The Joint War Committee (JWC), representing the London marine insurance community, and Aegis Defence Services, has met with a number of representatives from the international marine community, including ship owners, regional government representatives and the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), to explain the rationale behind the recently issued JWC Hull, War, Strikes, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas and to answer enquiries regarding the addition and removal of specific areas.

JWC explained that the changes made in the compilation of the new List (issued on 20 June, 2005), and the appointment of Aegis Defence Services, reflected its desire to provide a more relevant and professional service to the insurance market. Aegis Defence Services were appointed by JWC to advise on security levels of international waterways and ports.

Regarding the specific question of the inclusion of the Malacca Straits on the List, JWC affirmed that this area would remain on the List until it was clear that the measures planned by government and other agencies in the area had been implemented and were effective.