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    Unrest: On a knife edge


    As civil unrest escalates and political regimes across North Africa and the Middle East are shaken, how is the reinsurance market feeling the impact?

  • Twitter
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    When tweets go bad


    Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are providing companies with new ways to boost their profile and connect with customers. But, as the WikiLeaks scandal proves, Web 2.0 has its risks – and that’s where (re)insurers can help

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    These climes, they are a-changing


    Following a series of costly winter weather losses in Europe and North America, we look at whether recent cold snaps are an anomaly or part of a trend

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    Watch this space


    The risks involved in putting a satellite into operation highlight a clear need for (re)insurance. So what does it take for reinsurers to go into orbit in this highly specialised market?

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    No time for auto pilot


    Recent aviation losses and overcapacity seem to be leaving the market in neutral. But as one major loss threatens to trigger reinsurance programmes and experts warn that profits must be made soon, hitting cruise control just isn’t an option

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    Lust for life


    The life market has weathered the downturn, with life reinsurance in demand for its stablilising effect, which will increase under Solvency II. Yet prices remain high and the field is left to a battle of the giants

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    The shipping forecast


    Marine rates threaten to plummet to new lows as a result of overcapacity and a lack of major losses. We navigate the stormy seas of today’s market

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    City limits


    London, the grand dame of reinsurance is in danger of losing out to younger, more attractive markets, as companies lose patience with the UK’s burdensome tax and regulation. So what can the incoming government do to keep ’em sweet?

  • Engaged Investor
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    Property reinsurance: Unsteady foundations


    Last year saw property reinsurance results go through the roof, but many believe these balance sheet figures are built on pretty shaky ground. We ask what will happen when loss patterns return to normal

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    Credit where it's due


    After some difficult moments, trade credit insurers are due for a return to profitability in late 2010. David Banks looks at the key issues dominating the market.

  • Road to Solvency II (Illustration: Jonathan Edwards)
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    The road to Solvency II


    New EU regulations will place a heavy burden on reinsurers, with one estimate suggesting that capital reserves will have to increase by around 150%. But amid the stringency, there are some opportunities to be had