Probability for CAT 1 or above "35% in about 33 hours" - TSR red alert. Hurricane warnings in Texas and Mexico.

Tropical Storm Dolly could strengthen into a hurricane this week. According to Tropical Storm Alert, probability for CAT 1 or above in the U.S. and in Mexico is 35% in about 33 hours. TSR issues a Red Alert (Severe) when it calculates the probability of a Category 1 hurricane or above to between 31% and 100% probability.

A CAT 1 or Category 1 hurricane means a storm with above 74mph windspeed.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, Dolly is at lat 23.3 North and longitude 93.8 West, and is moving to the west at 15mph. A turn to the west-northwest is expected today.

In the U.S. troops were readied as in Texas, and hurricane warnings were issued for parts of the Texas and Mexico coasts. Mexico also announced hurricane warnings.

As well as high winds, Dolly could bring with it high winds and 10 to 20 inches of rain in coastal areas. Preparing for flooding, the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry activated 1,200 National Guard troops. He also ordered 250 buses to be staged in San Antonio. In the disastrous evacuation before Hurricane Rita hit Texas in 2005, more people died from heat-related injuries and car accidents fleeing the storm than from the severe weather.