Hiscox UK cyber push continues as it hires former GCHQ cyber expert credited with bringing the organisation into the digital age

Specialist Lloyd’s insurer Hiscox’s UK and Ireland UK has hired former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan as a special advisor on cyber security as it aims to improve cover and security in a cyber push.

Hannigan is credited with bringing GCHQ into the digital age since becoming responsible for the UK’s cyber strategy in 2009. He led the national cyber offensive program and established the National Cyber Security Centre in 2016.

Hannigan has said that he aims to help the UK build a defence against the “significant and sophisticated” risks posed to the UK by cyber criminals. He has been credited with setting the UK government’s aim to make the country the safest place to live and do business online.

Cyber security is a key strategic priority for Hiscox as a group. It has written cyber insurance since the late 1990s. Hiscox currently provides cyber cover to businesses and as an optional add on for some home insurance policies.

Hiscox hopes to use Hannigan’s expertise on cyber risk and emerging threats to boost its cyber strategy and awareness. He will be involved in staff training, market intelligence and the development of cutting-edge cyber products. Staff and customers will be able to benefit from his advice on managing cyber risk.

Hiscox UK chief executive Steve Langan welcomed Hannigan’s appointment, saying: “There are few experts better-placed to advise on cyber risk than Mr Hannigan and we are hugely excited to have him on-board.“

Langan added “Our aim is not just to protect customers against the impact of cyber crime, but to play a constructive role in helping them better manage and understand the evolving risks they face.

“As a specialist insurer with a focus on cyber security, it’s vital that we stay ahead of the curve, and the deep expertise and experience Mr Hannigan brings to the business will play a key part in ensuring this.”