Clients are facing a challenging environment of low interest rates, the euro crisis and a wave of new regulation

BNY Mellon

Solvency II will have an impact on capital markets and Insurers’ asset allocation strategies, and certain assets will appear more favourable than others under this new environment. Oliver Martines, Global Markets, moderates a roundtable discussion with industry experts, Steve Lawler, Global Markets; Mick Murphy, Client Management; and Ian Gass, Capital Markets; who offer their views on using global markets capabilities to optimise risk portfolios. Mick Murphy explains, “a number of banks have hit triggers at which Insurers no longer feel comfortable doing counterparty business, even if the volume of business is limited. We’ve seen increased due diligence by Insurers on their counterparties to ensure they understand their risk exposure.” The needs of clients are changing along with the regulatory environment, and BNY Mellon is ideally positioned to offer the required infrastructure to assist clients in the future.