New identity will replace ‘Glencoe Group’ name; uses leverage of Renaissance Re brand.

RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd has announced that its US insurance operations, which currently operate under the Glencoe Group brand, and report results as part of the Company’s Individual Risk segment, have launched a new brand identity. The entities formerly within the Glencoe Group will now operate under the brand “RenRe” and will be known as “RenRe Insurance”.

This rebranding initiative will enable the company’s insurance operations to leverage the strength of the RenaissanceRe brand as the organisation expands globally.

Neill Currie, president and CEO of RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd, said: “The RenaissanceRe brand represents financial strength, technical expertise and superior customer service. As our US insurance operations grow and diversify, we have aligned our insurance operations more closely with our strong corporate brand.”

RenaissanceRe Holdings is a global provider of reinsurance and insurance. Its business consists of two segments:

(1) Reinsurance, which includes catastrophe reinsurance, specialty reinsurance and certain joint ventures and other investments managed by our subsidiary RenaissanceRe Ventures Ltd., and

(2) Individual Risk business, which includes primary insurance and quota share reinsurance. RenaissanceRe is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol 'RNR'.