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    S.African insurer Santam loses appeal in coronavirus case with hotelier


    South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled Santam (SNTJ.J) is liable to cover the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on hotel group Ma-Afrika for 18 months, rejecting the insurer’s request for a shorter time frame on the claim, Santam said on Thursday. Globally, firms like Ma-Afrika have been fighting insurers’ ...

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    Insurer Santam accepts liability for some rejected COVID-19 claims


    South African insurer Santam will begin assessing payouts for some previously rejected coronavirus-related claims after recent court judgments on such cases but still intends to challenge one finding against it. Like other insurers around the world, Santam had rejected some business interruption claims related to coronavirus lockdowns. While ...

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    South African court rules insurer Santam should pay hotel group’s virus-related claim


    Globally, firms like Ma-Afrika, forced to close under coronavirus restrictions, have been fighting the rejection of claims made under business interruption policies. In South Africa, insurers say these policies did not apply to government lockdowns.