: Egypt financial regulator chairman Sherif Samy

The head of Egypt’s financial watchdog talks about Egypt’s economic indicators, why sound regulation is the key to attracting investment, and the authority’s plans for the insurance industry


PartnerRe/Axis merger delayed as Exor claims headway

Shareholder vote put back by one week

Money, bank, calculator

Higher reinsurance demands offsets rate slump at renewals: Guy Carp

Overall pricing down on all geographies and lines


US power hack cost could top $1tn: Lloyd’s

Insurance claims could hit $71bn

up arrow

​Exor improves PartnerRe bid to woo shareholders

Italian firm tries to gazump Axis merger deal

Risk of conflict in Iran poses major global threat

Western firms gunning for Iranian business when sanctions fall

Insurers set to benefit but need to be vigilant

down arrow

AM Best questions Ace/Chubb 'significant execution risk'

Ace and Chubb arms put on negative review - but future looks bright


Flood Re to buy £2.1bn of reinsurance

Pool to spend £100m a year

Latin america

Why LatAm M&A deals will keep rising

M&A deals are picking up after two years in the doldrums


Ace buys Chubb for $28.3bn

New firm to take Chubb name

Japan Flag

Will Japanese insurers' overseas M&A interest continue?

Judging whether Japanese life and non-life insurers are still hungry


Axis chief Benchimol says PartnerRe merger ‘in excellent shape’

PartnerRe chairman says Exor bid “undervalues” the firm

Steve Hearn Willis

Willis deputy chief executive Steve Hearn quits for Cooper Gay

Hearn to replace Toby Esser as chief executive

merger cropped

Marketform launches M&A insurance team

Astrid O’Reilly joins as first underwriter

View from the board

Darag makes clutch of management appointments

Minshall, Braasch and Wilson to join on 1 July


Iran: the opportunities and risks of the largest untapped frontier market

Atradius report on the future of insurance business in the country

Fight, boxing, box, gloves, boxer

Exor claims 'positive response' from PartnerRe shareholders

PartnerRe shareholders to vote on merger deal soon

Appoint, appointment, join, hire, new, hand, handshake, shake, world

Willis hires Miller’s Weaver as Singapore chief executive

Simon Weaver replaces Matthew Hooker on 1 September

Joe Fitzgerald and John Casey - senior claims underwriters, Hiscox Re

As hurricane season nears, has London learnt from Sandy?

Hiscox Re claims underwriters on the pitfalls facing the industry

Lloyd's building

Revealed: London’s best underwriters

Watkins’ Hoare and Ascot’s Pepper top lists made by Gracechurch

Appoint, appointment, hand, handshake, shake, new, join

JLT Re promotes Brokenshire to global COO

Brokenshire moves up from Asia-Pac COO role


The pitfalls of structuring cross-border M&A deals

What the wave of consolidation needs to account for


What are the business risks of investing in Russia?

Though sanctions exist, Russia’s future bounty should not be ignored

James few

Amlin hires Aspen Re chief James Few

Few to join as global reinsurance managing director


Cooper Gay chief executive Toby Esser quits

Martin Sullivan fills in as firm hunts for replacement

Malcolm haylock

An in-depth exploration of the US 'hurricane drought'

Malcolm Haylock – head of research and development, Aspen Re – analyses the occurrence of hurricanes through application of statistical models. The lack of a major hurricane making US landfall in the last nine years does not change the probability of such an event in 2015 but one can comment ...


Pool Re expands to cover public spaces from terrorism

Firms can get cheaper premiums by signing up to government scheme

Weather, storm, rain, flood

JBA launches new cat modelling platform

JCalf 15 aims to be flexible and transparent

Wheatley FCA

FCA steps up regulation with two director hires

Steward and Frohn to join in autumn

Michael rea

Ex-Towergate operations chief Michael Rea joins Arthur J Gallagher

Rea to help Graeme Chilton on acquisitions trail


May's Texas and Oklahoma thunderstorms losses pass $1bn mark

Claims for last month’s thunderstorms and flooding in Texas and Oklahoma are expected to exceed $1bn, according to Aon Benfield.

Hands giving motor car keys

Mapfre buys Direct Line's international arm for $620m

German and Italian motor intermediaries change hands

Bronek Masojada, Hiscox

Pool Re hires Hiscox's Masojada as non-exec director

Hiscox chief executive to bolster Pool Re board

Brad kading final

Q&A: ABIR president Brad Kading on the reinsurer of 2020

Kading on the future, great challenges and transformation

Steve hearn, Willis, LMG

LMG chairman hails outside investment in Slipcase

Slipcase bags £1m from UK software house

Mike McGavick, XL

XL Catlin to save $250m in synergy drive

Firm to make savings in streamlining processes and systems


Marsh buys UK broker SMEi

Deal to complete this year


Q&A: Lloyd’s Dubai and Beijing heads on the market's global plans

Mark Cooper and Songlin Chen on ambitions, local knowledge and surprises


What will jumpstart the cyber insurance market?

Less than 10% of firms buy cyber

Appoint, appointment, hand, handshake, shake, new, join

AIG hires Sutherland as UK casualty head

Sutherland tasked with growing UK casualty book

Risk management

The biggest threats to insurers’ reputations

Senior insurance executives air views on the best way to protect corporate reputations


Swiss Re predicts greatest emerging (re)insurance threats

The SONAR update outlines the next high-impact risks

Google magnifying glass.jpg

Why a Google court case could boost cyber insurance uptake

But the court ruling is also a warning to liability underwriters


Who will lead the new UK broker M&A era?

With Gallagher and Towergate inactive, smaller players are set to move into the mid-market

Nepal earthquake clean up sized

Could the earthquakes in Nepal hinder or help penetration of the region?

These recent events may make this country less appealing to local reinsurers than meets the eye


Interview: IGI chief executives Jabsheh and Loucaides

In an era when ’big is beautiful’ in reinsurance terms, one of MENA’s home-grown (re)insurers is opting for a more considered approach as it quietly solidifies its empire

Appoint, appointment, hand, handshake, shake, new, join

Marsh promotes Porter-Wright to UK specie head

Broker finds successor to fill Philip Turner’s shoes


Does the world need specialty insurance hubs?

Bosses of GIC Re, Willis Re and Qatar Re air their views

Storm damage

How cat bonds are spreading to developing markets

Markets finding the balance between available capital and demand


The major changes of the UK Insurance Act

Compliance lawyer digests the incoming legislation

Houses of Parliament

Has UK insurance become a political football?

Issue has rocketed up the agenda of politicians


How Petrobras corruption has fuelled a D&O spike in Brazil

Demand set to increase, yet loss ratios due to rise

mea awards

MEA Risk & Insurance Excellence Awards 2015 shortlists published

Excellence to be rewarded in Dubai on September 27

Saudi Arabia flag

Price rises drive continued growth in Saudi insurance

Assessing the risks and opportunities in the Saudi Arabian insurance market


Reputational damage top risk for firms in 2015 – Aon

Cyber risk enters broker’s top 10 global risks for first time

Aviation and areospace - 2

How will the Germanwings crash affect the 2015 aviation insurance market?

GR talks to avitaion experts to discover how the latest disaster will affect the market

Karel van Hulle, European Commission

Q&A: Solvency II creator Karel Van Hulle on the future of the regulation

Why the start date of Solvency II is just “the end of the beginning”

Royston ford

How the UK Insurance Act will affect insurance claims

Cunningham Lindsey’s Royston Ford on some key changes


The next steps for the DIFC Insurance Association

Dr. Bassel Hindawi lifts lid on the organisation at GR Dubai market gathering

James Vickers, Chairman, Willis Re

The big threats to the MENA market: Willis Re International chairman

James Vickers speaks at fourth GR Executive Briefing in Dubai

Lloyd's building

Proof Lloyd’s bosses earn more than UKGI rivals

Stephen Catlin highest-paid director

engaged investor cover story questions

The Axis/PartnerRe/Exor merger saga: the story so far

As the planned deal takes a fresh twist, we sum up the main points

Iran flag on hand

Are Iran sanctions talks good news for insurers and reinsurers?

What do the sanction talks mean for the industry, and is Russia next?

Internet of things

How the Internet of Things will disrupt insurance

In a world where everything is connected, insurers should be prepared

2014 cor

Who was the best performing Lloyd's insurer in 2014?

Most firms reported lower underwriting profits after a tougher year, but who came out on top?


European (re)insurers need to plan for a possible UK exit

Rating changes and increased competition the worst-case scenarios

Cyber risk

The UK’s ambitions to keep dominating the cyber insurance market

Marsh, UK government and Lloyd’s on the warpath over cyber cover

Tax and calculator

Why UK motor insurers are still addicted to reserve releases

Motor insurers also relying on ancillary income to boost performance


The places least exposed to nat cats, and why

FM Global list shows intriguing results

John Charman

Endurance to buy Montpelier Re for $1.83bn

New board to include three Montpelier directors

Big data image

What insurers need to know about changing Asia-Pac data laws

Insurers adopting cloud computing face a data sovereignty minefield

Hands giving motor car keys

Asia telematics market set for massive growth

Market could lead the world within four years

UK Map

Do the UK’s ILS plans challenge Bermuda?

UK government to kickstart new reinsurance programme

Big data image

Analysing the next generation of catastrophe models

How the software is evolving and where it will go next

St George's Bermuda

The next steps for Bermudian (re)insurance M&A

Will island’s (re)insurers decide bigger is better?

Cloud report

Special report: Insurance and cloud computing

How cloud computing will affect the future (re)insurance sector

finance accounts investment numbers results

Five things we learnt about UK insurers' 2014 results

The trends shown by the biggest UK general insurance firms

network partner communication

What is the best way to keep talented staff in Latin America?

Six regional (re)insurance executives give answers

Grahame Chilton

Q&A: Arthur J Gallagher boss Grahame Chilton

Former Benfield boss gives interview on first day in job

James Portelli

Multaqa 2015 essay competition winner revealed

Winning entry fought off stiff competition to take home the title

Dubai party

Market reacts to Lloyd's official Dubai branch opening

Positive responses from (re)insurance executives

Lloyds Dubai

Lloyd's opens Dubai office

Inga Beale: Lloyd’s is “very privileged” to have new DIFC and Middle East platform

inga beale - insurance times

Multaqa 2015: Lloyd’s chief executive targets MENA insurance growth

Chief executive Inga Beale on plans to build insurance business in the GCC


Multaqa 2015: Qatar insurance sector set for growth: QCB governor

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Saoud Al Thani on opportunities for the market

Greenpeace paraglider lands in French nuclear plant highlighting safety risk

Multaqa 2015: FAIR Oil & Energy to write MENA nuclear energy insurance

Facility to cover emerging nuclear energy risks in region

Cloud computing

The changing face of cloud computing and (re)insurance

(Re)insurers now using the cloud for more than non-core functions

Mike McGavick, XL

XL chief executive Mike McGavick's five main insurance trends

Globalisation and regulation on the list as spurs to innovation

Data, software

Should tech-savvy talent be a priority for the insurance industry?

Market evolution will drive the future of (re)insurance staffing


Why Hiscox is hunting for niche acquisitions after R&Q deal

Hiscox chief underwriting officer Richard Watson interviewed

Stephen Postlewhite

Interview: Aspen Re chief executive Stephen Postlewhite

Postlewhite gives first interview in new role

iStock 000003703133Small

Can the IAIS meet its international capital standards deadline?

Ambitious targets could cause unintended consequences


Which (re)insurance personnel does LatAm lack most?

Specialist lines and reinsurance in the spotlight

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training house jigsaw

The future of the (re)insurance M&A boom

What is driving the trend and what does that reveal about the market?


Regulatory challenges for (re)insurers in 2015

Solvency II, protectionism and collateral requirements on the table

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

How challenging is talent retention in Latin America?

Reinsurance heads from Munich Re, Swiss Re, Patria Re and more air views


Why alternative capital is proving that, for reinsurers, size does not matter

COMMENT: The (re)insurance industry is changing and recent consolidations are signalling a momentous shift for customers too

Desert Middle East

The increasing cost of nat cats in Saudi Arabia

Growing awareness of disasters in traditionally safe country

up arrow

The longevity swap explosion - and the opportunities for reinsurers

Examining the rise of working with pension schemes

The Shard, London Bridge, visualisation

The next steps for London market modernisation

What does the market need to do to stay relevant - and when?

Bernd Kohn

Q&A: Munich Re Middle East and Africa chief Bernd Kohn

Reinsurer’s regional chief on his plans for Munich Re and the current market challenges

Insurer Solvency II Europe

Solvency II – the beginning of regulatory harmony?

What are the chances of EU regulators playing in tune?

Tom Lawson, FM Global

Interview: FM Global chief executive Thomas Lawson

Lawson on collective thinking and answering clients’ questions before they ask them

Political risk

Global emerging risks in 2015

The challenges (re)insurers should be aware of

Money, bank, calculator

This week's results roundup: Munich Re, XL, PartnerRe, Beazley

Your at-a-glance digest of the latest crop of results

USA flag

The future of TRIA

Goldberg Segalla lawyers explain the main changes

Saudi Arabia flag

Is consolidation inevitable in Saudi Arabia?

Pressures and costs affecting country’s (re)insurance market


Rates and the troubled aviation market

What will it take to raise premiums in the notoriously soft market?

boss regulator sanction fear

Staying ahead of the PRA's new rules for insurance executives

Prudential Regulation Authority moots new bank-style regime


UK corporates rate insurers and brokers

Survey finds brokers and insurers are failing to keep pace with changing corporate expectations


(Re)insurance heavyweights turn to microinsurance

Scheme targets Asia, Latin America and Africa

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Axis and PartnerRe merger to create fifth-largest reinsurer

Invested assets and cash worth more than $33bn

Dominic Wheatley

The (re)insurance future for Guernsey

Guernsey Finance chief executive Dominic Wheatley on captives and ILS

Graham Clarke

Willis completes Miller deal

New wholesale specialty broker formed


The 2015 risks for European insurers and global reinsurers: Fitch

Low interest rates top list for European insurers

Mexico drug war

International conflict tops global threat list in 2015

World Economic Forum ranks all global risks in new report


KPMG on why India’s FDI limit hike spells insurance growth

Firm calls for quick action by foreign insurers

Google driverless cars

How will reinsurers deal with the UK’s driverless cars?

Reinsurers mull exclusions over controversial new technology

Michaela Koller, director general of Insurance Europe

European insurers paid out €952bn in claims in 2013

Insurance Europe finds insurers paid out €2.6bn per day

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Nat cat losses hit five-year low: Aon Benfield

Frequency and economic losses both dipped in 2014


Renewals: are reinsurers running scared of UK motor?

Is coverage availability going to dry up?

Nick Frankland, Guy Carpenter

‘Reinsurance needs a reset’: Guy Carpenter EMEA chief

Alternative capital pressure key feature of 1/1 renewals

Houses of Parliament

How the Insurance Act will change all UK (re)insurance policies

Clyde & Co reviews the Act, which is currently going through parliament, and explains how it will change the (re)insurance landscape

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How falling oil prices will affect insurers

The A.M. Best perspective on the pricing trend

July 7 bus bombing, London

The new-look Pool Re: what you need to know

Changes to Pool Re come as government/reinsurer co-operation heightens


The USA insurance market digest for 2014

Flood reforms, cyber awareness, catastrophe claims and the expiry of TRIA have dominated debate

Middle East

Summing up the MENA insurance market's 2014

Despite (re)insurance boom, low penetration and cultural issues still equal business challenges


Reviewing the 2014 London insurance market

Cyber, ILS and a female boss at Lloyd’s all promise a welcome new era for the hub

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

The highs and lows of the 2014 Latin American market

Energy and construction opportunities are giving sustenance to this often drought-hit region

Paul Hennessey

Q&A: Navigators' president Paul Hennessy

From his first job in freezing Canada, Hennessy looks back at his career


Market report: European insurance in 2014

Despite concerns about gaps in cover for more frequent extreme weather, reinsurers are optimistic in the run-up to the Solvency II regime


Bermuda: the year in review

As the leading market for alternative capital, Bermuda has also paid for its success with plummeting rates in the US


How the Asia-Pacific insurance market performed in 2014

Regulation, mergers and wind storms have assured plenty of activity in this crowded marketplace


Are Gibraltarian insurers over-reliant on ancillary income?

Study shows that some insurers see big swings in COR if non-risk income is removed

Hands giving motor car keys

Automated vehicles: good or bad for insurers?

How more computers in vehicles will change underwriting as well as challenge perceptions of liability


Investigation: behind the collapse of unrated insurer Millburn

Reinsurer Klapton still owes Millburn money

Carol Ann Burton

Regulatory changes facing EU insurers: the lawyer's view

Holman Fenwick Willan’s Carol-Ann Burton on toughening regulations

USA flag

How FATCA affects cross-border reinsurance deals

Hogan Lovells lawyers dissect tricky issue

Kurt Karl, Swiss Re

Interview: Kurt Karl, Swiss Re

‘The big risk is deflation in the eurozone’ says Swiss Re’s chief economist

Inga Beale, Lloyd's

Inga Beale: Insurers offering too little cover for clients’ non-physical risks

Lloyd’s chief says industry’s 10% share of corporate risks ‘is not good enough’

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How the shadow banking crackdown could hit (re)insurers

Reinvestment and credit insurance in the FSB’s spotlight

engaged investor cover story questions

Munich Re and Swiss Re slam G-SIRs after FSB delay

Systemically important reinsurers react to regulatory uncertainty


FM Global on understanding risk exposures in emerging markets

Data and technology key to managing new risks

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Marsh heralds Philippines W&I breakthrough

Broker hails watershed moment in twitchy Philippines market

Data, software

Reinsurers can’t keep playing the big data waiting game

Reinsurers risk millions by adapting slowly: Xuber

Pen graphic

M&A and consolidation set to increase for managing general agents

Two-fifths of MGAs surveyed are looking to the M&A market for growth over the next three years


Is the London insurance market doomed?

London’s commercial insurance market is still the world’s biggest, but questions remain about its future


What wearable technology means for businesses and insurers

Cyber security specialist on the benefits and risks related to data obtained by personal devices

Middle East

What is holding back MENA (re)insurance growth?

Experts from the region give opinions

Future risk

Regulatory change and cyber risks top threats to financial firms

Survey shows system failure and reputational damage are also concerns

finance accounts investment numbers results

Ten striking things about UK insurers' nine-month results

Bodily injury claims, motor rates and commercial growth on chief executives’ minds


How is the cyber threat to insurers evolving?

Around 315,000 new viruses created a day, says KCS Group


Gibraltarian insurers in Solvency II capital battle

Some companies trading below minimum required solvency margin

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Insurance firms forced into riskier investments: Moody's

Sovereign bonds, real estate and loans on the menu

John Nelson

'India needs more foreign insurers': Lloyd's chairman John Nelson

Insurers can bring much-needed nat cat protection, says Nelson

Mark Mitchell

New Allianz Global Corporate Specialty Asia head outlines insurer's strategy

Mark Mitchell tells GR the list of countries that are of strategic interest


The changing face of insurance technology

GR event debates the present and future of insurance tech


Getting under the skin of the global M&A insurance market

GR brought together 10 London-market executives to discuss penetration, awareness, and competition

Rainer Lehner

Asia Capital Re's Lehner on MENA growth plans

Rainer Lehner on plans for new lines and locations


Regulatory shakeup of the Brazilian D&O market: the legal view

JBO Advocacia lawyers on the effect of the mooted changes


Reinsurers should beware cat model overreliance: Allianz Re

Focus should be on data quality, says Steimen

Mark Cooper, Lloyd's

Lloyd's appoints Dubai country manager

Mark Cooper joins from Dubai International Financial Centre Authority


Trying to navigate emerging insurance risks in the Middle East

Panel at GR event debate the best strategy for charting risks and opportunities in a rapidly-changing market

engaged investor cover story questions

The dos and don'ts of handling corruption investigations

Crisis management experts on how to avoid damage when regulators come knocking


How insurance outsourcing is changing

Outsourcing moving beyond cost-saving and efficiency


How the buying strategies of Asian insurers compare to the rest of the world

GR takes a look at why (re)insurance purchasing strategies in Asia vary from other markets


UAE Insurance Authority gives update on regulatory reform

Maher Afaneh speaks at GR Executive Briefing Live

USA flag

Understanding the reduction in US collateral requirements

In the US there has been a mixed response to new opportunities to lower collateral requirements. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a move?

Multaqa Qatar 2014

Multaqa 2015: Essay competition now open

A chance to be published in GR and to win an iPad


Explained: how to take advantage of China's growing agri-insurance industry

As China expands PPP agri-insurance schemes for small-holding farmers, large agri-businesses will require more vertically integrated (re)insurance products, says Aspen Re

Microinsurance in Asia

What the Allied World/RSA Asia deal means for insurance M&A

An increase in insurance M&A is expected in Asia, as Western providers seek rapid expansion

Moore Stephens

Special report: The future of underwriting

GR, in association with Moore Stephens, looks at how technology is changing the role of the underwriter

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Soft market causing (re)insurers to look inwards: Pro Global

Chief executive Artur Niemczewski explains trends in the consultancy and outsourcing markets

Chris Blackmore, Guy Carp

Interview: Chris Blackmore, head of war and terrorism, Guy Carpenter

Broker tells GR about how the rise of Islamic State will impact terrorism rates and describes the common pitfalls when taking political violence coverage

Axe icon

The top ten threats to insurers’ financial stability

A.M. Best list includes megaquakes, hyperinflation and alternative capital

Michel Lies

(Re)insurance industry not relevant enough: Swiss Re chief executive Michel Liès

Sector should do more for planet’s “sustainable economic and political stability”

Sandy Scott, CII

Sandy Scott: Finding the CII’s next mission

During his time at the helm of the CII, Sandy Scott has campaigned to improve practices within the insurance industry and make it more professional. So, what’s next?

Beijing China

The East Asia (re)insurance market – competition, innovation and growth

Local and global insurers vying for position in emerging market

Marcus Taylor

Interview: IAG senior reinsurance manager Marcus Taylor

Taylor on what drives modern reinsurance buying

Jeremy Pinchin, Hiscox

Interview: Jeremy Pinchin, Hiscox Re

Hiscox Re chief executive on the future of the reinsurer

Middle East

How the Islamic State's rise is hurting financial firms and clients

Spread of IS equals heightened risks for businesses

engaged investor data cabinets

The future of underwriting: moving away from Excel

GR looks at why insurers are hampered by the fact they still rate their business using spreadsheets

Businessman Working With Computer

How technology can help manage the enterprise view of pricing

A look at how improved technology and better availability of data is changing the role of the underwriter

Data, software

Do (re)insurers really want the Cloud?

In a market haunted by costly tech failures, GR asks if cloud computing can work

David Reeves, Barbican

Interview: Barbican chief executive David Reeves

Reeves on meeting Rupert Murdoch, what makes a good boss and lessons learnt

Greater balance needed in European regulationa says Lord Adair Turner

EU firms face tough new non-financial reporting rules

New transparency directive to hit companies with 500+ staff

tax calculator

When do insurers need to charge themselves VAT?

The answer lies in the findings of a recent case at the European Court of Justice

Middle man

Is reputational risk an untouchable intangible?

Many worry, but peace of mind is closer than they think

What is new

KPMG's top five disruptive technologies that will change businesses by 2017

Internet of things, 3D printing and biotech IT top the list

Giles Ward, Ace

Interview: Giles Ward, regional president, Ace

As head of its new Eurasia & Africa division, seasoned traveller Giles Ward is excited about expanding Ace’s global footprint

Cyber War

How insuring cyber risks is like spotting sharks

The evolving nature of cyber crime means insurers must be wary

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Bermuda Stock Exchange eyes ILS listings growth

Monte Carlo 2014: BSX boss on growing market share and accessibility

cyber crime data web online war digital

Insurers struggling to align digital strategies with overall objectives

Monte Carlo 2014: Industry is at a digital inflection point, KPMG study finds

Money handover

Xchanging to invest a further $200m in insurance services

Monte Carlo 2014: Global insurance services head Adrian Guttridge outlines progress on five year growth plan

Business growth

Perils eyes new territories and risks in growth drive

Monte Carlo 2014: Perils product head Eduard Held on the future of the data firm


Capital markets continue to reshape reinsurance – Guy Carpenter

Monte Carlo 2014: $20bn of alternative capital has entered the industry over the past two years

lightning winter storm night

Weather index underwriter launches with support from top reinsurers

Monte Carlo 2014: Excessweather to pay claims based on weather data not loss

Light bulb

‘Reinsurance needs innovation’: Guy Carpenter Europe and MENA chief executive

Monte Carlo 2014: Massimo Reina on fresh ideas, underinsurance and M&A

JLT Logo

JLT Re to drop ‘Towers’ name in rebrand

Monte Carlo 2014: Reinsurance broker announces return to previous brand at Rendez-Vous

Time bomb

Hiscox Re: Poor contract wordings a ‘claims time-bomb’

Monte Carlo 2014: Including previously excluded risks could spark ‘a torrent of future litigation’

Torsten Jeworrek

Munich Re predicts increasing demand for reinsurance

Monte Carlo 2014: Most innovation taking place on cusp of primary insurance and reinsurance, reinsurer says

DSC 0110 Qatar QFC building

MENA Barometer points to opportunities despite ‘fierce’ competition

Monte Carlo 2014: Economic expansion helping counter the effects of ‘unsustainable’ pricing levels, says QFCA’s latest report

scales pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

How do you rate the rating agencies?

Litmus Analysis on agency performance

Business deal work handshake people

What reinsurer chief executives want from brokers

Swiss Re, Munich Re and Hannover Re bosses on relevance

Appoint, join, new, hire, woman, appointment

Three female insurance executives on breaking the glass ceiling

Executives from Willis, LMA and Hempel on prejudice and diversity


How can firms assess the cyber risks they face?

KCS Group chief executive Poole-Robb on the changing face of cyber attacks

down arrow

Catastrophe reinsurance rates to fall 10-15%: Moody's

Rating agency gives global reinsurance outlook

Amer Ahmed, Allianz Re

Behind the global reinsurance buying strategies of Allianz Re

Allianz Re chief executive Amer Ahmed on how his reinsurer does things

Michel Liès, Swiss Re

Interview: Michel Liès, Swiss Re

Liès talks about growth, investment, Monte Carlo and whether he wants Swiss Re to be the world’s biggest reinsurer

Denis Kessler, SCOR

Interview: Denis Kessler, Scor

Sometimes Monte Carlo is wrong, says Kessler - Don’t let sweeping generalisations distract you

Vasilis Katsipis   2

A.M. Best's top challenges for MENA insurance market ratings

Growth volatility and aggressive investment make the list

Torsten Jeworrek

Interview: Torsten Jeworrek, Munich Re

Reinsurance chief tells GR that at the biggest reinsurance group in existence, flexibility is the name of the game

Ulrich Wallin

Interview: Ulrich Wallin, Hannover Re

After years of volatility at Hannover Re, Wallin has mastered a delicate balancing act – combining innovation with a ‘steady as she goes’ approach

Google driverless cars

How driverless cars will change motor insurance

From January, driverless cars will be tested on public roads. What will such vehicles mean to the insurance industry?

Lloyd's building

Who was the best-performing Lloyd's insurer in the first half?

Companies faced headwinds but enjoyed a rise in investment returns

Chris Baker, Xchanging

Why insurers need to set their compass to attract global business

Xchanging’s Chris Baker offers insight on how insurers can unlock the doors to more global business

Hemant Shah, RMS

[Re]flections: Hemant Shah, RMS

RMS chief reviews his career in cat modelling and reveals the last time he said sorry

Scott Carmilani

Explained: Allied World's Hong Kong & Singapore RSA purchase

Scott Carmilani tells GR that $215m RSA purchase will provide Allied World with more underwriting staff who understand APAC

inga beale - insurance times

Lloyd's chief executive Inga Beale on getting ahead

Beale tells GR’s sister StrategicRISK about her rise to lead Lloyd’s

down arrow

Behind AM Best's negative reinsurance outlook

Rating agency MD speaks to GR about the decision

tax calculator

Tax transparency & profit shifting: the (re)insurance perspective

(Re)insurers must manage risk of collateral damage from the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) initiative

Man tied up red tape

Navigating the sanctions minefield

Staying compliant with the constantly evolving sanctions regime in Russia

Alex Moczarski

[Re]flections: Alex Moczarski, Guy Carpenter

Guy Carpenter president and chief executive looks back on his career and shares his expectations for Monte Carlo 2014

Michael Butt, Axis

Why insurance is a key mechanism in disaster recovery

Evidence is mounting of the insurance sector’s value to a world increasingly at the mercy of natural catastrophes, argues Michael Butt


Bribery & corruption in insurance: avoiding the pitfalls

GR outlines the challenges for insurers wanting to grow in regions that are more vulnerable to problems with corruption


The next steps for India's FDI insurance hike

The raising of the foreign direct investment cap in the Indian insurance market has been welcomed but still leaves many questions unanswered


What the future holds for reinsurance arbitration clauses

The time-honoured reliance on arbitration to settle disputes is under threat as reinsurance contracts evolve

Data, software

UAE brokers are tackling competition with technology

In a tough market, software investment pays dividends


How China's Solvency II will reshape its insurance industry

Clyde & Co partner explains the implications of C-ROSS


How bad would a 2014 El Niño be for (re)insurers?

Peak Re’s head of analytics lays out the problem

New ideas

The Swiss Re view on spotting emerging risks

Key is to cut uncertainty and limit volatility, says Sandra Burmeier

Paul Burgess

RMS unveils its Asia strategy

Cat modeller opens arms to regional competitors

COK, Aspen

Chris O'Kane: I see more severe headwinds for reinsurance than insurance...

O’Kane discusses his five year plan, Aspen’s Q2 results, cyber risk, and staying ahead of the competition


Emerging risk: Arctic exploration, drones, bitcoin, and artificial intelligence

GR worked with Hogan Lovells and looked into an insurance crystal ball

Saudi Arabia flag

Predicting the future of the Saudi insurance market

Market participants keen to see the country open up more

Mike McGavick, XL

Mike McGavick: Sorry, there is no such vacancy…

XL Group chief executive on why there is no head of innovation at his company

Scales of justice

What insurers need to know about increased Russian sanctions

HFW’s Daniel Martin tells GR why insurers need to brace themselves

Bill Cotter

Why Allied World is taking it slow in Australia

AWAC’s Bill Cotter is a man on a mission, albeit one that he refuses to rush

Lloyd's building

Do Lloyd's TCF rules harm US coverholders?

Goldberg Segalla on why Lloyd’s is unlikely to face an American revolution

Catherine Thomas, AM Best

The insurance impact of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

Physical damage could be $100m, lengthy settlement expected

Business deal work handshake people

Why helping governments is the next big opportunity for (re)insurers

Amer Ahmed, Denis Kessler, Mike Morrissey and Torsten Jeworrek air views


Could reinsurers face legal rows over UK mesothelioma case?

RPC partner on the possible consequences


Unravelling the risk and insurance implications of the downed Malaysia Airlines MH17

Destruction of MH17 may force company to rebrand, warns one industry insider, while insured losses to cost hundreds of millions

Michaela Koller, director general of Insurance Europe

Insurance Europe on the top (re)insurance regulatory issues

Director general Michaela Koller gives update

Engaged Investor March/April 2011

Good global programmes - the antidote to international risks

FM Global on the benefits of proper execution

Big data image

How firms could do better at information risk management

Mid-market firms are not managing their information risk effectively, stopping growth


Why industrial deafness is not the new whiplash

But why insurers still cannot afford to ignore it


What insurers need to know about tough new UK environmental fines

New sentencing guidelines are a risk and an opportunity

Contract signing paperwork

The reinsurance battle over terms and conditions

CMS lawyers on the tussle over coverage

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training house jigsaw

How the 'sharing economy' will disrupt insurer business models

How consumers access goods and services is changing, and insurers must adapt

USA flag

How a recent US court case could save D&O insurers money

Supreme Court ruling brings good news for insurers


JLT eyes "massive untapped potential" in India with broker buy

Broker buys 26% of India’s Independent Insurance Brokers

legal law pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

Why more and more clients are suing UK brokers

The tougher economy and insurers being more careful about paying claims has left brokers in the firing line


GR interview: Hiscox Re, six months on

Mike Krefta and Ben Love on relevance, innovation and growth

network computer communication global

Why e-trading big premiums is taking off in 2014

Data reveals top the growth areas

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

Research finds environmental systemic risk “a ticking timebomb”

RSA, WWF and PwC set our recommendations for handling growing environmental systemic risk


The big bang: insuring the expanding space industry

Russell Group’s Suki Basi on the challenges and opportunities of the sector

businessman speech bubble opinion

Ace, Lloyd's, Munich Re and Willis leaders interviewed

Speakers air views at IIS’s 50th seminar

down arrow

Behind the Moody's downgrade of the global reinsurance sector

Stabilising reinsurance rates or large catastrophe most likely aids to reinsurers

Political risk

Global risks 'among the most dangerous an organisation can face'

A new report by Airmic and IoD warns that business leaders are not doing enough to address global risks


Predicting the future of insurance regulation

What should insurers be preparing for?


Financial firms and utilities are most exposed to cyber risks

Aon’s cyber diagnostic tool highlights key markets at most risk of cyber attacks

World Cup

How one star's injury changed 2014 World Cup player insurance

London market playing a major role in covering the insurance needs of clubs and companies at the World Cup 2014

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

How the ISDAFix scandal could cost insurers money

Allegations of interest rate swap market manipulation could spark wave of costly D&O claims and litigation

cyber risk

How hacking can save your business

Cyber crime is increasing, but ethical hacking can help

inga beale - insurance times

Inga Beale to deliver Multaqa Qatar 2015 keynote

Lloyd’s chief executive to address the MENA region’s leading insurance event

Greg Case, Aon

Aon president Greg Case on GRIP, sidecars, risk and staying relevant

The industry needs evolution and change, Case argues

Earth from space

Making money in space

Beazley’s head of space underwriting interviewed

Egypt protests

How rising levels of civil unrest are affecting business

The risk of conflict and political violence is increasing in size and severity for multinationals

Korean Re

Q&A: Korean Re chief executive Jong-Gyu Won

GR interviews the Korean Re chief executive on lessons learnt, his dream job and why he has nothing he wants to insure

Lloyd's building

Lloyd’s plans to leave iconic London HQ - reports

Insurance market has occupied Richard Rogers-designed building since 1986


Can technology save the insurance industry?

If used incorrectly, technology can hold firms back or even cause harm. But used correctly and the rewards are great

Geraldine Quirk

Run-off market set to change under tough new rules

New rules proposed by the UK’s Prudential Regulation Authority point towards a more restrictive approach to schemes of arrangement and capital extractions for insurers in run-off, argues Gerry Quirk, Clyde & Co

Big Data

Big data: The big insurance questions

The way we live, work and think is about to be transformed – the industry’s challenge is to be a full part of the big data story

money graph profit going up upwards financial

How multinationals are driving trade credit market growth

Large multinationals are buying more credit insurance as the risks increase, according to Marsh

network computer communication global

Xuber unveils new rating tool

Xuber Rating based on partnership with Moore Stephens’ RuleBook


IIS 2014: How science and technology is changing the insurance industry

GR looks at how smart application of technology will be crucial in driving down costs for the labour-intensive insurance industry

Data, software

Adapt, survive and stay relevant

How insurers can prepare for future generations

Julian James

Profile: Julian James, president, Allied World Europe

Allied World’s Europe chief outlines his growth plans and vents his frustration at the ‘introverted’ London market


Which cities will challenge London's subscription market?

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bermuda are all rising fast

Craig Cannonier

Bermuda premier resigns over scandal

GR looks back at Cannonier’s (re)insurance legacy


The bright future of catastrophe funds: Lloyd's

How catastrophe funds can save money and share risks

Jeff Ward

Why paper is the enemy of contract certainty

Ebix’s Jeff Ward looks at how technology can now be an integral part of contract certainty


What is the future of reinsuring US D&O?

Could falling rates drive reinsurers from the market?


Technology is quietly revolutionising insurance distribution

Agents and brokers must adapt to their customers, says Swiss Re

UK Map

UK brokers have most expensive regulatory regime in the world

Direct regulatory costs are more than five times higher than in France and Germany

Money, bank, calculator

Brokers take action over wholesaler solvency fears

Boss of one of the largest independent wholesalers in the world says retailers are ‘asking more questions’

Martin South, Marsh

Asia-Pacific insurers hungry for W&I business: Marsh's Martin South

Cross-border transactions fuel demand for transactional risk insurance, Marsh reports


How Gibraltar is challenging Caribbean ILS dominance

Gibraltar Finance insurance head lays out battle plans

Arctic ice melt

Insuring the Arctic: handling emerging risks

Infrassure experts on the insurance challenges of Arctic exploration

Amer Ahmed, Allianz Re

Allianz Re chief Amer Ahmed on managing flood risk

With flood losses predicted to increase, how should the (re)insurance industries react?

Nick Garrity, Singapore, CCWG

The struggle for reinsurance contract certainty in Singapore

How one working group is trying to break centuries of tradition

David Watson, XL Re

XL Re explain why greater MENA risk retention is good for business

Europe chief David Watson explains the rationale behind the reinsurer’s new Dubai office

China, Chinese, flag

Could China open up further to overseas insurance investors?

Clyde & Co Shanghai partners give their views


New Lloyd's Hong Kong chief talks insuring autonomous vehicles

EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Bryant explains how insurers can take advantage of these emerging risks

Middle East

Chedid Re wants new PartnerRe MGA to be “market leader” in Middle East

Chief executive Farid Chedid on his aims for the unit

Business growth

How reinsurance sellers must evolve or face extinction

Relevance must be the new mantra, argues Hiscox Re’s Krefta

Andrew Beechey

Asia-Pacific’s growing appetite for global financial risks

Singapore has potential to increase credit and political risk insurance products, says Liberty Underwriters

Mark Weil, Marsh

Interview: Marsh UK & Ireland chief executive Mark Weil

Marsh chief on acquisitions, future plans, contingent commissions and the London market


GR interviews: the men in charge of Lockton Re

George Carrington and Mike Hammond on strategy and the future of the firm

cyber risk

Is cyber risk a myth or reality in Asia?

This was the question posed by JLT at high-level forums held in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand

World Cup

Insuring the 2014 World Cup: the Munich Re view

Underwriting manager Andrew Duxbury on cancellation insurance implications

gerardo garcia

Q&A: Gerardo Garcia, Barents Re

CUO talks business expansion and why a new Cold War is an opportunity for the Panamanian reinsurer

Eberhard Mueller

GR interviews: the man who invented cat bonds

Hannover Re’s Eberhard Mueller on the past and future of his invention


Why W&I insurance uptake is increasing

CMS Cameron McKenna on what’s driving the uptake of M&A insurance

Lloyd's building

Aspen accuses Endurance of having 'disdain' for Lloyd's and rejects $3.2bn takeover bid

Reinsurer launches unsolicited bid to buy rival for $47.50 a share

Money, bank, calculator

How capacity is heading to the specialty markets

Willis’s Alistair Rivers on the shift in investment

Greg Case, Aon

Aon's Case on why the Berkshire sidecar deal is 'good for Lloyd's'

Chief executive says sidecar good for all involved

Euro, money, burning, france, germany, europe, crash, bankrupt

How firms are hit by European nationalism and political instability

Nationalism is now increasingly dominating the political landscape in Europe


Could foreign insurers flock to China under new M&A regime?

As China’s regulators relax M&A rules, could this open the previously restricted $288bn market?

multaqa ceo panel

Discover what MENA chiefs think about regional rates, regulation and talent

VIDEO: Watch coverage of the Multaqa 2014 chief executive debate


How natural disasters and extreme weather events are worsening

Increasingly volatile weather is becoming a global trend and businesses need to be prepared for extreme and unprecedented disruptions

St George's Bermuda

Bermuda’s opposition responds to premier's plans for the future of reinsurance

Progressive Labour Party finance minister says Bermuda always “open for business” to (re)insurers

Brett Field

New head of BMS Group in Australia eyes Asia expansion

‘Sydney is the hub and we’re keen to grow further through Asia’, Brett Field tells GR


How the Asia-Pacific region bucks the global insurance M&A trend

While M&A in the global insurance industry has dipped, deal-making in Asia-Pacific is on the rise

down arrow

Asia reinsurance rates still falling at 1 April: Allianz Re

Karl-Heinz Jung tells GR that improved terms or rate drops still rife


The latest trends in catastrophe modelling

Aon Benfield, Lloyd’s and Intersys give updates on developments

Lloyd's building

How technology and Ruschlikon can save brokers time and money

JLT and EbixExchange on advantages for the (re)insurance sector

Kent Chaplin

What the future holds for Lloyd's Asia

Talking to GR following the announcement that the specialist insurance and reinsurance market turned a profit of more than $5bn in 2013, head of Asia Pacific at Lloyd’s Asia Kent Chaplin was in a reflective mood.


Why cyber attacks against firms and governments are increasing

Black markets for cyber criminals are fostering attacks

craig cannonier

VIDEO: Bermuda premier's message to reinsurers

Craig Cannonier explains why the status quo is the island’s enemy

Embry Nichols

JLT Towers Re targets big data in public entity practice

JLT Towers Re’s new vice-president of public entity practice says the sector must make more of big data analytics


Q&A: Bermuda's premier and finance minister debate the island's reinsurance future

Craig Cannonier and Bob Richards speak frankly about their plans for the island, crime rates, and nurturing local talent

Craig Cannonier

Surfing with the big boys: Bermudian premier eyes ILS dominance

Craig Cannonier tells GR why the island’s ILS business is exploding


Swiss Re: Global catastrophe claims almost halved in 2013

Europe suffered the year’s two most expensive disasters

Cyber War

Cyber theft - a national emergency?

Computer hacking is a multi-trillion dollar global business run by organised criminals to fund terrorist activities, warns security intelligence expert Stuart Poole-Robb


How can (re)insurance better sell itself to recruits?

CMS Cameron McKenna’s Ed Foss tackles the issue

down arrow

Allied World on tackling the low interest rate environment

John Gauthier on adopting new approaches to investment management

Manan Sagar

Are Asia’s brokers and insurers creating truly innovative solutions?

Or are old techniques simply tapping into high levels of underinsurance in emerging economies, asks the head of Lockton Singapore

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

How forex rigging scandal will cause a wave of D&O insurance claims

GR investigates why the full cost will top Libor scandal


What the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 case reveals about poor crisis management

Aviation risk expert predicts heavy reputational damage

Data, software

JLT Towers Re on how public bodies can better use big data

‘Risk managers haven’t had a handle on the data’

Gunther Saacke

MENA (re)insurers know how to solve region's problems: Gunther Saacke

Q-Re chief executive on retention, capitalisation and underwriting discipline

Contract signing paperwork

Is it time to include mandatory arbitration clauses in all reinsurance policies?

Mandatory clauses could avoid unnecessary future disputes, argues Carlton Fields Jorden Burt

Business deal work group people

How to avoid a culture clash after M&As

Why the unpredictable ‘human factor’ can affect big deals

Lloyd's 2013 COR

Who was the best-performing Lloyd's insurer of 2013?

The results of Hiscox, Beazley, Amlin, Novae, Catlin, and Brit analysed

Multaqa Qatar map

Multaqa 2014: Essay competition winner revealed

Winning entry fought off stiff competition to take the inaugural insurance title

Captain Jarek Klimczak

Asia named as hotspot for shipping insurance losses and piracy

Indonesia suffers 40% of world’s piracy attacks and more than a third of shipping losses occur in Asian waters

Cyber War

Have we got cyber risks covered?

Beazley Group specialty lines underwriter Jimaan Sane sorts fact from fiction

Fred Kleiterp

Swiss Re on their plans for the Asia-Pacific region

The region’s markets are ‘truly strategic’, says Swiss Re’s Kleiterp

up arrow

Why the cost of Solvency II could still increase for insurers

European Parliament adopts key package of changes, completing the new capital regime

Doha - Multaqa 2014

Multaqa 2014: risk management can tackle low MENA insurance retention

Delegates hear how understanding risk and including young people in the process is the way forward for business

survey tick mark

Multaqa 2014: MENA insurance market optimistic about the future

QFC’s market survey reveals perceived opportunities and challenges

Multaqa Qatar map investment dollar

Multaqa 2014: CEO panel debates pricing, innovation and regulatory change

Annual conference highlight generates intriguing discussion on range of crucial insurance industry issues


The risks of insuring the Bitcoin revolution

While the popularity of secretive virtual currency Bitcoin continues to soar, questions remain over its market volatility, and the risks associated with its use

David Howden

Interview: Hyperion chief executive David Howden

Howden believes in rapid growth, and is confident he can achieve it

Graeme Trudgill

The 2014 regulatory challenges for EU brokers: Biba

Trade body lists upcoming issues and Biba’s involvement

Reto Brosi

Asia Capital Re head Reto Brosi on tackling Asia underinsurance

As Asia’s GDP rises, how can insurance penetration be increased?

PPI complaints surge

Rising instability in Myanmar, Thailand and Philippines

Rise in piracy in APAC maritime criminality zone also flagged by GEOS


Quenching the inferno: how can insurers best handle wildfires?

As wildfire frequency increases, we examine the state of the problem


European title insurance: the next big opportunity?

Could the $11bn US market spill over into Europe?

Andrew Kendrick

Ace's Kendrick urges multinationals to open up to insurers

The increasing desire to move across borders means firms must have closer relationships with insurers

Database computer network

To outsource or not? The claims handling debate rages on

Insurers and third-party suppliers discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing the claims handling function


M&A limits soar amid increased foreign investment

Investors are cautiously pursuing opportunities in foreign jurisdictions and pushing insurance limits higher than ever before, says Marsh


Why Brazil is optimistic about Solvency II equivalence

Brazil’s regulator says its insurance supervisory rules may be ahead of Solvency II requirements in many of its important provisions

Data, software

Can reinsurers ignore big data?

PwC’s Bryan Joseph on how big data will reshape the industry

Greater balance needed in European regulationa says Lord Adair Turner

Why EU brokers have escaped mandatory commission disclosure

Controversial rules relaxed in current version of IMD II

Crowded street

MINT nations: the insurance opportunities and risks

GR investigates why Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey have been earmarked as the next bloc of insurance markets to watch out for

Amer Ahmed, Allianz Re

Amer Ahmed on the importance of data consistency in cat modelling

Allianz Re chief also examines hot spot accumulation monitoring for risk management

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill

The role of politics in inflating the cost of insurance claims

When claims become politicised the costs can snowball. So how do insurers prepare and price for such an eventuality?

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

How credit growth is boosting insurance sales in Latin America

What are the opportunities for insurance companies?

Costa Concordia

The cost of Costa Concordia: two years on

Allianz marine experts on why the salvage job was so costly and long

stock market pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

Trends and traits for Bermudian alternative reinsurance in 2014

With no let-up in the capital market’s enthusiasm for the sector, Bermuda’s traditional players are doing what they do best: adapting


Bermudian reinsurance and the OBA: turning a corner?

After a shaky period, the island’s reinsurance sector is optimistic

Benjamin Howell

Why Asia's insurance markets should not be seen as 'one homogenous blob'

International insurers need a better understanding of the region’s complexities to fully capture its growth opportunities, says Allied World’s regional head of professional lines.

GR Executive Briefing LIVE Dubai

GR Executive Briefing Dubai: Creating a better insurance marketplace

Event brought together 150 senior executives to debate MENA insurance and Lloyd’s expansion plans


What the future holds for cyber insurance

Northdoor’s Tony Russell on the opportunities and challenges for insurers


Is the Middle East's nat cat immunity coming to an end?

MULTAQA 2014: With cyclones and floods on the rise, reinsurers examine the future

Cat modelling conference

Cat risk modelling should not be a ‘career dead end’

Career paths, climate change and coastal erosion feature in Asia panel discussion held as part of RMS exposure and risk-management platform world tour

Stephen Catlin

Q&A: Catlin Group chief executive Stephen Catlin

Catlin founder on 40 years in the industry

Martin South, Marsh

Low Asia rates set to continue: Marsh Asia head Martin South

Natural catastrophes could reverse trend

Crowded street

The changing nature of the (re)insurance consumer explained

Expectations, attitudes and behaviours across the industry are changing at pace

Iain Ainslie, Ace

Cyber risk: education and collaborative working is required

OPINION: Ace’s Iain Ainslie on the growing cyber insurance market

Russel Lok

Why insurers eyeing rapid-growth markets need strong Asia strategies

Asia-Pacific key to global organisations targeting long-term insurance growth, says EY partner

Simon Rice, Lonmar

Interview: Simon Rice, Lonmar

Rice reflects on guiding his firm through a troubled 2011, and looks forward to a year of continuing growth


Using unrated insurers: the pitfalls for UK brokers

Brokers could face legal action if insurer fails


How multicultural workforces can help (re)insurers

As reinsurers look to expand globally, how should their staff mix change?

Thomas Mannsdorfer ANV

The role of M&A insurance explained

ANV’s Thomas Mannsdorfer discusses the latest trends in transactional risk insurance


Lloyd's reveals reasons behind MENA expansion

GR Executive Briefing: Lloyd’s and Catlin on opportunity in Dubai

Risk map

The top ten business risks in Asia: Allianz

Cyber and reputation risks storm into region’s top 10


How the megabrokers are differentiating themselves

Aon Benfield, Guy Carpenter and Willis Re respond to GR poll on how to stand out

Middle East

'MENA terrorism risk escalating': Aon Risk Solutions

The region suffered 52% of all terrorist attacks in 2013


Why UK motor (re)insurance has a profitable future

Sector could see primary rate rises in 2014


How to get more women into insurance: former Willis International chairman

Sarah Turvill talks about how to bring women into senior positions in insurance and Willis’s mentoring programme to help retain them

Lloyd's building

Lloyd's to open Dubai branch

EXCLUSIVE: insurance market expected to be open by Q4


IMD II: what it means for EU brokers

Ahead of the long-awaited publication of the final draft wording, GR’s sister title Insurance Times examines the implications of these latest regulations

akshay randeva

All eyes on Middle East (re)insurance ahead of Multaqa 2014

MULTAQA 2014: Akshay Randeva, director, strategic development, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, looks ahead to the March event

Sid Obied

Aon's Sid Obied talks the future of MENA broking

Head of MENA specialties looks ahead to the next meeting of the GR MENA Broker50

Superstorm Sandy

What the future holds for managing the enterprise view of exposure risk

GR and NIIT Technologies host top-level briefing


How internal fraudsters attack companies

Fraud is rising, with nearly 40% of perpetrators in senior management, says KPMG

Engaged Investor March/April 2011

Cooper Gay eyes global expansion in 2014: Toby Esser

Group chief executive Esser and chief executive Newman lay out plans

Big data image

Product innovation the main concern for GR readers

Regulation and market modernisation the second and third worries

German losses

Why hail and floods helped ramp up Germany's 2013 claims

Climate change a factor behind extreme weather, claims Ergo

Christian Vogel Gulf Re

Gulf Re's new chief debates the future of GCC reinsurance

Christian Vogel talks about World Expo Dubai, trading partnerships, and why the region should no longer be considered a non-cat market

Money, bank, calculator

Convergence in 2014: no easy ride for reinsurers

New capital in the market could bring its own range of dangers

Chris McGloin

Five minutes with Airmic chairman Chris McGloin

McGloin says cyber threats are among the top three risks for 2014

Warren Downey, JLT

JLT Specialty lists the top risks for firms in 2014

JLT’s Downey gives risk outlook and advice


How reinsurers will invest in 2014

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Ayer sums up 2013’s investments and looks ahead

engaged investor data cabinets

Why new EU data proposals could cost your firm money

Lockton’s Nimmo says preparation is key

Rising number of clinical trials present underwriting challenges for insurers

How the Financial Stability Board muscled in on the insurance sector

New regulatory plans aiming to categorise the insurance industry with other financial organisations are stirring up concern

Down arrow loss

Renewal rates abnormally low: Guy Carpenter

Low rates affecting high proportion of regions

Database computer network

The future of insurance technology

Administrative efficiency through the use of modern software is key to growing business and keeping customers happy

claims, legal

Why claims against reinsurers will increase in 2014

A major ruling on cedants’ settlements set a precedent in 2013 for future procedures in reinsurance cases heading to court

Alistair Lester

GR interviews: Willis Netherlands interim chief executive Alistair Lester

Lester identifies the challenges for 2014 and tells us about biggest risk he’s ever taken – taking the stairs from the 100th floor of World Trade Centre Tower Two during 9/11


GR interviews: Peak Re chief executive Franz Hahn

Hahn lays out plans for his business and hopes for the market

Middle East region

MENA executives on the challenge of talent management

MULTAQA 2014: one of the debates in advance

USA flag

The year in review for the US: Terrorism and tax, but fewer tornadoes

US insurers and reinsurers have left behind the recent dismal operating environment, to emerge capital-rich in 2013


Q&A: former Lloyd's chief executive Richard Ward

Richard Ward reminisces about working at his ‘temple’

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

Will (re)insurance still be the investors' choice in 2014?

Secquaero Advisors managing partner Dirk Lohmann airs views

Brian Tobben, Aspen

The Aspen view of third-party capital

Aspen Capital Market’s Brian Tobben takes a fresh look

Paul Traynor, BNY Mellon

(Re)insurance in 2013: The investment perspective

BNY Mellon’s head of insurance Paul Traynor on the main events of the year

Matthew Fairfield, founder and chief executive officer, ANV Holdings BV

ANV boss Fairfield on life after the Jubilee merger

Further acquisition and growth on the cards

Lloyd's building

The future of Lloyd's Vision 2025

GR interviews Lloyd’s international director to get an update

businessman speech bubble opinion

Asia-Pacific executives on opportunity, regulation and the future

Markel, Lockton, JLT, Allianz and AIG bosses speak out

Pulled in all directions

What route will convergence capital take next?

Little is still known as to what the actual structures and forms of convergent capital look like

International sanctions have unintended consequence for businesses

Mid-market firms facing more export risks: ACE

ACE Continental Europe president warns that distributors are facing higher levels of export risks as they expand into emerging markets


Corruption in MENA: local insurance brokers give the antidote

GR looks into bribery and bad business practices across the region


Weak communication causes gaps in the cyber market market: Marsh

‘There is a very strong will to take on cyber risks, but insurers need to build a book of business around that’ – Marsh’s EMEA cyber risk lead Stephen Wares

Middle East

The future pace of insurance growth in MENA

MULTAQA 2014: What are the factors that will drive insurance penetration?


What D&O underwriters need to know about new Indian class actions

Could the continent see a US level of class actions?

Cyber War

Why criminals are not deterred by cyber security

EU law lacking when it comes IT and cyber protection

cat models

How cat models are evolving

Recent catastrophes have shaken up Asia’s (re)insurers, but firms are now coming up with highly advanced cat models

Gary Reader, KPMG

Q&A: Gary Reader, head of global insurance, KPMG

KPMG’s new head talks global insurance reporting frameworks, insurance M&A, and why insurers need to be more customer-centric


How Singapore is preparing for a rise in Asia captives

Emerging markets are the key to insurance growth, yet captives have still to take off in the region

Chris Colahan

Interview: RSA Asia chief executive Chris Colahan

Colahan on rebuilding RSA’s presence in Asia

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

The next step for convergence: wedding or funeral?

It’s time to analyse the next stage of ILS


Predicting the future of Asia microinsurance

China and India are driving the growth in demand while the key to success for insurance companies is to keep it simple


Asia takaful: greater ingenuity is required to ensure awareness

The obstacles for Asia takaful to reach its potential need to be tackled

Denis Kessler

Q&A: Scor chairman and chief executive Denis Kessler

Kessler believes that life as a ‘reinsurance industry guy’ is much like that of a monk – both are vocations that never fade

US casualty rates

Managing the rise in US casualty rates

Original rates are creeping back up but will cedants be able to maintain their large liability retentions?

Superstorm Sandy

Why capital markets are shaping the future of the US property cat market

As ILSs play an ever-bigger role in US property catastrophe, traditional reinsurers will be forced to redeploy capacity elsewhere

Costa Concordia

How the marine market is adapting to new threats

The marine market has recently had a shake-up after knock-on effects from natural disasters and needs to start changing its outlook

Peter Sousounis

The challenge of providing accurate insured loss estimates for Typhoon Haiyan

Estimation difficulties exacerbated by uncertainty about take-up rates in the Philippines


How Asia-Pacific leads the world in insurance IT investment

The region’s insurance firms are spending strategically

Tug of war - who will win Giles?

What are the cracks in contract certainty?

CMS Cameron McKenna partner Alex Denslow on which disputes will evade the London market’s drive to contract certainty


Insurers reveal their Asian asset management strategies

Asian insurers need common methods to examine risk, but despite low yields they are still steering clear of high-risk assets


Managing the rise of D&O insurance demand in Asia

Demand for D&O liability insurance is on the rise in Asia as company directors and executives across the region become more aware of their potential personal liability exposures


The future of Peru's insurance market: what's expected

With GDP forecast to continue its upward sprint, creating a healthy economic outlook, opportunities for insurers in the Peruvian market are plentiful

Roman Hohl

A fresh look at China’s agriculture exposure

New risk models are needed in the world’s largest agricultural market, says Asia Risk Centre chief executive Roman Hohl

Lloyd's building

What must happen for London to remain the centre of global insurance

As attention in global insurance shifts towards the emerging markets, London needs to make sure it enhances efficiency rather than resting on its laurels

John Bray, Control Risks

Why corruption risk assessments are vital for doing business in Asia

‘Cry of anger’ over bribery echoed by businesses, anti-corruption expert tells GR

River waste pollution

Energy from waste: (re)insurers risks analysed

Energy from waste is heading for a boom, but (re)insurers eyeing this innovative sector should be aware of the potential problems

Crowded street

What the future holds for insurance in emerging markets

Many firms are venturing into parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia, but such new markets can present both regulation and local government challenges

Matthew Cannock

Markel’s marine man at home in Asia’s risky waters

‘No region has a franchise on genius when it comes to risk management’, says Matthew Cannock

International sanctions have unintended consequence for businesses

Why insurers are now open to fresh overseas legal challenges

A recent legal battle between Allianz and a shipping company has shown how vulnerable providers can be to legal challenges brought overseas

Richard Ward moving on

What will the new Lloyd's chief executive look like?

When Richard Ward leaves at the end of the year, what qualities will his successor need?

Rade Musulin

Typhoon Haiyan: Rebuild for resilience and fund better forecasting

Intelligent investment key to dealing with future super typhoons, says Aon Benfield’s Mr Hurricane


Why industry loss warranties are not a magic bullet against disputes

ILWs have gained in popularity in recent years, particularly in the Bermuda reinsurance market.

Chris Garrod

The facts behind the unstoppable rise of ILS

Conyers Dill and Pearman Bermuda insurance practice head Chris Garrod on the future of convergence

alastair swift willis - insurance times

Willis defends 360 Aon-style subscription deal

Willis global head of placement, Alastair Swift, argues deal will be good for the London market

Tom Roche

Lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy: one year on

Businesses are wising up to the pitfalls of complacency, says FM Global

Michael Morrisey, president and chief executive, International Insurance Society

COMMENT: The stranglehold of government bonds

Regulators’ old ideas about what makes a sound investment are choking insurers’ profitability

Australian bushfires Oct 2013

The insurance and claims impact of ongoing Australian bushfires

PHOTO SPECIAL: More than 70 fires are burning and at least 30 uncontained

Joe Onsando

How future Africa profits will become 'higher than anywhere in the world'

Aon sub-Sahara Africa chief says businesses need to invest in the continent

Superstorm Sandy

How to safeguard cities against future catastrophes

Increasing insured as well as economic losses show how susceptible modern societies are to the impact of nat cats

Leadenhall Building Cheese grater London Aon

How the London market is becoming a paperless industry

The Electronic Claims File (ECF) is the centrepiece of the London Market’s efforts to embrace a digital world

Magnifying glass

The lasting effects of S&P's new (re)insurance criteria

GR analyses the rating changes and what they mean for (re)insurers


Building codes – ignore them at your peril

How building codes trip insurers up, and what the future holds

Shivan Subramaniam

FM Global takes it slow and steady in race to win Asia

‘We’re not out there trying to grow faster than our competitors … we don’t need to do that’

Luke Savage

Savage: Aon/Berkshire deal is a vote of confidence in Lloyd’s

But Lloyd’s would be concerned by a proliferation of similar deals, says finance chief

Insurer Solvency II Europe

The impact of Solvency II delays on insurance transactions

Hogan Lovells discusses how to future-proof transactions before the implementation of Solvency II

Rade Musulin

Bees, bugs and bread illustrate impacts of ‘pear-shaped phenomena’

Food security on the menu as catastrophe expert examines appetite for emerging risks

Hurricane Sandy

Good for what ILS you

As the market continues to soften, money from pension funds is streaming into insurance-linked securities. But are these investors prepared to withstand the impact of a major catastrophe?

James Twining, JLT

JLT targets US expansion after £156m Towers Watson deal

US a “major strategic priority,” says group commercial director

Karl-Heinz Jung

Allianz Re strives to be leading Asian reinsurer

Regional chief executive says new Allianz Asia hub will make firm’s reinsurance operations ‘more visible in Singapore’

Chris Klein, head of sales and market relationships, Guy Carpenter

COMMENT: The surfer’s guide to new capital

Excess supply coupled with sluggish demand means reinsurers must learn to ride the waves of buoyancy


Jumping through regulatory hoops

Directors’ and officers’ policies are increasingly having to take account of the financial burden of wave after wave of regulation

Pedro de Macedo is president and chief executive at Mapfre Re

Hearing the beat of Latin America

As Latin America’s middle classes rise and prosper and the continent’s rich natural resources are giving the regional economies a boost, what new opportunities do reinsurance senior executives see ahead for their markets?


How to be a good reinsurer and really show it

Swiss Re is one of several reinsurers putting in place systems to avoid getting involved in unethical work, as it believes this benefits society and its business

Top three insurers

Mixed market fortunes for reinsurers

Fitch Ratings’ observations about the reinsurance sector reveal an inconsistent picture

Jigsaw puzzle

Fragmented insurance market on the cards for Germany

DVS boss Hans-Jurgen Allerdissen gives analysis

Beijing China

Fitch lays out untapped Asian reinsurance opportunities

China and Indonesia present huge prizes, says Wan Siew Wai

Risk management

What challenges will SIFI reinsurers face?

The FSB’s reinsurer list for globally systemically important financial institutions will be a double-edged sword

The inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, DC

Why extending Fatca's deadline has created uncertainty for (re)insurers

Compliance with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) is a murky area for (re)insurers

John Tan

ACR: can (re)insurers keep up with Asian growth?

ACR Capital Holding chief executive John Tan has mixed opinions

Charles Philipps Amlin

Amlin fights off "intense" competition from capital markets

Catastrophe risk appetite high, says chief executive

Iran flag on hand

How can reinsurers adapt to the latest US sanctions against Iran?

Increase in US sanctions raises compliance burden on reinsurers

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

Top tax reasons why (re)insurers should choose the UK as their domicile

UK’s tax regime has changed significantly since the likes of Hiscox, Catlin and Beazley left

Big data image

How big data could transform cat modelling in emerging markets

Vast swathes of information – from sources including weather forecasting, mobile phone use and social media – could be used to challenge assumptions and mitigate risks

Duncan Howorth, JLT

JLT sets out plans to compete in Asia

Asia chief executive tells GR “there’s room for a strong number four”

Mark Harrington, Barbican

Q&A: Mark Harrington, Barbican

Barbican’s chief underwriting officer discusses challenges facing the reinsurance market, including the growing convergence with the capital markets, and why it is a good time to be part of the Lloyd’s franchise.

Hands giving motor car keys

Car hackings raise questions over coverage

Potential vulnerabilities in automotive computer systems fuel fears of liability risks and product recalls

Construction buildings

Infrastructure demand leaves firms blind to long-term risks

Marsh warns in particular that climate change is not a risk factor built into most Asian infrastructure investment models


Monsoons and cyclones Asia's major nat cat events for H1 2013

Aon Benfield catastrophe update sheds light on major natural disaster costs in region

legal law pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

Legislation shakes up insurance rules

There have been significant changes in the insurance and reinsurance legislative landscape in the UK over the past year, and the rest of 2013 promises even more

Superstorm Sandy

The importance of reflecting on a catastrophe

The past two years have provided a steep learning curve in natural disaster claims handling, leading to a more refined approach and before-the-event strategy building

Gift, money

Banks and insurers in a marriage of minds

Banks and insurance companies have become one another’s port in the regulatory storm since the crisis of 2008, and found new dimensions to their partnerships

Cyber risk

How the digital revolution has left firms exposed

Media reports and surveys are revealing the extent to which organisations are vulnerable to the effects of data security breaches


Why Europe must work together for better flood (re)insurance cover

The UK’s public/private proposition sets a template, but will other countries follow?

New York City

If the winds don’t get you, congress will

Capital appears to be flowing into the US reinsurance sector in various forms, but storms and legal developments taking shape this year might yet stretch resources

Desert Middle East

Vying for a slice of the action

(Re)insurers from mature and emerging markets are pouring capacity into the Middle East

Lloyd's building

Could Lloyd's move out?

The sale of the building to Ping An highlights relocation options

Europe's debt problem is a big economic risk

Continent still proves its global credentials

The sovereign debt crisis and a catastrophe-hit 2012 have not dented Europe’s competitiveness in the world market – but it must stay ahead of emerging markets

Jeff Singer DIFC

Video: Jeff Singer, chief executive, DIFC

GR speaks to Jeff Singer, chief executive, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority, about Dubai’s role in international (re)insurance and why the Middle East needs support from Lloyd’s

Chris O'Kane

Q&A: Chris O'Kane, Aspen

Aspen’s chief executive discusses the business’s work in developing countries, its treatment of capital markets and its hopes for renewed growth in the US

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

Rising incomes whet Latin appetite for private cover

The rise of Latin America’s middle-class has been one of the biggest stories from the region and insurers are taking advantage of the phenomenon


Safe harbour or atlantic drift?

Bermuda’s tax position continues to stir up controversy among global financial regulators, but this is more than offset by its thriving reputation as a reinsurance hub

Beijing China

Rapid growth lures reinsurers to Asia Pacific

While the region is considered to be underinsured, profits have yet to materialise for foreign investors who have already taken the leap

Stefano Tranquillo, FM Global

Six barriers businesses face when building resilience to natural catastrophes

FM Global survey reveals how maintaining business continuity following natural disasters goes beyond insurance

Iran flag on hand

Keeping on the right side of sanctions

What do the new US-Iran sanctions mean for international (re)insurers and how can they protect themselves?

Lloyd's Tower

Why the future of Lloyd's is in emerging markets

Lloyd’s is pushing for licenses in India, Turkey and Colombia

Hurricane Sandy

How air pollution is suppressing hurricanes

Aerosols may even control multi-decadal cycle, says Met Office research


European flood loss creep begins

Since the 2002 floods, protection has improved and insurers have introduced higher deductibles or withdrawn from providing cover in loss-prone areas


How to insure Latin America’s infrastructure boom

(Re)insurers see growing demand for specialist cover

Mike Morrissey, IIS

Q&A: Michael Morrissey, IIS

Ahead of next week’s annual seminar in Seoul, the International Insurance Society’s president tells GR why a changing global demographic should force insurers to adapt their business models

Hong Kong hit by typhoon

How Hong Kong is preparing for its new super-regulator

Will the Independent Insurance Authority prove a burden?

Swiss Re 150

Swiss Re 150: Navigating new risk frontiers

In the final article to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Swiss Re tells GR about its work in the modern era of reinsurance and how the company navigated the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the global financial meltdown

John Charman

Dissecting Charman’s dramatic return

ANALYSIS: Will he be “an agent of change” at Endurance?

Swiss Re 150

Swiss Re 150: The catastrophic wake-up call

In the second of a three-part series to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Swiss Re tells GR how a series of catastrophes in the 20th century highlighted the importance of seeking well-capitalised counterparties

William Turkel, AWAC

Q&A: How to appreciate Latin America's idiosyncrasies

Will Turkel of Allied World Re explains why many international (re)insurers are finding it hard to gain a footing in the Latin American market

Oklahoma tornado May 20 2013

How US tornadoes are boosting demand for frequency covers

The US Midwest braces for more tornadoes as the mid-year renewals approach

Swiss Re 150

Swiss Re 150: The evolution of global risk

In the first of a three-part series to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Swiss Re tells GR how the company started and how it helped shape the modern age of reinsurance

Randy Brown - Deutsche Bank

60 SECOND READ: Searching for higher yields

Randy Brown of Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management explains that if insurers want more return then they need to take on more risk

Coal factory

Why China getting tough on polluters is good news for insurers

Makes environmental liability insurance compulsory for polluting industries

Construction buildings

How mega-capacity is shaping the future of megaprojects

The new Lloyd’s construction consortium reflects changing demand as construction in the BRIC economies gathers pace

Richard Anson, Antares

Q&A: Richard Anson, Antares

Antares head of ceded reinsurance Richard Anson tells GR his focus and strategies for dealing with the current economic climate, alternative reinsurance structures, and what he expects from brokers

Beijing floods

Everything you need to know about RMS(one)

Hailed as the future of cat modelling, GR investigates whether the new software really is a game changer

Hemant Shah, RMS

AIR will not link to new RMS(one) platform

RMS chief Shah urges rival to make modelled output available to new system

Buildings levelled in the Sichuan earthquake, Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China, May 18 2008

Predicting China's next big catastrophe

What will be the cost of future disasters as insurance penetration and assets grow?


Myanmar – Asia’s final (re)insurance frontier

As the country opens up, (re)insurers need to move quickly to seize the opportunities


The impact of government cordons on insurance

A court case related to the Christchurch earthquake highlights how government reponse can affect cover in natural disasters

Boston Marathon bombing

Why the end to Tripra will prompt market contraction

US federal reinsurance backstop continues to stabilise terrorism insurance market – Marsh

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

How reinsurance convergence became a reality

Traditional reinsurers are offering collaterised reinsurance and retro protection through sidecars


Why the future is bright for insurers looking to invest in India

Lobbying pays off as finance minister backs plans to raise the FDI limit to 49%

American drought and crop failure

Linking drought to climate change

Last year’s US dustbowl was ‘sequence of unfortunate events’, insists a new report

Eduard Held, PERILS

Why insurers need to share cat exposure and claims data

Sharing data is vital to establish a better industry standard

Jeremy Brazil, Markel

Video Q&A: Jeremy Brazil, Markel

Markel’s President Jeremy Brazil tells GR about the company’s strategy, the Alterra deal, and which trends he will be following this year

Tepco/ Fukushima  Nuclear accident following tsunami

Nat cats and a nuclear future

The Iran quake is another reminder of the inherent danger in building nuclear plants in catastrophe zones

Solvency II image

Solvency II: Early implementation guidelines ‘burdensome’

Eiopa mandates parts of the new regime to come into force on 1 January 2014


Chinese life sector at critical point, warn analysts

Regulations and sluggish growth continue to challenge Chinese insurers

American drought and crop failure

Drought: The next big risk

Munich Re’s Peter Hoeppe and Karl Murr discuss why extreme droughts are soon to become a regular occurence

Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

Latin America poised for insurance growth

Premium growth in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Peru is attracting foreign insurers

spain flag

Spanish insurers target health and retirement sectors

Insurance event Semana del Seguro highlights growth opportunities for the industry despite the economic crisis

Lloyd's building

Aon-Berkshire deal sparks Lloyd’s underwriting fears

Mixed feelings as Berkshire Hathaway arm prepares to muscle in on Aon business

PPI complaints surge

Liability insurance demand on the increase

Increased confidence and awareness of product driving uptake, says CMS Cameron McKenna

Sandy: Automobile surge damage observed in Long Beach, NY

The new world of claims handling

Harsh lessons learnt from Sandy and 2011 events

Earth from space

Political and trade credit risk: the new way of doing business

Experts say firms are increasingly switching to multi-country approach

A fishing boat is among debris in Ofunato, Japan, following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami

The future of cat modelling

Marsh says ‘fundamental rethink’ needed; JLT argues models should be used more appropriately

Twin Towers on September 11

How the UK High Court removed uncertainty from the 9/11 attacks

Court ruled that attacks in New York constituted two events for reinsurance purposes

Randy Brown - Deutsche Bank

Insurers face another year of hardship in 2013

Low interest rates, volatility, tough economy will continue to dog insurers - Deutsche Bank

Arthur Wightman - PwC

Q&A: Bermuda's outlook for 2013

PwC’s Arthur Wightman on Bermuda’s future and the island’s ILS resurgence

Sandy: Pleasure boat damage due to dock collision in New London, CT

How Sandy will help companies assess their US coastal exposures

PHOTO REPORT: AIR Worldwide discuss how Superstorm Sandy has informed the understanding of damage and vulnerability on the US East Coast.

Cayman Islands

Cayman captive formations hit eight-year high

US states Vermont and South Dakota target new business


REVEALED: Panama's top 25 insurers

Discover how local insurers are competing against the global players

Roman Hohl

Q&A: Exploiting Asia's untapped P&C insurance market

Asia Risk Centre’s Roman Hohl on how the region has developed since the 2011 catastrophes

cyber risk

How (re)insurers face an increasing risk of cyber attack

Fraudsters using new tactics to steal data

Earth from space

PREVIEW: 1 January renewal rates to remain steady

Benign cat year and high levels of reinsurer accrued capital to keep rates down

Mike McGavick, XL

Five minutes with ... Mike McGavick

Mike McGavick, XL chief executive, and recently elected chair of ABIR

St George's Bermuda

Bermuda on target to deliver 10% ROE

Superstorm Sandy unlikely to have much impact on results

Rowan Douglas - Willis

The growing need for climate forecasting

INSIGHT: Why Willis believes reliable global climate forecasts will soon sit alongside annual economic forecasts


LatAm Reunión 2012: The challenges of the Panama insurance market

Many insurers continue to accept fraud loss as part of the cost of doing business

Claire Souch

Five minutes with ... Claire Souch

Claire Souch, vice-president for model solutions, risk modelling firm RMS

This Image was released by the United States Navy with the ID 110318-N-SB672-598

UN warns of growing Asia cat risk

Population exposed to flooding has more than doubled in 40 years


Sandy elicits mixed renewal predictions

Lancashire anticipates rate deterioration while Munich Re predicts hardening

Cyclone Sandy

Ultimate Sandy loss 'could take years'

Wind versus flood litigation likely; $20bn loss will be ‘manageable’

Hurricane Sandy

Insurers quick to reassure over Sandy

Super-storm among five-worst hurricanes

Major floods during the 2011 monsoon season in Thailand

Thai flood losses up to $20bn, says Guy Carpenter

Cat loss potential grows as Asian economies take off

kuala lumpur

EAIC Preview: Capacity returns to Asia

Overcapacity is once again a concern in the Asian reinsurance market

hurricane Katrina storm damage windstorm st

Baden-Baden: Cat bond issuance on target for $6bn in 2012

Munich Re, Swiss Re and Scor issue $250m worth of bonds for USA and European windstorm


Reinsurers should price for climate change

Munich Re ties increase in weather-related cats to warming climate

Tony Ursano

Private equity firms hold back on investment

Depressed markets and low valuations force reinsurers to put IPOs on backburner

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training money pound financial cash equity

Where do we go from here?

The global reinsurance industry is in good financial shape, but that is just as well - it faces one of the most testing periods in its history. Here, some of the market’s leading minds discuss the six big challenges facing the industry - and what can be done about them.

GMR: Middle East – Flaws hold market back

Since Saudi Arabia started to regulate its insurance market a decade ago, business has boomed. But there are doubts over how many firms are making money

GMR: Middle East – Sector struggles with market penetration

Tough regulation and regional harmonisation are vital if the insurance sector is to fulfil its potential in the Middle East

Dubai gate

GMR: Middle East – Emerging or frontier?

Petrodollars mean market can afford to innovate

map middle east region

GMR: Middle East – Living with the risks

The Middle East region paradoxically provides diversity in business and inherent, unavoidable risks

Carsten Scheffel

Talking heads: Carsten Scheffel, Allianz Global Corporate Specialty

Allianz’s global London division boss on the market, Eurozone crisis and Solvency II


Joining forces: AIR and RMS collaborate

Reinsurers are used to blending different cat model output but a data-sharing agreement between AIR and RMS could make life a lot easier

Thai floods leave their mark on 1 April renewals

Reinsurers tightened capacity for unmodelled perils at key renewal date


April renewals: tough times ahead

Major catastrophes in Asia Pacific in 2011 are setting the tone for 1 April

Solvency II

Political wrangling over Solvency II continues

Crucial Omnibus II vote is delayed again and the UK PM goes on the attack

George Rivaz

Ariel – end of an era

Ariel Re is one of the last post-Katrina start-ups to be snapped up

Warren Buffett

Pearls from the Sage: Buffett’s annual letter

Billionaire investor’s letter to shareholders is no ordinary filing


Rates: could things be looking up?

Many reinsurers hit by 2011’s huge catastrophe losses are heartened by the increase in rates they have achieved this year. And the hardening looks set to continue


Lloyd’s wants foot in India’s door

India is the final frontier for international (re)insurers  and pressure for relaxed foreign investment laws is the first step

Collision of Costa Concordia

Counting the cost of Concordia

Losses from the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship could go as high as $1bn, with reinsurers taking the biggest hit


Brighter skies

Last year was the safest ever for the aviation industry, with no major fatal crashes and hull and liability losses halved, reports Lauren Gow. While better security helped, so too did luck

Offshore losses

Liability: Picking up the tab

Accidents like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill have woken underwriters up to the fact that offshore energy operations require much more complex cover

Pensions Insight: Barack Obama, US president

Neal Bill: Closing the loophole

A change to US legislation aims to end an unintended tax subsidy for foreign-owned insurers, and stem the flow of capital out of the country. But with the likelihood that rates will rise and capacity will fall as a result, insurance buyers are not happy


Bermuda: Out of the shadows

Long esteemed for its speedy approval of new companies and low taxes, Bermuda has lately lost some of its gloss. Lauren Gow examines the impact of market instability and asks if it can once again be a (re)insurance shining light


Latin America: Touching ground

Signs that reinsurance rates are flattening in Latin America are welcomed by those who have seen the market get softer and softer. But are this year’s low interest rates enough to offset the market’s excess?


Baden-Baden: Finding a balance

Against the odds, some reinsurers are set to make a profit in this, their worst ever year, and yet the market remains balanced on a knife edge

USA flag

Closing the loophole

A change to US legislation aims to end an unintended tax subsidy for foreign-owned insurers, and stem the flow of capital out of the country. But with the likelihood that rates will rise and capacity with fall as a result, insurance buyers are not happy. Lauren Gow reports

Andrew Chester Bowring Marsh UK

The effect of excess: global outlook for rates

Bowring Marsh UK’s Andrew Chester spoke to Global Reinsurance at the Ferma conference in Stockholm about the downward and upward pressures on premiums

John Goldsmith

Q&A: John Goldsmith, TigerRisk Partners

TigerRisk’s new London boss chats to Ben Dyson about why London is the next stop on the TigerRisk train

Ben Dyson

Comment: Omega - why Byrne has the upper hand

Both players offer 83p a share, but only Mark Byrne’s Haverford has Omega board approval

ben dyson

Mergers and acquisitions are high on the list of hot topics at this year’s Rendez-Vous

The three-way fight for Transatlantic Re and the continuing uncertainty over Omega have added impetus to what is already a standard subject at gatherings.

Monte Carlo Casino

Feel the heat at the Rendez-Vous

For many, Monte Carlo is the place to take market temperature, with natcats the hottest topic this year

Mike Wilkins IAG

Mike Wilkins, IAG

IAG’s Mike Wilkins pulls no punches when talking about his company’s unstable past, which just makes him more resolute about the future, finds Lauren Gow

Solvency II: Test of time

As the timetable for Solvency II is stretched yet again – this time to 2014 – David Blackman looks at the hurdles encountered so far and the many still to be faced

Comment: Third bid lucky for Transatlantic

Despite the strengths of the other two bids, National Indemnity’s offer for Transatlantic looks like a winner

What Beazley's results say about Lloyd's prospects

The first Lloyd's insurer results of the season contain some useful indicators of what to expect from others

Willis warning: 5 steps to a fine

Willis’s record-breaking FSA fine over its foreign business relationships in high-risk locations is a cautionary tale. So where did it go wrong?

Comment: Why Validus and Transatlantic are a good fit

A Validus/Transatlantic merger has a number of compelling features in its favour, not to mention Ed Noonan’s legendary determination

What is tempting Aviva back to Lloyd’s?

Aviva is considering setting up at Lloyd’s after an 11-year break from the market, but could face challenges

Danger lurks in Europe's forests

Severe windstorms hitting the forestry sector can cause €1bn+ losses, AIR Worldwide warns

Cat bonds: High stakes

A series of natural disasters has prompted a surge in popularity for catastrophe bonds. But, as global weather patterns get increasingly unpredictable, investors are demanding higher returns on their outlay

The price of poaching

Gallagher International's recent takeover tactics are a wake-up call to the market – but is it brewing up trouble for David Ross?

Q&A with Luke Savage

Lloyd’s is in an excellent position to usher in the changes of Solvency II, but shares the industry’s concerns about the implications of a standard formula

Novae chief: Lloyd’s firms need to merge

Fosh says companies must be bigger to attract investors

Bill Keogh, RMS

Q&A: Bill Keogh

'EQECAT doesn't do predictions', president Keogh says - it's all about managing uncertainty

Giving paper the slip

If the original Electronic Claims File project brought faster paper-less claims processing, ECFII takes the user experience to a whole new level

US tornado comes at the worst time

A surprisingly early US tornado season has caused panic in the reinsurance industry. Should it seek shelter or will the worst blow over?

pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

1 April renewals: Acting local

Following a staggering run of natural catastrophes, the industry has been awaiting the 1 April renewals with interest. While rates on a local level have seen some rises, high levels of reinsurance capital are suppressing a wider hardening

Warren Buffett

India: A tempting proposition

Warren Buffett’s recent venture in India has cemented many people’s view that the country is poised for major growth in insurance. But, with industry concerns and uncertainty in the way, the road ahead is not without obstacles

On lock down

New rules in Brazil have placed limits on transfers and cession to international (re)insurers and, despite some concessions by the regulators following industry lobbying, critics warn that these limitations may impede the growth of the market

Mopping up

The recovery effort has begun, but confusion over what really happened during the Australian floods and the scale of the damage could mean reinsurers end up paying out more than they need to

Why the rate cuts are not all bad news

The recent renewals figures issued by the top reinsurance brokers, which indicate a 5%-10% decline in rates, will clearly be a disappointment for reinsurers.

Leader: 2010 kept things interesting

The past year has seen sweeping change at some companies - and a surprising lack of change at others

Fast foward

2010: Game of two halves

As 2010 comes to a close, Lauren Gow reviews the many lows of the first half of the year, the relative highs of the second and the handful of near-misses (can anyone say Eyjafjallajökull?)

Swiss Re is looking good for a return to double-A

Analysts predict that the reinsurer could buy back up to $2bn shares to improve return on equity as it re-risks to offset low bond-yield pressure

Swiss Re-structures

On the crest of a wave of positive developments – solid profits, success in court and a positive rating outlook – Swiss Re has decided to reorganise its business structure and management heads. But some aspects have been tried before, with mixed results

Opportunity knocks

‘Surge capital’ is the key to success for new company Paraline, says chief executive Jack Graham. The Bermuda-based reinsurer says that Lloyd’s structure is perfect for a counter-cyclical company looking to scale up or down according to market conditions

Cedants roundtable, October 2010

What cedants want

Trust, flexibility, security of capital and acute awareness that begins at the underwriting stage are all key to confidence in the relationship between cedants and reinsurers. Global Reinsurance joined players from both perspectives to share insights at a roundtable discussion

Monte Carlo Casino

After the event: A Rendez-vous retrospective

While there was no conference-defining event to focus the minds of Monte Carlo delegates this year, reinsurers’ levels of capitalisation, profitability prospects and ability to innovate were debated as the industry enters a tough phase in the cycle

Behind the curtain

Criticised for failing to predict the banking crisis and for the simplicity of their financial strength models, has the illusion of power wielded by the rating agencies finally been broken?

The Monte Carlo theory

As preparations gear up ahead of this year’s Rendez-Vous, the key themes and talking points between reinsurers, their clients and brokers will focus on much more than just price

A mixed bag

Europe’s biggest reinsurers experienced both highs and lows in their recently announced first-half year results. Some saw profit fall, others posted a rise but they are all facing a second half of either further catastrophe losses or softening rates

Conor FInn of Barbican

'Don't treat us like just another cedant'

With plenty of capacity and a continuing soft market, the 1 January renewals should hold no surprises. But, talking to cedants in the run-up to Monte Carlo, we discover that meeting the needs of reinsurance buyers is about more than just the right price

IASB: start planning now

The IASB’s proposed new accounting standards aim for improved consistency and transparency. However, we should expect more volatility in insurers’ results, and the market will need time to adjust to the changes to income statements

A return to form

Fears of an active Atlantic storm season have temporarily slowed cat bond activity. But the outlook for the year remains bullish, thanks to the market’s strong value proposition of diversification and competitive pricing

Q&A with Eberhard Mueller

Hannover Re’s chief risk officer and chief actuary reveals how his firm is getting ready for Solvency II


Our man on the inside ponders a change in career and a capital-obsessed one-eyed monster

Gateway to Europe

A move to Zurich is enabling more and more firms to hit the business their existing bases cannot reach. But despite the tax benefits and being a Solvency II-free zone, the move is not without its challenges. And a warm welcome from local players is far from guaranteed

Future bright for insurance – MAPFRE’s Martínez

Chairman praises industry’s performance during crisis

Rig disaster to cost $3.5bn?

The Gulf of Mexico incident could force up prices for offshore energy liability insurance by as much as 200%, says Barclays Capital. We look at the reaction so far, and consider the pressure that the disaster is likely to place on the reinsurance industry

The last straw

The last straw

Tough new tax measures from the IMF aim to catch insurers, even the most risk-averse reinsurers, in the same net as banks. As the industry lobbies next month’s G20 for exemption and urges government to water down the proposals, we ponder the outcome

Crash dummies

We are all crash dummies

The current financial crisis tells us that risk management is vital for every bank and insurance company. Stress testing and scenario analysis will play a big part

Optimism over Qatar's insurance prospects

World’s richest country per capita can expect growth in 2010; Multaqa conference will discuss opportunities.

Reinsurance buying habits changing in SE Asia

AM Best says reinsurers should be aware of new challenges and opportunities in five national markets

Contingents: How big brokers have changed terms

Bruce Ballentine of Moody’s on new agreements between brokers and US regulators.

Political pressure

Swiss Re's chief risk officer explains why he wants to see a network of state-appointed country risk managers to prevent global crises.

Florida legal changes

The changing shape of property insurance in Florida, USA

Recent airline crashes

The Ethiopian Airlines lost on Monday is one of a number of major aircraft crashes over the past year

Reinsurer profit outlook pressed by soft renewals

Moody's highlights increased vulnerability to catastrophe losses

M6.5 earthquake strikes off California coast

Cat modeller AIR Worldwide provides analysis

$5bn new cat bonds predicted for 2010

Reinsurers and cat modellers make their forecasts as ILS market returns

Jan 1 renewals

The reasons behind softening reinsurance rates

legal law

Wasa v Lexington: was the tail wagging the dog?

Aidan Christie QC writes about a legal judgment of great significance to the reinsurance industry

Successor X cat bond evaluation

S&P identifies strengths and weaknesses of the recent Swiss Re cat bond

Advice on flooding

Marsh issues advice to UK businesses

Invest in overlooked countries

Indonesia, Mozambique, Peru, Ukraine - even Iran - have potential, says report by Control Risks

legal law pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

R&Q caught in rusty spiral

Actuarial models of LMX spiral assist justice, says Judge

Insurers disappointed by European BER proposals

Commission refuses to budge on excluding standard policy clauses

Mutuals diversify reinsurance buying

New report highlights mutuals' concerns about health of reinsurers

ERM in the real world

Risk management has never been so important, writes Steve Taylor-Gooby of Towers Perrin

Venezuela sees increasing state control

An update on insurance regulatory change in South America from law firm Mayer Brown

Video: Cat bonds are not dead, but back

New issues activity signals revival in catastrophe bond sector

MultaQa Qatar photo gallery

See photos from international insurance conference held in Doha, Qatar

Processing and collection of experts' fees

A presentation given at Lloyd's by Senator Insurance Services

Finance for an ageing population

CII calls for inclusion of over 50s in financial mainstream

Video: reasons behind the hardening market

AM Best interviews David Sandham, Editor of Global Reinsurance, about higher reinsurance rates

Profile: Swiss Re’s new CEO

Stefan Lippe – mathematics graduate and long-serving executive has been credited with transforming Swiss Re’s approach to underwriting.

Valentine's Day in the recession

Low sales on second highest sales point of the year likely to impact retailers approach to insurance.

AIA sale prospects

AIG seeks to sell 49%, which could be worth $10bn

Shifting sands of Arab project finance

JLT points to a more risk-averse attitude among Gulf investors.

Market enters new phase

Recent results confirm market turn. But is the market still cyclic?

Storm forecast 2009… already?

Weather watchers say they have already predicted the intensity of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season.

Told you so

Did 2008’s hurricanes meet expectations? Professor Mark Saunders of TSR reviews a stormy year.

UK is world's second largest insurance centre

Premium income of the UK’s insurance industry was a record £263bn in 2007, says report

US risk rating escalates

Levels of US economic risk on a par with Morocco and Brazil, says JLT

Obama plans health insurance reforms

National Health Insurance Exchange proposed. Tax on employers who do not provide coverage.

Job cuts in banking

Axe taken to failed and troubled banks

Job cuts in banking

Axe taken to failed and troubled banks

Mumbai attacks

Summary of the recent terrorist attacks in India

Insuring forests

Billions of dollars of carbon credits to be given to save forests

Hank Greenberg's mission to save AIG

There is a glimmer of hope, Hank believes.

California Wildfires overview

1,000 properties destroyed. Tea Fire contained, Sayre Fire and Freeway Complex Fire continue.

Salary bonuses down

Risk professionals do well in downturn, says survey. A top UK CRO can take home £850,000.

Obama bad for offshore insurers?

Tax increases could follow for non-US based insurers

Insurance: the next crisis victim?

Strategic choices for a challenging environment

Know the CII? Meet the CIFS

What the new, expanded organisation will mean to members

Lehman CDS deadline

Today is the deadline to settle $400bn in credit default swaps on Lehman debt

Could Pru go it alone for AIG Asian assets bid?

Prudential appoints Credit Suisse to advise it on the auction

Would FHCF be able to pay?

Ratings agency expresses concern over FHCF capacity to pay claims on a severe hurricane.

Lehman CDS auction

As the market watches for the result of the credit default swaps settlement auction, read our easy guide to what's happening.

Bermuda reinsurers sidestep record Q2 losses

Benfield report shows balance sheets were fortified for potential losses.

Parametric wind swap closed by Aon

Market rumours suggest that RenRe involved.

Marine insurance: opportunities and threats

Lloyd's franchise director warns the tide is changing for the international marine and energy sector

Another knock, another scramble for capital

AIG requests a $40bn loan from the Federal Reserve to turn around plunging market sentiment

Hurricane intensity analysis

Hurricane Gustav caused serious damage, but much less than had been feared. Now, three tropical cyclones are lurking in the Atlantic Basin. Could any of these three develop into monsters?

Gustav’s ‘minimal’ impact on P&C market

AM Best believes the effects of the storm will emerge over several months

P&C data quality is reinsurers' top concern

Ernst & Young survey finds that underwriters are concerned about impact on prices

European insurers escape credit rating impact

Moody’s confirms resilient H1 performance, but still urges caution

Berkshire bails out Florida

At what price is post-credit crunch funding? asks Helen Yates

A chance to turn the page

New York regulator considers the next step in the contingent commissions saga

Credit quality falls in Europe

European economies struggle with rising inflation and slowing growth. Credit crunch shows no signs of abating, says Moody's.

Insurers' profits fall

1H08 pre-tax profits of Lloyd's insurers to be 24% worse than last year, says equities analyst. Cat losses take their toll.

Insurers push for BER extension

Efforts to ‘simplify’ EU exemptions on insurance could instead create uncertainty

Investors wary of Russia

New regulations freeze the West out of natural resources

Brazil's blacklist

By Ronald Gift Mullins

Captives in Singapore

US$551m gross premiums from Singapore's captive industry

Kings of their castles?

Underwriters see their landscape changing in a need for more control

Bertha revives

First hurricane of the season re-intensifies. "Could reach category 3" - RMS

Primary is best, says Helvea

Swiss stockbroker's new report compares reinsurance with insurance sector

Why Bertha is special

RMS tells GR that storm displayed ‘unprecedented characteristics’

Bermuda reinsurers consider relocation

Political instabilty forces businesses to consider their exit strategies

ILS sector slows

Credit crunch sees investor appetite dip, reveals Willis Re

Ecosurance rides again

Climate scorecards are the industry’s latest weapon in environmental fight

Russian law could catch reinsurers out

Aviation accident legal change in Russia would increase compensation

New York ponders collateral rule change

State authorities fear they could be ‘regulating themselves out of the global market place’

Block exemption ending

The European Commission is questioning if the BER gives rise to anti-competitive effects