Amazon reportedly eyeing up Lemonade staff, according to Lemonade founder Shai Wininger

Lemonade co-founder and chief executive Shai Wininger has revealed that Amazon has been trying to “poach” Lemonade staff.

In a LinkedIn post, Wininger vented after reportedly hearing that Amazon was “actively targeting” employees of the New York based start up.

Wininger also questioned Amazon’s actions and the impact they were having on startups while reconsidering his use of the giant’s services.

He commented: “I wonder if that’s their idea of supporting the startup ecosystem. Reconsidering Amazon AWS.”

Amazon’s insurance ambitions have been under speculation lately after it posted a job advert for a product manager and recently entered the market in India.

Guidewire chief executive Marcus Ryu has said that Amazon could pose a “huge threat” to insurers if it chooses to wade into the market.