Lloyd’s current chief operations officer will depart on 21 January 2022

Lloyd’s of London has today (17 January 2022) announced a new operational structure for the delivery of Blueprint Two.

Initially published on 5 November 2020, Blueprint Two is the delivery phase of the market’s Future at Lloyd’s strategy, which is focused on modernising the marketplace through digitalisation.

The new operational structure will follow Lloyd’s chief operations officer Jennifer Rigby leaving the market - her departure is set for 21 January 2022.

After this date, Lloyd’s chief financial officer Burkhard Keese will take on additional responsibility for technology and operations as the marketplace’s new chief operating officer.

John Neal, Lloyd’s chief executive, said: “Throughout the pandemic, Rigby’s leadership has been crucial in building flexible solutions at pace that have enabled the corporation and market to continue to operate effectively.

“Rigby has established firm foundations to underpin the future success of Blueprint Two and we have now announced a new operational structure, so that we are best placed to succeed and deliver on our goals.”

Solid progress

Bob James, Lloyd’s director of market transformation, will now be responsible for the delivery of Blueprint Two.

James initially joined Lloyd’s in June 2021 to help drive the uptake and adoption of the Future at Lloyd’s products and services.

In his new, wider role, he will drive forward Blueprint Two’s strategic vision as it moves from planning to the execution and adoption phase.

Rigby said: “It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to help the corporation and Lloyd’s market on its modernisation journey.

“Together, we have made solid progress and this [has] enabled the market to adapt seamlessly to remote working during the pandemic. I am pleased to have taken the design and concepts of Blueprint Two to a point where we are ready to execute against a committed and contracted plan.

“My gratitude goes to the many leaders in the market who have tirelessly supported the digitalisation journey and to my team and colleagues at Lloyd’s who have also made it a fantastic five years.”

Neal added: “We wish Rigby all the best and welcome James into his new role.”