Marsh & McLennan may be forced to hand over documents to Ohio State Attorney General Mark Dann, as part of the AG's ongoing investigation into allegations made against the broker relating to bid rigging and misleading clients.

According to Reuters, the Attorney General has turned to the Ohio courts to force Marsh to hand over documents he deems relevant to the investigation. The hearing is set for 2 April.

The investigation, which began in October 2004, has been held up on a number of occasions by Marsh's refusal to participate effectively in the process, according to Dann.

In a statement issued on 28 February, Dann said: “For more than two years, this company has used every tactic imaginable to undermine our investigation of their activities. They have failed to produce documents we requested, supplied us with incomplete files, and used settlement negotiations as an excuse to stop producing documents altogether, though there was never any agreement to do so.”

He added: “I have serious concerns that Marsh's actions, in conjunction with commercial casualty insurers, may have resulted in significant unlawful overcharges to scores of Ohio policyholders. We are determined to complete this investigation and take appropriate action.”

A Marsh spokesperson denied that the group had in any way attempted to hinder the investigation and said that over the two years it had provided over 1.5 m pages of documents to the Attorney General's office.