AnotherDay provides crisis expertise across political risk/political violence, D&O and criminality, and cyber

Gallagher has announced the acquisition of UK-based UK-based risk management consultancy AnotherDay. It helps organisations pre-empt and prepare for complex threats, react to crises and investigate criminality through the use of intelligence and technology.

The team will become part of Gallagher’s London-based Speciality operations and the company’s head, Jake Hernandez, will continue to run the business while the existing team will continue to operate independently under the AnotherDay brand.

Hernandez will report to Justin Priestley, executive director of crisis management. AnotherDay will provide additional risk management and crisis expertise for Gallagher’s growing corporate client base across political risk/political violence, D&O and criminality, and cyber.

Hernandez said: “We have worked with the team at Gallagher for a number of years now [and] are excited to work even more closely to deploy consulting, data and technology to help global clients understand potential threats, respond to crisis and criminality, and to provide analytics to transfer any remaining risk into the insurance market based on an accurate perception of potential loss.

”We’re also looking forward to broadening our advisory to (re)insurance markets in dealing with an increasingly volatile risk environment, and Gallagher provides a great platform and infrastructure for us to do that.”