Evan G. Greenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chubb, today provided the following statement on the results of the U.S. election:

“As citizens of our great nation, all of us have a responsibility to speak out against and condemn in the strongest terms the violence and display of demagoguery we witnessed in our nation’s capital yesterday.  This is not who we are as a nation and our democracy must be protected.  Whether one likes the results of our election or not, the citizens of our country have spoken.  Our election process as reaffirmed by our courts and government agencies was fair and lawful.  We look to all of our elected leaders from both parties to set an example by their respect and active support for the orderly transfer of power and their condemnation of false claims of election fraud.  The confirmation of the electoral results last night by Congress was a powerful affirmation of our democracy.  We should all hope for a new era of respect and decency as we meet the many common challenges facing our nation.”