P2 Group to operate under the direction of Gallagher Australia’s specialty workplace risk practice

Gallagher has announced the acquisition of P2 Group, a Hawthorn, Victoria-based specialty consulting firm, which helps employers proactively manage occupational health costs.

Founded in 2003, the P2 Group works to identity and rectify potential problems before they result in an injury or claim.

As part of the purchase, P2’s Jim Kydas, Paul Marsh and their associates will continue to operate from their current location under the direction of Vivienne Toll, head of Gallagher Australia’s specialty workplace risk practice.

“P2 Group is a highly specialised consulting firm that expands our retail brokerage division’s Workplace Risk Practice’s footprint and services into the Victorian market and offers us additional cross-selling opportunities,” explained Gallagher’s chairman, J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr.

“I am very pleased to welcome Jim, Paul and their team to Gallagher,” he added.