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    Follow The Leader Or Strike Out Alone?


    The issue isn't whether Bermuda is stealing business from London, it's whether both parties have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to innovative underwriting. Lindsey Rogerson reports.

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    Show me the money


    Will shareholders expect reinsurers to sustain the good times? With softening rates and new Florida laws, the opportunities aren't what they were in 2006. So is this when tax becomes important? asks Lindsey Rogerson.

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    You can't predict the weather


    Dire predictions for the industry a year ago have been largely disproved as reinsurers kickstart 2007 boasting massive profits. So is the outlook more upbeat now? Asks Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Top of the Class


    It's just over a year since the Class of 2005 entered the Bermuda market. Lindsey Rogerson takes a look at how they have faired in their first year and what prospects lie ahead.

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    Rescue remedy?


    The last month has seen so much going on in and around Lloyd's that it will take some time for the full ramifications to sink in for investors. But initial soundings, specifically with regard to Warren Buffett's intervention, are positive, reports Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Opportunity knocks


    With the 2004 and 2005 storm seasons clearly etched in their minds, some investors are overreacting every time the wind blows and missing an opportunity, explains Lindsey Rogerson.

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    There she blows


    The profitability of the reinsurance industry appears inextricably linked to the continuing hurricane season. Lindsey Rogerson investigates.

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    Euro Alone now


    Europe is still seen as a somewhat difficult market, and analysts are concerned this might be having a detrimental effect on European reinsurers, says Lindsey Rogerson.

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    The broking blues


    Flat reinsurance revenue and post-Spitzer recovery continue to put a damper on the broking industry, with a few notable exceptions, finds Lindsey Rogerson

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    On the offensive


    Lloyd's market participants have been pushing hard after emerging in "reasonable shape" from the year of the catastrophe in 2005, explains Lindsey Rogerson

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    Breaking down Bermuda


    How will the injection of new capital into Bermuda affect the island's original jet set? Asks Lindsey Rogerson.

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    By the horns


    With a number of investors looking to up their reinsurance exposure, Lindsey Rogerson considers why the market is so bullish

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    Mixed Messages


    An initial confidence that rates would increase post-Katrina is dwindling in some quarters, but not in others Lindsey Rogerson asks why.

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    The "Class of 2005" has seen a flood of new capital into the industry, but will it still be there in 18 months? asks Lindsey Rogerson

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    Feast or Famine?


    Following this year's catastrophic hurricane season is it really a case of good times ahead in the London market, or is this just optimistic posturing? asks Lindsey Rogerson

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    Rates do a u-turn


    While estimated losses still vary, most now concede that Katrina was a market-changing event with market-changing consequences, says Lindsey Rogerson

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    The signs are looking good


    Despite myriad problems facing the reinsurance sector, investors remain upbeat, explains Lindsey Rogerson

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    Slipping off the investors' radars


    Can the broker market recover from the last twelve months in the eyes of the investors? asks Lindsey Rogerson

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    Insulated from the fallout of finite reinsurance


    Will the speedy responses of US regulators and re/insurers alike to question marks over finite reinsurance be enough to stave off a decline in investor confidence? asks Lindsey Rogerson