In December, Global Reinsurance carried out its first ever readership survey by including a questionnaire with the magazine. Lee Coppack summarises the results.

The replies we received divided in roughly three parts geographically between the United States, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, including continental Europe, Bermuda, South Africa, Barbados and Chile.

From an editorial point of view, we are pleased to find that those who replied feel that the quality of writing and topicality of our articles is good or excellent, though the depth of analysis in some areas could be improved.

Readers' desire for more depth indicates we have been moving in the right direction in commissioning some quite technical articles. Unfortunately for us, however, one person's in-depth analysis may be another's commercially sensitive information which he or she is not willing to reveal. It is also disappointing that some of the most important names in the industry confine their public statements to bland generalities.

When it comes to the appearance of Global Reinsurance, readers are generally quite positive. However, 11% felt the contents page was only fair, and as you will see from this issue, we have introduced an executive style summary for each article on the contents page to make it easier for readers to select the articles that interest them most.

We are aware that today's managers and professionals have enormous amounts of information in many forms competing for their attention, and selection is the key to efficient use of time and resources.

The survey has been particularly useful in terms of learning what subjects really interest our readers. In particular, we learned that they would like more on catastrophe, country reports and alternative risk finance. We have also taken note of those topics which the replies indicated are of less interest, though inevitably some readers want more on just those subjects others think are over-played.

Although we have always been concerned that we cannot be up to the minute with either company results or people and places, we have discovered that particularly those who replied from outside the UK would like more on these areas. Readers are also keen for more information on regions outside their own which may not be so well covered in their domestic insurance press. Another clear area of interest for a certain number is life and health reinsurance. The editors will look at the best ways to respond to these comments in future issues.

Thank you to all those who took the time to complete the survey. We appreciate that there are limitations to any such self-selecting sample of opinion, but the replies are very helpful to us and we will use the results in our efforts to make Global Reinsurance truly global in its interest to our readers.

Survey results captured, analysed and reported byFletcher Data Services Limited Federation House, 2309 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3PG on behalf of Global Reinsurance.