Fear of disruption by climate activists at One Lime Street has prompted the move

The Corporation of Lloyd’s has written to members to advise that the market’s annual general meeting (AGM) on 19 May will now be held virtually. This is due to “potential for disruption to the Lloyd’s Building by climate activists on the day of the AGM,” it said.

“We have been advised that the risk of disruption has significantly increased. To ensure the safety and security of our members and to allow the meeting to proceed in an orderly and fair manner, it is with regret that I must now strongly encourage all members attending the AGM to join virtually and not to attempt to enter the Lloyd’s Building on that day.”

It comes after Lloyd’s was forced to close the market and urge practitioners to work from home after its entrances were blocked by climate protestors from Extinction Rebellion (XR) on 12 April.

XR says it is committed to disrupting activities within the market until London ends its underwriting of fossil fuels. HSBC, Barclays and Standard Chartered are among the financial institutions which have had their AGMs disrupted by climate protesters in the past month.