Our virtual roundtable met to compare notes on sustainability risk coming out of the pandemic.

In early November 2020, StrategicRISK, in partnership with RSA Archer, invited a group of risk managers to discuss the key challenges surrounding sustainability risk. We asked: How has the COVID crisis helped or hindered ESG efforts? And how can risk managers ensure sustainability is a part of the strategy conversation?

Among the topics discussed during the virtual roundtable were the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-crisis to further the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) agenda and the question of who ultimately holds responsibility for sustainability risk within the organisation. 

The discussion began with a look at what sustainability initiatives were underway at the organisations represented, including companies in the healthcare, hospitality, utilities and real estate sectors.

There was an agreement that while many of these firms were advanced in their sustainability journey, some initiatives had been put back due to the COVID-crisis.