UAE drivers may know everything about their cars and car brands, but when it comes to motor insurance, the ride turns a lot less smooth. In fact, a sizeable 67 per cent of car owners in the UAE didn’t even know the basic insurance terms, according to a survey conducted by AXA Gulf.

And 25 per cent “often” skim over the terms and conditions of their policy. Another 42 per cent would do the same – but only “sometimes”. And worryingly, 20 per cent would “rarely” go through the trouble of reading the fine print in their policy documents. (And probably only become aware of some of the terms and conditions when confronted with an accident claim…)

There was also the 11 per cent who never bother reading any of it. “We also discovered that 26 per cent of respondents do not usually check the policy documents before buying motor insurance,” said Franck Heimburger, Chief Personal Lines Officer, AXA Gulf.