Michael Glackin

  • Claims

    Volcano? What volcano?


    Volcanic ash may have caused havoc among holidaymakers, businesses and airlines, but reinsurers know this is one natural disaster they needn’t worry about

  • Country Focus

    Brick by brick


    Slowly but surely, China is dismantling the wall of regulation that has so far held back overseas investment in the reinsurance market. This is a time of change, however frustrating the pace may seem

  • Country Focus

    Not just a pretty tax rate


    The global crisis may have caused Ireland’s economy to fall as dramatically as it had risen, but recession-proof reinsurers are still favouring this marketplace. With sound regulation and a warm business welcome, it’s not just about the cost advantage

  • Engaged Investor
    Lines & Risks

    Property reinsurance: Unsteady foundations


    Last year saw property reinsurance results go through the roof, but many believe these balance sheet figures are built on pretty shaky ground. We ask what will happen when loss patterns return to normal

  • Cedants

    It's not just who you know


    In the cosy world of reinsurance brokers, building strong personal relationships is crucial. But when it comes to meeting the needs of cedants, what you know is just as important