Government applies for aid from EU fund

The UK government has submitted an application to the European Commission for support from the EU Solidarity Fund to help recovery from the recent flooding in the UK.

Flood recovery minister John Healey said that a provisional assessment of damage caused by the June and July floods lies at over €4bn - significantly above the €3bn threshold required for a member state to make an application.

Healey said: “This summer’s floods caused widespread damage across large parts of the country.

"The insurance industry estimate that there will be around 45,000 insurance claims from households and 14,500 from businesses with further damage to schools, roads and leisure facilities.

"There has also been a significant impact on agriculture and the tourist industry.

“We are exercising our right to apply for support from the EU solidarity fund and have today submitted a provisional application.

"This fund was set up specifically to help countries who have experienced extensive damage from natural disasters such as floods"

The European Commission will decide if the application is successful. This process may take up to a year.