Broker facility, led by Chaucer, has a $500m limit per policy for terrorism plus optional coverages.

Evolin Broking has launched a new terrorism facility, Assailant Protect, underwritten at Lloyd’s.


The facility, led by re/insurer Chaucer, has up to $500m limit per policy for terrorism and can include optional coverages.

It includes an active assailant product with embedded non-insurance elements, written 100% by Chaucer.

GR recently interviewed Yoni Sherizen, CEO of AI-driven active assailant technology firm Gabriel, which partners with Chaucer.

As a Lloyd’s coverholder, Evolin said it can bind in scope risks immediately, benefitting from Lloyd’s global licensing permissions, allowing them to bind risks with global exposures.

Separately, Evolin has also placed a new cyber facility, Cyber Secure, targeting SME and mid-sized clients, with a $5m policy limit and capacity provided by “another large Lloyd’s insurer”, Evolin said.

“These facilities are an example of Evolin’s altruistic strategy of evolving with our clients’ needs,” said Warren Campbell, head of portfolio solutions, Evolin.

“We have the structure and subject matter expertise to produce innovative products which increase market efficiency and client satisfaction. We look forward to working with Chaucer and the supporting markets to fulfil our clients’ needs,” he said.

Elizabeth Heslip, class underwriter, political violence and crisis management, Chaucer added: “We are delighted to partner with Warren and the team at Evolin to provide leading capacity for this new facility.

“As a leader in political violence, we are confident that by combining our expertise with Evolin’s strong presence in the market, this facility will grow successfully.”