Stevan Corbett, Claims manager at Partner Re and roundtable chairman (France)

Dr Axel Biagosch, Arbitrator and former executive board member of Axa Konzern (Germany)

Robert Bisson, Director general of CMGL Europe's French division (France)

Charlotte Boij, Managing director, Wasa Insurance Run-Off Co (Sweden)

Thomas Freudenstein, Head of claims, Global General & Reinsurance Services (Germany)

Francoise Gelot, Managing director, Optimum Risk Research International (Guernsey)

Arndt Gossmann, Director, KPMG (Germany)

Dr Kai Hasselbach, Partner, corporate /M&A, Freshfields (Germany)

Dr Detlef Huber, Head of claims, Alea Europe (Germany)

Heikki Saalamo, Managing director, Compre Nordic Oy (Finland)