Mark Leftly

  • Cat bond issuance
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    Euro is the curse of the cat bond


    But demand for transactions in US dollars rather than euros raises concerns over focus on US risk

  • Europe's debt problem is a big economic risk
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    In search of relief


    As primary insurers restructure amid the eurozone crisis, reinsurers could help balance battered financial books.

  • Earth from space

    Space: reinsurance's final frontier


    The prospect of space travel has insurers tingling with excitement - now they just need to get past the problem of overcapacity

  • Analysis

    Cat bonds: High stakes


    A series of natural disasters has prompted a surge in popularity for catastrophe bonds. But, as global weather patterns get increasingly unpredictable, investors are demanding higher returns on their outlay

  • Lines & Risks

    Unrest: On a knife edge


    As civil unrest escalates and political regimes across North Africa and the Middle East are shaken, how is the reinsurance market feeling the impact?

  • Claims

    Meet in the middle


    A transatlantic alliance is setting out to make mediation the dominant method of cross-border dispute resolution. But is the process always the best way to stop conflicts ending up in the courts?

  • Lines & Risks

    Lust for life


    The life market has weathered the downturn, with life reinsurance in demand for its stablilising effect, which will increase under Solvency II. Yet prices remain high and the field is left to a battle of the giants

  • Claims

    Should we stay or go?


    Increased claims for injury are affecting UK reinsurers, and new court-imposed periodical payment orders are proving expensive. Some talk of leaving the UK market, but is there also a chance of growth?

  • The last straw

    The last straw


    Tough new tax measures from the IMF aim to catch insurers, even the most risk-averse reinsurers, in the same net as banks. As the industry lobbies next month’s G20 for exemption and urges government to water down the proposals, we ponder the outcome

  • Lines & Risks

    City limits


    London, the grand dame of reinsurance is in danger of losing out to younger, more attractive markets, as companies lose patience with the UK’s burdensome tax and regulation. So what can the incoming government do to keep ’em sweet?

  • Cover Story

    Slowly but surely


    Swiss Re has been regarded as the fast-paced player in reinsurance, but that was before the banking crisis hit. Today, its more cautious rival, Munich Re, appears to be ahead of the game.

  • News Agenda

    The great investor


    Despite turning 80 later this year, Warren Buffett has no intention of slowing down if his recent stake in Munich Re is anything to go by. Here, we look at Buffett’s sprawling business empire, and where he may go next

  • Road to Solvency II (Illustration: Jonathan Edwards)
    Lines & Risks

    The road to Solvency II


    New EU regulations will place a heavy burden on reinsurers, with one estimate suggesting that capital reserves will have to increase by around 150%. But amid the stringency, there are some opportunities to be had