Lee Coppack put some questions to Raynold Nivillac of the Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen about this unique domicile off the coast of South America.

Q: How many captives are there currently in the Netherlands Antilles?
Total number of captives
registered in 1998 16
Total number of new captives
registered in 1998 1
Total number of captives
removed from the register in 1998 2
Total number of active
registered captives 15

Q. How much business are these captives underwriting?
Gross written
premiums in 1997: $ 177,715.00
Net written premiums
in 1997: $168,289.00
Net claims incurred
in 1997: $98,727.00

Figures for 1998 are not yet available.

Q: What are the geographic origins of the sponsors?
A:Life Non-life
captives captives
Denmark 1 1
Ireland 1
Italy 2
The Netherlands 1 6
Switzerland 3
United Kingdom 1
Total 2 14

Q: What are the industry sector origins of the sponsors?
Manufacturing 3
Construction 1
Wholesale and retail 5
Transport and travel 5
Other 2
Total 16

Q: Has there been any significant change in the geographical or industryorigins of sponsors over the last year.
A: No, none.

Q: What geographical areas or industry sectors have you targeted for future growth?
A: One notable trend in the Netherlands Antilles is that the majority of captive companies are fully owned by Dutch or European parent companies. Consequently, Europe remains our main target for the coming year.

Q: What classes of business are being underwritten by captives in your domicile?
A: Property, marine and transit, liability and others including travel, valuables and credit risks.

Q: What is the breakdown of company structures among your captives and has this changed over the last year?
A: Most of the captives established in the Netherlands Antilles are single parent captives, and no significant changes have taken place during the last year.

Q: What developments have there been in 1998 aimed at promoting the Netherlands Antilles as a captive domicile?
A: The establishment of a captive association and the publication of articles in captive newspapers and reports

Q: What developments are expected in the captive centre in 1999?
A: The newly established captive association is preparing a marketing plan to continue promoting the Netherlands Antilles as a captive domicile. It is also the intention of the association to organise a conference on captive insurance in the near future.

Raynold Nivillac, tel: +599 9 434 5500; fax: +599 9 461 7425; web site: centralbank.an