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  • Cloud computing

    The changing face of cloud computing and (re)insurance


    (Re)insurers now using the cloud for more than non-core functions

  • people

    Which (re)insurance personnel does LatAm lack most?


    Specialist lines and reinsurance in the spotlight

  • Latin America LatAm Panama Reunión

    How challenging is talent retention in Latin America?


    Reinsurance heads from Munich Re, Swiss Re, Patria Re and more air views

  • Analysis

    Thai floods leave their mark on 1 April renewals


    Reinsurers tightened capacity for unmodelled perils at key renewal date

  • Catastrophe

    April renewals: tough times ahead


    Major catastrophes in Asia Pacific in 2011 are setting the tone for 1 April

  • Country Focus

    Israel: Eye of the storm


    Israel is a relative oasis of calm in a region being torn apart by civil war and natural disaster. GR reports on the state of the nation for the reinsurance sector

  • Country Analysis

    Germany: standing firm


    Nobody would argue with Germany’s impressive show of strength through the financial crisis. But the fight isn’t over yet as interest rates drop, Solvency II steps up and Zurich emerges as a serious contender

  • Country Focus

    Japan: Waiting for dawn


    Insurers in the land of the rising sun are taking a while to recover from the financial crisis, but Japan remains the fourth largest non-life insurance market in the world, with opportunities for those who dare

  • Country Focus

    Australia: Dipping down under


    With one or two notable exceptions, rates continue to fall in the Australian insurance and reinsurance market as competitive market forces and savvy buyers dictate renewal trends

  • Supplements

    Gulf of plenty


    Premium growth in the Middle East has continued to climb despite the downturn, with personal lines activity alongside mega-projects in construction, energy and engineering. As the market matures, what opportunities will it bring?

  • Supplements

    Moving target


    The reinsurance domicile debate is raging once again. Uncertainty over US tax rules and Solvency II is causing a ‘Bermuda drift’ to European centres such as Zurich, which has prime conditions for hub status

  • Supplements

    Catching the wind


    With its square mile of talent and changing attitude to reform, could London – and Lloyd’s in particular – be the main beneficiary of the Solvency II era?

  • Analysis

    Swiss Re-structures


    On the crest of a wave of positive developments – solid profits, success in court and a positive rating outlook – Swiss Re has decided to reorganise its business structure and management heads. But some aspects have been tried before, with mixed results

  • Features

    Renewable optimism


    The energy sector is established fac territory, but broadly soft rates mean canny reinsurers are focusing on offshore and renewable sectors to achieve growth

  • pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

    When the going gets soft


    The direct and facultative market is getting softer, but demand is up and capacity cutbacks should prevent a freefall. Senior insurance figures say it will take a sizable loss or a series of significant losses to turn the market

  • Features

    Fac to the future


    Brokers are credited with bringing facultative reinsurance back from the brink, and technology and improved analysis are powering increased global trading at a more local level. Fac also helps buyers to take a more strategic view of their needs

  • News

    Neal Bill: rumble of the jumbos


    The elephantine battle between US insurance companies wanting to close the ‘Bermuda loophole’ and reinsurers fearing an unfair tax could drastically affect the American consumer

  • Analysis

    IASB: start planning now


    The IASB’s proposed new accounting standards aim for improved consistency and transparency. However, we should expect more volatility in insurers’ results, and the market will need time to adjust to the changes to income statements

  • Country Focus

    Game on


    The global financial crisis barely registered on Brazil’s radar and now, as the country invests in a sporting future, opportunities abound for reinsurers

  • Country Focus

    Parlous state


    The Florida insurance market continues to attract controversy as ongoing attempts to suppress rates are met with economic realities – and fears of an overly active hurricane season

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