In 2022, PPL bound approximately 200,000 risks – three times the number before the pandemic

The board of Placing Platform Limited has announced that the Next Gen platform will go live on 20 February 2023. PPL is working closely with Lloyd’s to ensure there is alignment with the market’s Blueprint 2 modernisation plan.

Sue Jakobek, CEO of PPL said, “The announcement of the go-live date for Next Gen is the culmination of a strong year for PPL. In 2022 we bound approximately 200,000 risks – three times the number done before the pandemic, and 400 firms across 34 countries used the platform.

”Working with our subject matter experts in the market means that users will have a cleaner, smarter journey through the placement lifecycle, removing pain points and enhancing the user experience. We look forward to working with everyone on their go-live plans”.

Bronek Masojada, chair of PPL commented “The launch of Next Gen is just the start. PPL will deliver further market releases, the first in Q2 2023 to bring further enhancements to the platform.

”We are also working closely with Lloyd’s to define a roadmap for alignment with Blueprint 2 – this will include how we populate the gateway with available CDR data and align data structures and standards with ACORD/MRC v 3 so brokers and carriers only have to invest in system changes once to prepare data.”