Breast cancer still affects 12.5% of women over their lifetime, and in some rare cases can also affect men. The identification of risk factors, genetic alterations to breast cancer genes 1 & 2 (BRCA1/2), prevention, early diagnosis and therapeutic advances are saving thousands of lives every year. As a result, more and more patients – 85% - are surviving breast cancer and living with a background history of the disease. Once their medical treatments are behind them, however, patients have to contend with a number of other challenges - personal, psychological, family, social, professional and economic - as they return to ‘normal life’.

Following treatment and cure, returning to ‘normal life’ is one challenge for breast cancer survivors where insurance coverage can play a major role. SCOR has combined medical expertise with data science and machine learning to provide personalized risk assessments for breast cancer survivors seeking insurance (to buy their home, for example). Broadening insurance coverage options for individuals with a history of breast cancer is part of the Inclusive Underwriting program developed by SCOR.