The course is aimed at insurance and reinsurance professionals across MEASA and has been ‘eagerly awaited’

The IRM and Corporate Risk Management Institute (CRMI - a partnership between Chedid Capital and London’s IRM) are launching a certificate in Risk Management for insurance and reinsurance Professionals at the ESA Business School. 

The course will be delivered online to professionals working in the insurance and reinsurance industry, including risk managers, internal auditors, and legal and compliance professionals or for consultants in the same field as well as stakeholders such as board members and executive management.

It will also attract applicants looking for a career in GRC department within the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Improving professional development

Maxence Duault, general director at ESA business School said the certificate in risk management was eagerly awaited and thanked Farid Chedid, chairman and Group CEO of Chedid Capital and Saniay Himatsingani, director of Training and Business Development at IRM.

Chedid added that: “Creating centers of excellence in the region has always been part of the Chedid Capital’s strategy, offering our clients, employees and business partners access to a world-class learning and development track.

“This partnership with prestigious global and regional academic and institutional partners such as the renowned London-based IRM (Institute of Risk Management) and ESA Business School marks a major milestone for educational and professional development in the Middle East and Africa’s insurance and finance fields.

Chedid considers that “the new program is tailored to insurance and reinsurance professionals and will offer deep insight on how to create and maintain sustainable value within an organisation through the application of an effective risk management framework.”

Himatsingani said he was “delighted that the insurance and reinsurance sector in the region will now have the opportunity to increase risk management capabilities and to build resilience for the future.”

Building resilience

The course will teach professionals how to create and maintain sustainable value within their organisation through an effective Risk Management Framework in line with best practices and international standards.

It will allow participants to identify, assess, measure, monitor and mitigate all potential financial and non-financial risks in a practical way strengthened by applicable case studies.

The objective of this certificate is to explore real-world examples and learn techniques needed to analyse, and respond to a variety of risks, both internal and external to companies within the field.

It will help participants to learn how to develop Own Risk and Solvency Assessment reports (in line with Solvency II) for insurance companies along with recovery resolution plans.