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  • Warren Buffett
    Online only

    Chartis cedes asbestos liabilities to Buffett


    The retroactive reinsurance agreement has a limit of $3.5bn

  • Country Focus

    Germany: Q&A with Eva-Maria Barbosa


    Norton Rose’s of counsel gives the lowdown on what German reinsurers can expect from Solvency

  • Claims

    Meet in the middle


    A transatlantic alliance is setting out to make mediation the dominant method of cross-border dispute resolution. But is the process always the best way to stop conflicts ending up in the courts?

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    Peacetime settlements


    Litigation may be thin on the ground, but some recent landmark cases have set new standards for future disputes in the reinsurance sector

  • Claims

    Details make the difference


    A soft reinsurance market is looming, and with it come fears of a rise in claims disputes as underwriters take bigger risks to drum up new business. We warn of the need to stay focused under pressure

  • Analysis

    Behind the curtain


    Criticised for failing to predict the banking crisis and for the simplicity of their financial strength models, has the illusion of power wielded by the rating agencies finally been broken?

  • Country Focus

    Game on


    The global financial crisis barely registered on Brazil’s radar and now, as the country invests in a sporting future, opportunities abound for reinsurers

  • The last straw

    The last straw


    Tough new tax measures from the IMF aim to catch insurers, even the most risk-averse reinsurers, in the same net as banks. As the industry lobbies next month’s G20 for exemption and urges government to water down the proposals, we ponder the outcome