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    Global Reinsurance June/July 2011

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    Every cloud ... (Robert Orlich)


    When AIG sold its majority stake in Transatlantic Holdings, the reinsurer’s chief executive Robert Orlich saw the silver lining. Here he talks about shaking off negative associations and what the group plans to do with its new-found freedom

  • Ulrich Wallin, Hannover Re
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    Still waters run deep


    Calm and assured, Ulrich Wallin has kept Hannover Re on a steadfast course since taking the helm last summer. But as catastrophe losses hit hard this year, will he need to start rocking the boat?

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    Bermuda’s premier has a reputation for pulling no punches, particularly with the business community on the island. But his message to the reinsurance industry is unexpectedly affable

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    Slowly but surely


    Swiss Re has been regarded as the fast-paced player in reinsurance, but that was before the banking crisis hit. Today, its more cautious rival, Munich Re, appears to be ahead of the game.

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    Divide & conquer


    Aspen’s decision to split its reinsurance and insurance businesses has opened a new chapter for the Bermuda-based group. We meet the man at the helm, Chris O’Kane.

  • Grahame Chilton, Aon Benfield
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    On the money


    Aon Benfield’s Grahame Chilton has been unusually quiet since selling up to Aon a year ago. But the man who loves the deals more than the dosh is still not afraid to say ‘I told you so’

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    Broker battle


    The two largest reinsurance brokers, Aon Benfield and Guy Carpenter, are slugging it out in the fight to win clients and place business. At the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous, David Sandham met the chief executive of each firm.

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    Winner takes all


    The battle for merger with IPC gripped the industry earlier this year, with initial frontrunner Max Capital eventually being usurped by hostile challenger Validus. David Sandham met with the chief executives of these two worthy opponents to hear their take on the fight.

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    The Risk Takers


    Risk taking: we all do it, but some of us are are more skilled at it than others. But what would you rather do? Drive in an F1 race, gamble at cards – or underwrite at Lloyd’s? By Lauren MacGillivray and Mark Glendenning

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    Who’s next at AIG?


    Current AIG boss Ed Liddy says he is stepping down. Who will take over as CEO of the troubled company? Study our form guide, compiled by David Sandham and David Banks, and place your bets.

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    As Somali pirates continue attacking vessels in the Gulf of Aden with unprecedented skill and ferocity, the insurance industry is under pressure to come up with solutions, writes Tim Evershed.

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    The John Wayne solution


    Arming crew members makes violence more likely. And killing pirates can lead to reprisals, warns James Clarke.

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    Qatar's insurance plans


    While the West languishes in recession, Qatar is enjoying strong growth and offering attractive opportunities, writes David Sandham.

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    On course for mutual recognition


    Bermuda has set sail on a course for mutual recognition of its insurance rules with Europe and the US. David Sandham interviews the CEO of the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

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    Paying for catastrophes


    Catastrophe losses are getting more and more expensive. Population growth and increasing wealth compound exposures while a changing climate causes more frequent and severe events. Ronald Gift Mullins asks, “Who should pick up the tab?”

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    Fragile China


    It has been called “China’s Hurricane Andrew”. Following the Sichuan earthquake in China, Helen Yates asks how future events could be better insured and whether a government-backed catastrophe pool could be the solution.

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    Raising the Titanic


    If New York’s Insurance Exchange was such a failure in the 1980s, why would regulators want to recreate a similar one today? Ronald Gift Mullins discovers that many people think the time is now right to establish a “Lloyd’s” in NYC.

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    Sands of change


    The opportunities in the Gulf are compelling, but you’ve got to be there if you want a slice of the action. Two groundbreaking conferences in the region looked at the opportunities and challenges. Helen Yates reports.

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    How low will they go?


    Reinsurance prices dropped across the board at the 1 January renewals. Helen Yates asks what could prevent prices going into freefall. Have underwriters learned the lessons of the past?