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    Hitting the ground running


    Energy-rich Middle Eastern state Qatar is poised for rapid change. With one of the biggest development projects in the world underway, its undeveloped insurance industry is targeted for massive reform. Helen Yates considers the country's bid to attract the world's insurers and reinsurers.

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    Vive L'Assurance


    After a tumultuous few years, France has recovered its footing and now boasts a thriving, if concentrated, insurance and reinsurance community, discovers Nick Thorpe.

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    Rite of PASSAGE


    Since joining the European Union in 2004 proactive regulators have worked around the clock to make a success of Malta's evolution from offshore tax haven into onshore financial centre. Helen Yates takes a virtual tour.

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    Hong Kong - Enter the dragon


    One of Asia-Pacific's true success stories, Hong Kong's mature insurance market is testament to the city's competitiveness. And it is set to play a pivotal role as China opens her doors to the global reinsurance community, discovers Shirish Nadkarni.

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    Hot, hot, hot


    Herbert Fromme takes a look at a German market in turmoil.

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    Cleaning up its act


    One of the largest potential insurance markets in Europe is only just getting off the ground. James Hydzik discovers that Ukraine is shedding its shady image in an effort to establish a lucrative insurance industry.

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    Japan - still in flux


    The world's second largest insurance market is still in a state of transition, finds Shirish Nadkarni

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    Emerging from the chrysalis


    Greater affluence could lead to better insurance penetration in Malaysia, finds Shirish Nadkarni

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    The new Bermuda?


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    Brazil - Opening time - Sometime


    It's been a long wait for the state reinsurance monopoly to end in Brazil, Maria Kielmas discovers

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    Russia: Out of the Red?


    The Russian insurance industry has undergone perhaps the greatest overhaul of any market in the last 15 years, but just how far has it come? asks Nigel Allen

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    Testing the Tiger


    Recent global catastrophes are putting pressure on Singapore's insurers and reinsurers to look at their exposures and price their risks accordingly, reports Helen Yates

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    Switzerland: Inside the Fortress


    Intense competition and increasing regulation is bringing new challenges to the Swiss insurance and reinsurance arena, says Helen Yates

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    Australia: A time for recovery


    Following the collapse of HIH and the subsequent "insurance crisis" the industry Down Under is back on track, says Jacqueline McGarry

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    The stage is set


    The liberalised Chinese economy should indicate great potential for the Directors' & Officers' market, but not before tackling governance issues, says David Walters

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    Opening the door


    How has China's WTO accession shaped the insurance market and what are the prospects for growth and foreign investment? asks David Campbell

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    Lifting the barriers


    How international is China's reinsurance market becoming? ask Andreas Lauffs, Kit Kwok and Davina Ho

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    India: Heartening growth


    Since the Indian insurance market threw open its doors to the private sector in 2001, the industry has flourished, says Shirish Nadkarni

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    A plan of action


    The French reinsurance market has experienced difficult times in recent years, but the tough choices made by some of the region's key players sees the market's strength returning, says Kaveri Niththyananthan