Around two-thirds of private landlords have experienced issues such as irregular, incomplete or missing rent payments1, however, 90% of these do not have any loss of rent insurance2. For this reason, Swiss Re’s iptiQ and ImmoScout24, Germany’s leading online real estate platform, are launching a loss of rent insurance product that integrates seamlessly into ImmoScout24’s digital ecosystem. In just a few clicks, private landlords can protect themselves against the financial uncertainties that can arise from new tenancy agreements.

Swiss Re’s iptiQ is a white-label provider of property & casualty and life & health insurance. Its unique B2B2C business model, combined with the iptiQ platform, enable brands like ImmoScout24 to offer new digital insurance solutions to their customers.

Andreas Schertzinger, CEO of iptiQ EMEA P&C, says: “With ImmoScout24, we have found the ideal partner in Germany to offer customers tailor-made household insurance products online precisely when it matters. Thanks to the seamless integration of our product into ImmoScout24’s digital ecosystem, customers can insure themselves against the risk of rent-related losses directly online and throughout the rental process.”

Ralf Weitz, Managing Director of ImmoScout24, says: “The digital ImmoScout24 loss of rent insurance means that we can provide private landlords with an innovative service that makes renting out a property safer for them. Alongside our cooperation partner iptiQ, we can help make renting even easier, while minimising the impact of losses. This is particularly relevant if tenants experience difficulties meeting rent payments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – and other factors, of course.”

Rent out worry free and avoid losses

As an insurance partner, iptiQ is now offering ImmoScout24 customers a digital loss of rent insurance product and, in doing so, is giving added security to private landlords. If there are difficulties with rent payments, the insurance will cover the complete or partial loss of up to six months’ rent (including additional costs) or a maximum amount of EUR 10 000, with annual premiums starting at EUR 40.90.

Easy to manage and flexible

The new loss of rent insurance product is available on the German market, can be taken out with just a few clicks and is easily managed online. The insurance is valid for one year from the start of a new tenancy and can be cancelled on a daily basis.

This loss of rent insurance product is offered under the ImmoScout24 brand and is closely integrated into the online real estate platform’s digital ecosystem. While ImmoScout24 acts as a registered agent, all insurance-related aspects are covered by iptiQ, from the user journey to the issuing of policies, and the management of contracts to the settlement and payment of claims. This allows both partners to focus on their respective areas of expertise.

The digital loss of rent insurance from iptiQ and ImmoScout24 can be purchased by landlords who are residents of Germany here.


iptiQ is a digital platform and white-label insurance provider from Swiss Re that aims to make insurance more accessible and affordable. iptiQ offers its partners comprehensive, digital and tailored solutions for life insurance, health insurance, property insurance and accident insurance, enabling them to sell insurance through their trusted brands.


ImmoScout24 is Germany’s leading online platform for residential and commercial real estate. ImmoScout24 has been revolutionising the German real estate market for more than 20 years and every month supports 13.8 million users on their way to a new home or the perfect business space. That is why 99% of the target group knows ImmoScout24: The online marketplace’s digital solutions enable it to create clear direction and successfully bring owners, agents, tenants and buyers together. ImmoScout24 is working towards the goal of processing real estate transactions digitally and thereby making complex decisions easier for its users. ImmoScout24 has also been active in the Austrian residential and commercial markets since 2012, with around 3.5 million visits each month.