High number of earthquakes worldwide on 11 and 12 April are coincidental – RMS

A M6.9 earthquake struck the sparsely populated Baja California region of Mexico on 12 April. It was preceded by a smaller M6.2 quake.

Both epicentres were located under the Gulf of California but no tsunami warning was issued. There were no reports of major damage.

“This area is sparsely populated, only the town of Santa Isabel which has a population of about 21,000 falls within this zone,” said RMS director of catastrophe response Neena Saith. “The other towns in the region, including the city of Hermosillo, with about  600,00 residents, falls into the zones affected by light and moderate intensities.”

On 11 April a M7.0 earthquake struck Mexico’s Michoacan region. The earthquake epicentre was approximately 42 miles northwest of Lazaro Cardenas and 238 miles west southwest of Mexico City.

The area surrounding the epicentre was subject to shaking of intensity VII on the MMI scale, however this is also a sparsely populated region.

“While it may seem that there is an increased number of recent earthquakes worldwide, the events of April 11-12 are not related and this is just routine seismic activity that happened to coincide,” added Saith.