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    On shaky ground


    As catastrophes wreak havoc across the world, reinsurers face the all too familiar aftershock of claims handling.We examine the continuing learning curve

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    Meet in the middle


    A transatlantic alliance is setting out to make mediation the dominant method of cross-border dispute resolution. But is the process always the best way to stop conflicts ending up in the courts?

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    Peacetime settlements


    Litigation may be thin on the ground, but some recent landmark cases have set new standards for future disputes in the reinsurance sector

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    Take cover


    The threat of terrorist attacks – both regional and global – is never far from the headlines. But it is an evolving picture that places ever-changing demands on the reinsurance sector

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    Details make the difference


    A soft reinsurance market is looming, and with it come fears of a rise in claims disputes as underwriters take bigger risks to drum up new business. We warn of the need to stay focused under pressure

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    Should we stay or go?


    Increased claims for injury are affecting UK reinsurers, and new court-imposed periodical payment orders are proving expensive. Some talk of leaving the UK market, but is there also a chance of growth?

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    Uncharted waters


    The increasing frequency and severity of floods mean that more people want insurance cover. However, the risks and costs are soaring. Will companies rise to the challenge?

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    Deep impact


    Could we be on the brink of the next mega-quake? Six months on from Chile, we ask when and where we can expect future earth-moving – and no doubt market-moving – events

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    Volcano? What volcano?


    Volcanic ash may have caused havoc among holidaymakers, businesses and airlines, but reinsurers know this is one natural disaster they needn’t worry about

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    Global warning


    Three US Court of Appeals cases could open the floodgates to mass tort claims and immense liability, by holding greenhouse gas-spewing corporations responsible for climate change damage. Could reinsurers be facing the ‘new asbestos’?

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    Giant step forward


    Lloyd’s major transformation of the way that claims are processed promises to divide up responsibility for claims more efficiently. But the pilot is throwing up plenty of challenges

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    Storm on the horizon


    Against all predictions to the contrary, 2009 was a relatively mild year for hurricanes. Global Reinsurance investigates what kept the tropical storms at bay, and how commercial and scientific factors will shape the cat market in 2010