Endurance Specialty Holdings has bought Texas-based ARMtech Insurance Services

Endurance Specialty Holdings has bought ARMtech Insurance Services.

ARMtech, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, is the fifth largest underwriter of US federally sponsored crop insurance, with an estimated $410m in total premiums in 2007.

ARMtech offers traditional multi peril crop insurance (MPCI), crop hail, livestock risk protection and other agriculture risk management products through an independent agency network.

Samuel Scheef, president of ARMtech affirmed, “I am excited by the opportunity that Endurance’s capital strength provides to our clients, agents and employees. ARMtech will continue to operate under my day-to-day direction and our staff and management team are committed to continuing to provide our ARMtech clients with the same high quality, personalized service that has positioned us as a leader in the US crop insurance industry.”

Kenneth LeStrange, the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Endurance, said, “ARMtech’s commitment to customer service, dedication to technological superiority and knowledgeable approach to underwriting risk in the crop insurance industry aligns superbly with Endurance’s values and objectives.”