Sara Murphy was previously life leader at GE Employers Reassurance

Life reinsurance services and technology company LOGiQ3 Inc has announced that Sara Murphy of GE Employers Reassurance will shortly join them as vice president, operations.

Currently the US life leader at GE, Murphy will lead LOGiQ3’s business in life reinsurance business process outsourcing (BPO), consulting and audit business.

Mike Dekoning, president and chief executive officer, Munich American Reassurance Company commented: “This announcement is a clear indication that LOGiQ3 continues its practice of employing some of the highest calibre reinsurance professionals to enhance their delivery of leading edge best practices consulting and services within the life reinsurance industry.”

Based in Toronto and founded by chief executive officer, Chris Murumets, together with chief operating officer, Simon Bell, LOGiQ3 focuses on life reinsurance providing a variety of professional services including auditing, consulting and outsourcing to more than 30 companies in North America.

Chris Murumets, chief executive officer of LOGiQ3, said: “Sara brings a wealth of experience to the team, having working in reinsurance from the perspective of ceded and assumed organisations. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all facets of reinsurance is a perfect fit for us and we have taken another significant step forward.”