Reinsurance group taps GIC Re and Peak Re; supports insurers to “meet energy demand”

Africa Specialty Risks, the pan-African focused reinsurance group, has announced that its energy division’s capacity increased to $38m, provided through their ongoing relationship with GIC Re and Peak Re.

Suzan Pardesi, head of energy underwriting at ASR, commented:

“We are committed to providing insurance cover to support our clients and partners across the continent in the wake of the current energy crisis.

“Africa is endowed with abundant renewable energy sources, upon which it can sustainably base its ambitious socio-economic development and ASR will support energy offerings which will provide profound welfare and environmental benefits to people across the continent.

”Energy price, demand, and security is at the top of the global agenda, and it is important that individual insurers map a course that will realistically meet energy demand in Africa.”

It follows 12 months of profitable underwriting results for ASR’S energy portfolio which provides coverage for the entire African continent including upstream, downstream, power, utilities, and renewables.

So far, ASR has provided insurance cover in over 20 African countries. The coverage is designed to help ensure a just energy transition in Africa with ASR noting the importance of considering each application for insurance against the backdrop of achieving a fair and just energy transition for all.