Zurich is expanding its business travel product and services. The enhanced offering includes a larger international servicing network, broader insurance coverage and new capabilities to support travelers and risk managers through technology.

It also offers assistance and advisory services through the World Travel Protection brand of Cover-More, acquired by Zurich in 2017, in recognition of the priority companies place on the safety and well-being of their employees. This includes access to any one of Zurich’s external contacts which deliver medical assistance and security services globally.

Risks associated with business travel are changing and becoming more complex as exemplified this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, a rise in civil unrest, as well as extreme weather events and related catastrophes. As employees become increasingly exposed to such risks, companies have a greater obligation to ensure the health and safety of their workforce.

Drazen Jaksic, Global Head of Accident & Health, said: “COVID-19 demonstrated how quickly a localized risk can become a global crisis affecting not just business travelers and employees but the global population. Although the pandemic has significantly reduced business travel for now, it is slowly re-starting as companies in some industries have to look after their assets, equipment and customers abroad and deliver on projects.”

To support businesses in fulfilling their duty of care for traveling employees, Zurich Business Travel Solution provides comprehensive insurance and services program, including enhanced coverage to protect travelers during these unprecedented times.

Thanks to the expanded international service network, infrastructure and services, the solution can provide a consistent level of care and benefits globally through Zurich’s leading International Programs solution.

Mr. Jaksic added: “Implementing a multinational business travel solution is now more important than ever as it can help prevent employees from being harmed and protect the business from the financial consequences. It also gives companies and their employees the knowledge that, as business travel returns, the safety and well-being of all employees is at the forefront of business and travel decisions.”

Zurich Business Travel Solution is supported by innovative technology and data, including a mobile application with country risk information and geolocation alerts for business travelers, and a comprehensive travel portal for risk managers.

In addition, it promotes Zurich’s sustainability objectives, with guidelines for travel managers on how to implement a sustainable business travel agenda, a simplified CO2 emission self-assessment calculator and by supporting the newly launched Zurich Forest project.