Founded in 2019, Latin Re becomes the first Brazilian brokerage to secure a Lloyd’s licence.

Latin Re has announced it has gained its Lloyd’s of London broking licence.

The reinsurance broker said it was the first Brazilian intermediary to operate within the Lloyd’s market.

Latin Re is an independent brokerage founded in 2019, with expertise in complex placements of multiline contracts and large risks.

Obtaining the license to operate directly at Lloyd’s allows Latin Re to sell reinsurance risks from across Latin America directly to London underwriters.

“We are extremely proud to be the first Brazilian brokerage to obtain a license to operate directly at Lloyd’s,” said Maria Eduarda Bomfim (pictured), CEO of Latin Re.

“It is a significant milestone for Latin Re and the Brazilian insurance and reinsurance market as a whole. This achievement demonstrates our expertise and commitment to providing high-quality solutions to our clients.”

Director of Lloyd’s in Brazil, Rafaela Barreda, said: “We are excited to work with Latin Re, who have extensive experience and regional knowledge of the Latin American reinsurance market.

“This will support Lloyd’s in meeting the evolving needs of the region, while simultaneously strengthening our relationships with local insurers, retail brokers and reinsurers,” Barreda added.

Felipe Aragão, Latin Re’s chief commercial officer (also pictured), highlighted the importance of the license for the broker’s future: “Operating directly at Lloyd’s provides us with a unique competitive advantage.

“We are prepared to offer London underwriters reinsurance risks from across Latin America, providing customized and innovative solutions that meet specific market needs.”