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    ILS: How to choose your trigger


    Dr Luzi Hitz takes a look under the hood of cat bonds. These bonds employ different trigger mechanisms: rules which determine a pay-out to sponsors.

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    ILS: The benefit of experience


    Last year was a slow but productive year in the cat bond market. Repeat issuers will continue to dominate, writes David Priebe.

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    Cats are back


    The cat bond new issues market may have disappointed last year. But don’t give up on cats yet, writes David Sandham

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    ILS is here to stay


    Martin Davies analyses the state of ILS investment, how different players make price comparisons, and the impact on the reinsurance markets.

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    Rethinking cat bonds


    David Sandham reports on how the cat bond market is currently on hold while key participants sort out how to provide greater transparency and stronger rules for underlying assets.

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    World bank buys weather derivatives


    Swiss Re has entered into a weather derivative contract with the International Development Association (IDA), an arm of the World Bank.Under the terms of the contract, Swiss Re will pay out up to $5m in the event that Malawi’s farmers suffer from a drought-related shortfall in maize production. With this ...

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    Cat asset rules to change


    Lehman Brothers’ filing for Chapter 11 protection has had a direct effect on the cat bond sector, and will change the rules governing the assets underlying cat bonds, writes David Sandham.

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    Safe cat in a storm


    As turmoil convulses the world’s financial markets, the uncorrelated nature of catastrophe bonds makes them stand out from the crowd, writes David Sandham.

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    $5bn new cat bonds for 2008?


    The cat bond market had a record year in 2007. What are prospects for the current year? David Sandham spoke to some of the leading players.

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    Betting on the weather


    Weather derivatives have shed their post-Enron reputation as risky and exotic instruments. Lindsey Rogerson charts their impressive growth and asks if the attraction for investors is sustainable.

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    When a hedge fund sneezes


    Will reinsurers catch a cold? Hedge funds experienced their first negative quarter on record in Q1. That could have dire consequences for the insurance companies and products they invest in, explains Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Investment: Spreading nasty rumours


    Using negative market sentiment for positive gain has become an increasingly prevalent fact of life. As the downturn in the global financial markets gathers pace, the vultures are circling, discovers Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Once bitten, twice shy


    Only one catastrophe bond has ever been triggered and the market has tripled since 2005. Could losses in 2008 put off investors who are not accustomed to paying out? asks Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Banging the drum for Bermuda


    The absence of major catastrophe losses has meant another fantastic year for most Bermuda players. Investors should remain bullish despite softening reinsurance rates, argues Lindsey Rogerson.

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    Keeping the faith


    With rates now falling, what can reinsurers do to keep investors interested after they have banked their share of this year’s profits? Lindsey Rogerson finds out.

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    Investing in the future


    The rapid growth of emerging insurance markets suggests future profits lie in distant shores. Lindsey Rogerson turns her gaze to China, India and the Middle East.

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    Predicting the fallout


    As the credit crunch widens its grip on the global debt markets, Lindsey Rogerson asks if the insurance and reinsurance industry should be concerned

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    Activist investors


    Are hedge funds friend or foe? Some reinsurers have got the jitters despite an exemplary track record. Lindsey Rogerson asks why.

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    Investment cat bond craze


    Softening rates and ample capacity have done nothing to stem the unstoppable pupularity of catastrophe bonds, discovers Lindsey Rogerson

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    Investment: Is run-off now sexy?


    National Indemnity’s deal with Equitas has breathed life into the run-off industry and roused interest from a whole new generation of investors. Lindsey Rogerson takes stock.