The Tianjin explosions were also acknowledged as the biggest man-made loss event of the year

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Less than half of all global economic losses were covered in 2015, according to Swiss Re’s latest Sigma report.

Global insured losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters were $37bn in 2015, below the 10-year average of $62bn.

The total economic losses caused by disasters in 2015 were $92bn. While this figure was down against 2014 ($113bn) and the 10-year inflation-adjusted average ($192bn), The gap between loss and cover is substantial.

In a year were there were 353 disaster events of which 198 were natural disasters – the highest number of natural disasters on Sigma records – only 40% of global economic losses were covered.

Natural disasters accounted for an estimated $80bn of total losses; these losses were focused in Asia, North America and Europe.

Man-made disasters were the remaining $12bn, up from the $9bn of 2014. Of this, up to $3.5bn is attributed to the Tianjin explosions in August – the biggest insured loss of 2015, and the biggest man-made loss event Asia has ever seen.