James Sutherland was formerly director of (re)insurance business development at the QFC

The board of Qatar Insurance Services (QIS) has appointed James Sutherland as chief executive officer of QIS.

QIS is a technology-based reinsurance trade fulfilment system which will provide a secure, structured electronic service, and will facilitate transaction workflow, the production of documentation and effective management information to local, regional and global insurance firms. It will provide a very solid foundation for Qatar’s objective to become the region’s leading insurance and reinsurance centre,

QIS is wholly owned by the QFC Authority, and is currently located at the QFC Tower, in West Bay in Doha.

Work on creating the system that will form the basis of QIS is reaching an advanced stage and a number of international insurance and reinsurance firms are working with QIS to ensure that it meets the needs of the insurance industry and helps to develop insurance and reinsurance in Qatar and the Middle East region as a whole. QIS is expected to go live in the first half of 2009.

Prior to his latest appointment, James Sutherland was Director of Business Development Insurance and Reinsurance at the QFC Authority from April 2008. Previously he was with Lloyd’s of London where he was responsible for international development and operations. Earlier in his career he spent 11 years running insurance operations in South East Asia and 8 years with a global insurance broker in London.

Abdulrahman Al Shaibi, Chairman of QIS, and a Non-executive Director of the QFC Authority, said “James Sutherland has been instrumental in the establishment of QIS, and his wealth of knowledge both of the international insurance and reinsurance industry, the needs and expectations of firms seeking new markets and the ambitions of Qatar in becoming the hub for insurance and reinsurance in the region makes him an ideal candidate for this important post. With the weight of the QIS Board to support him he can expect to make rapid headway in establishing QIS as a significant new attraction for the global insurance industry to establish operations in Qatar and the region.”